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  1. years ago I bought some gold from a miner in Auburn, CA. I held onto that and learned to pan watching gold fever. I upped the size by cutting up lead split shot. Rockhunter, i fully agree, hand tools to start. Many a miner went broke buying all the goodie stuff and not knowing what to look for.
  2. try the proline pans,,,I have GPAA's, garret's and Proline, each have their place and use.
  3. I prefer the Le Trap, then Pan. No better way to get it all. Gold wheels are eye candy IMO
  4. Hello Everyone, I'm new on here and looking to find out if anyone has or knows anyone that has bought an offshore claim in Nome, AK.? I know most of you are detector specialist. But we all know one or more types of miners. Ive seen a few miners taken to the cleaners in nome and would like to see it stopped or at least help educate some. I can guide a prospective buyer or anyone how to research a claim and its location as to the gold bearing ground of the Nome Area. Please ask if interested.
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