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  1. Lol.. don't dump them into a river. I'm sure they have value...but perhaps not as much as you expect. Just need to go out and see what kind of offers you get.
  2. My advice would be to take everything to your local gold and jewelry buyers, pawn shops to see what they might offer for everything. The more places you take it to, the better idea you'll get value wise..Then take the best offer if you're happy with it.. Impossible for anyone here to give you a value without being able to see everything in person.
  3. Didn't you state you had some gold coins? Are those melted into the clumps as well?
  4. You can leave them up. I really doubt the aluminum - baking soda method is going to work on those. Those are in horrific condition.
  5. https://www.everbritecoatings.com/silver_clean.htm#: It's known as the aluminium - baking soda method. Before you try this, you should leave the single silver coins alone since they could be worth silver spot plus thus worth more. It would be interesting to see if this method would work on clumps of coins. I've tried it before but not on clumps.
  6. Reminds me of an incident in Nevada a few years ago.
  7. But I would imagine he could post the item number and we could look it up through eBay search function.
  8. Reveal your true colors. Are you red, purple, green, blue, pink? Come on now!!!! We want to know your true colors.
  9. No one on this forum is falling for any of your scams so why are you even bothering to post here?
  10. Look at the middle picture. It looks like someone drilled out that lower left hand corner.. Just no way that's natural. The shape of the whole piece just reeks of old, rusted metal.
  11. Its probably an old piece of badly rusted metal from years ago. You wouldn't expect to find meteorites in that shape. I see signs It's artificial and not natural.
  12. There is no single device which can indentify, map and measure gold ore. Simply can't be done and I wouldn't even try to looking for a device like that. There are a lot of websites that claim they have such a device but they are all frauds. Just don't believe everything you read. A lot of people will gladly take your money selling worthless electronic junk. It'll take lots of painstaking work and money to find, map and measure a potential gold deposit. If you want to find gold, buy a metal detector and look for gold nuggets. That's going be your cheapest option.
  13. Has to be some type of artifact.. Nature didn't form it IMHO.
  14. The green looks like olivine, not jade. Where did you find it? A location might give us a clue.
  15. Don't pay any attention to him guys. He's obviously nothing but a troll just trying to stir up things of which he knows nothing about. If you just ignore him, he'll just go away.
  16. Another article on Fenn's treasure. http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2020/11/the-great-hunt-for-forrest-fenns-hidden-treasure.html?utm_source=undefined&utm_medium=undefined&utm_campaign=feed-part
  17. Interesting article on metal detecting in Great Britain https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2020/11/16/the-curse-of-the-buried-treasure
  18. Just gorgeous specimens. I would imagine some of those are pretty fragile. Thanks for posting.
  19. Hell, Quartzsite would have anything and everything you could possibly want, even toilet paper. ;-)
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