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  1. It's definitely not a meteorite. Chip off a small piece and use a hammer to reduce it to a powder. Smear a little bit on a piece of white paper with your finger. . Let us know what color it is.
  2. Looks like a sulphide of some type.
  3. The crust looks too shiney to be a meteorite. The shape is too angular and color on the inside is wrong. I'm not an expert on meteorites but from what I know, it's not.
  4. https://www.syfy.com/syfywire/60-years-ago-today-day-meteorite-hit-ann-hodges I saw a photo of the ceiling after it came through the roof but never one of her bruise. That's a pretty bad one.
  5. I don't think it's a meteorite. Sorry.
  6. I meant it as comic humor. I just can't imagine someone actually trying to shoo them away. Being from the big city, any wild animal with tusks is to be avoided at all costs. Perhaps I've been watching too many horror movies.😀
  7. Very nice and unusual find. Congrats. I might have passed it up thinking it was a 2 by 4.
  8. Can't you just go outside and shoo them away? 😀
  9. This belongs in the "Meteorite Hunting and Collecting" section of the forum.
  10. You're probably right. A boulder wouldn't erode that fast.
  11. Not bones unless someone was engulfed in that boulder millions of years ago. Natural erosion process within the boulder.
  12. The Black Widow headphones are selling for $135.00 new and have a lifetime warranty. A new Gold Bug 2 plus the 10.5 inch coil and the 6 inch coil is going for $749.00.
  13. That Whink really does the job albeit very slowly.
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