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  1. i dont see much difference i have the old style it finds gold
  2. hi don im using a monster now its a monster on small gold
  3. congrauts mike you just made another trip around the sun have fun
  4. you asked for a full video from start to goldpan well here it is ive changed the design a bit to a more round design the physics are better in this
  5. chuck im guessing around 10-15 + lbs light enough for this old guy i use a jumper battery pack to run it
  6. its a 12 volt jeep wiper motor we have been using 1 of these for years with good results
  7. no question is ignorant the heaver concentrates will follow gravity & go to the bottom
  8. heres a simple unit i build i call the gold wiz gold spinner its a very simple & efficient unit to use on your quest for gold quiet 12 volt power , self cleaning, runs dry or wet With a 12 volt bilge pump (not included) low dust.. perfect for sampling or not working to hard all day,,you can run all day & at the end you will have a gold pan of concentrate to deal with. based on gravity & a cement mixer principle gold being heavy will work its way down in the bowl while all the lighter materials will work there way out of the bowl. Even large stones will work there way out.. we recom
  9. do you all know what dust devils are ? there heards of nugglets on the move i thought some of the newbes may want to know this valuable info
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