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  1. Here's an excellent website to browse through for anyone interested in learning more about fluorescent minerals. https://www.naturesrainbows.com/
  2. If anyone here has metal detected for gold nuggets, I'm sure they've walked right over fluorescent rock and mineral specimens without even knowing it. It's estimated that 15% of all rock and minerals are fluorescent so that gives you some idea how common (or uncommon) they are. The most common are calcite and chalcedony which fluorese red and green under SW lamp respectively. But there's about 500 other rocks and minerals that fluorese yellow, purple, blue orange, pink, etc. But not all fluorese in SW. Value is determined by aesthetics, size of specimen and the number of colors or combos. A single color specimen would normally be worth less than a two colored one unless it was a rare species. Generally speaking the more colors, the higher the valuation but a lot of other factors can go into it. It's estimated there's well over 10,000 collectors world-wide with the majority of them here in the USA so there's a good market for specimens. All that's required is a good SW field lamp as that's the most common wavelength...254nm. LW is 365nm and midwave I believe is either 302nm or 310nm. If I was going to recommend a SW field lamp this is the one I would get. https://www.engeniousdesigns.com/product-page/drk-light It can be used at night and on cloudy days. It's a little expensive but all it takes is one good specimen and it's paid for. Most of you guys know where the local mines, tailing piles, outcroppings, etc are and those would be the obvious places to check first. But there's a lot of other areas where they could be found as well. All you have to do is search for them...
  3. I see nothing that indicates it's anything other than a terrestrial rock. Absolutely no signs of it bring a meteorite.
  4. They've been around for many years and are 100% legitimate,
  5. I agree that most geologists might not be able to identify rocks and minerals but anyone with intelligence can look at that photo and tell you it's not man made.
  6. 1st photo is a barite rose probably from Oklahoma. 2nd photo looks like calcite. Just have guesses on the other two.
  7. It will be a slow developing fizz if it's calcite.
  8. Do we need a ceiling for the northern skies? Or will just one for the southern skies suffice?
  9. Put a few drops of vinegar on the crystals. If it fizzes after a few minutes it's calcite. If not..it's quartz.
  10. If you mean the acid scratch tests..you can find them on eBay for less than $20.00....shipping included. I think they are fairly reliable. They have the acids, stone and instructions.
  11. Where did you find it? Platinum nuggets are extremely rare so just on that basis alone I would say it's not platinum. FYI. https://www.wikihow.com/Test-Platinum#/Image:Test-Platinum-Step-3.jpg
  12. I've never seen fish fossils used in jewelry before. Very nice. That looks like an excellent specimen of Phareodus Testis your son is holding. I've been to the Green River Formation myself to fish for fossils and really enjoyed it.
  13. I don't see anything that makes me think it's a fossil. Sometimes a rock is just a plain ole rock.
  14. I see absolutely no signs of it being petrified wood. It will not streak as well. I'm just not sure exactly what you do have other then it contains silica.😉
  15. If the streak is black..chances are it's magnetite. If the streak is reddish brown..chances are it's hematite.
  16. What is it about this rock that stood out among the rest of the rocks you've come across? I'd say it's going to be very difficult to identify without more details.
  17. Bassebus Well, I must say I'm surprised. I've been interested in earth sciences in various forms since I was a kid and have never seen anything like this before. Everything about it...the size, shape, coloration led me to think it was tourist curio that might have come from Tijuana...no offense. I'm glad you posted that picture here on the nuggetshooter forum as a lot of us learned something new. Do you have anymore stumpers you can throw at us?😉
  18. It depends on which metal detector you're talking about.. Some are better than others but no detector can pick up all meteorites.
  19. If you really think it's a fossil from Sweden I suggest you contact the proper authorities. https://www.nrm.se/en/forskningochsamlingar/paleobiologi.9000584.html https://www.nrm.se/en/ommuseet/kontakt.7137.html Someone should be able to help.
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