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  1. the gm2 loves goldbasin meteorites with the stock coil
  2. good luck ron you will be bopping around soon
  3. great job they come out & run across the ground when its hot lol
  4. thats the way to do it thats old school
  5. heres my nuglets from oct 2014- oct 2015 gb2 & sdc 2300 & Deus & heres the start for this year ( Deus) good hunting all walt
  6. it was a great outing thanks bill & all involved heres a little bit o gold i found on sat
  7. congrauts bill you just made another trip around the sun
  8. did it to my 2200 d works great it was ez though care must be taken when drilling the front panel
  9. hi all just got home from bills gold basin outing weather was great fun fun bill had a nice brisktet cooked & dinner was yummy good to see old friends heres some pix
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