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  1. p.s this is a ultra lite 4 spoke i need a ultra lite 1
  2. hi all anyone have a 17 x 11 nf mono ? older or? they would like to trade for a 20 inch round nf mono ? im a elliptical kind of guy & cant get on to a round coil .. its a older white one in good shape this 1 gos deep if your interested feel free to give me a ring 928-715-5324 thanks walt
  3. when you turn the unit on hold the power switch in the on position for 5 seconds that should do a factory reset
  4. how much for the gold magic  & your banjo pan



    1. azdigger


      225.00   565 5101

  5. congrauts you just made another trip around the sun  have fun :old:

  6. way to go gotta love the sdc find some more
  7. well done hell its mineing equipment aint it
  8. the gm2 loves goldbasin meteorites with the stock coil
  9. good luck ron you will be bopping around soon
  10. great job they come out & run across the ground when its hot lol
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