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  1. Not exactly the usual rock or mineral indentification we're accustomed to seeing but interesting. Anyone want to venture a guess? https://www.newsbreakapp.com/n/0GFRgEPx?s=a3&pd=47032201
  2. I've seen something exactly like this but am having a brain fart trying to remember what it was. But it's not a meteorite.
  3. I once worked for a company that made something called "hydrazine". No doubt it's NOT the same thing that is used by NASA but there's probably a similarity. We used to use eye dropper to put a few drops into the keyholes of the lockers. Once dried, it would fizzle and give off smoke when the key was entered and turned. The friction set the hydrazine off.
  4. Morlock

    Lunar Meteorite Up For Bid.

    Lots of things for $1.00 opening bid but has very little to do with Neil Armstrong himself other then being in his possession at one time.
  5. Got cash? Bid on this lunar meteorite. https://whyy.org/npr_story_post/for-sale-certified-lunar-meteorite-weight-12-pounds-mileage-250000/ https://www.rrauction.com/bidtracker_detail.cfm?IN=4004
  6. Morlock

    Lunar Meteorite Up For Bid.

    Sold for $612.000.00 Nice haul for someone.
  7. Morlock

    darn Elizabeth Warren !

    As opposed to the white, communist snowflake type we have in the oval office.
  8. Morlock

    Mineshaft Rescue

  9. Morlock

    darn Elizabeth Warren !

    Really sorry to hear that. Hope he can overcome this somehow. I wish him the best.
  10. Morlock


    Nope. Only rabble-rousers allowed. Just kidding. I've been to an outing and had a great time.
  11. Thanks for the relating the journey to us. It took almost 70 -80 years from the time it was found until it was classified. That is a really loooong journey...
  12. Morlock

    Yesterdays finds

    Nice finds. Makes me wonder if there's a potential for even better flourite crystals in that area. We find those crinoid stems in imbedded in limestone matrix which makes it very difficult to extract with damaging them.
  13. Morlock

    High garde silver!

    Depending on what it is, it may have much more value as as mineral specimen as opposed to the actual metal content.
  14. Morlock

    High garde silver!

    First of all what makes you think this is high grade silver? Do a streak test first. https://geology.com/minerals/streak-test.shtml Or you can take a small piece if the suspected high grade silver and grind it into a powder with a hammer. Then smear it on a piece of white paper. Note the color.
  15. Morlock

    Prospectors Soap

    Probably because it sounds exotic.
  16. Morlock

    TV show Meteorite Men

    You're never going to get a satisfactory answer. It'll be the same old___________.
  17. Morlock

    TV show Meteorite Men

    Send a specimen here. http://meteoritetesting.org/Submitting a sample.htm I'll even pay for it. We can put this to rest really quick.
  18. Morlock

    Gas Vac and new vortex separator

    For some of you that have never heard of an opal blower. https://blackopaldirect.com/blog/opal-mining/
  19. Morlock

    Prospectors Soap

    The Bears are having a good year.
  20. Morlock

    Where am I ?

    I think I've seen that mine before but have no idea where it was or the name as it's been years since I've been in that area.
  21. Morlock


    You're not lazy. The proper excuse is " I'm getting too old for this__"
  22. Morlock

    First fish of the day

    The best way to smoke trout is to put your mouth over the gills and light the tail fin.
  23. Morlock

    cool find at an old homestead

    Neat find. Congrats. I wonder how old that is?