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  1. congrauts you just made another trip around the sun have fun son
  2. hi all ive got a Thomson blower drywasher for sale $250 cash 110 blower included.... folds up for ez carry works good will need new hose u pick up in the kingman az area call for more info 928/seven 1 five 532four must be able to pick up local NO TEXTS ......
  3. thanks ill be looking for some gold today
  4. houdy the fun is about to begin welcome to the site
  5. i also have a gm 1000 & it finds gold fun machine the Equinox also will find gold its a good machine ive found nuggets with it also may have a depth advantage another unit you may take a look at is the macko/nockta gold kruser it a lot like a gold bug 2 in a waterproof setup 16 feet meter id & comes with 2 coils at an attractive price
  6. i dont see much difference i have the old style it finds gold
  7. hi don im using a monster now its a monster on small gold
  8. congrauts mike you just made another trip around the sun have fun
  9. you asked for a full video from start to goldpan well here it is ive changed the design a bit to a more round design the physics are better in this
  10. chuck im guessing around 10-15 + lbs light enough for this old guy i use a jumper battery pack to run it
  11. its a 12 volt jeep wiper motor we have been using 1 of these for years with good results
  12. no question is ignorant the heaver concentrates will follow gravity & go to the bottom
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