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  1. HJ is pretty darned close. I have developed a new branch of science called "Theogeology" The Planet we live on today is certainly not the same as it was 20.000 years ago- BY DESIGN. One of these days we will have an asteroid delivered to our doorstep so we can study it at our leisure.
  2. 8" commander vs. 6x8 N.F. vs. 6" Coilteck? Here is a definitive answer. Only the 6' Coilteck will fit in a 7" round hole.
  3. Thanks for the great pictures. With the help of El D maybe I can return the favor. I Think that huge rock in the last photos might be a big meteorite.
  4. For a guy like me that has only recently mastered the light switch this will be real helpful. Thanks.
  5. Well- now I'm smarter but am I any wiser?
  6. No El D. the rider is on drugs. It is the Tour de France after all.
  7. Great job Bill. I'll come visit the store when I pick up my GPX 6000.
  8. G. You owe me dude. you just wasted a half minute of my life.
  9. I don't believe a word of it. Cowboys don't go to church.
  10. One of my goals is to find some gold still attached to the center of the earth so any bits of information that I steal from this forum will get used. I remember a few pocket hunters from around here when I was a kid. They were always broke and were a really peculiar bunch. I should fit right in.
  11. Latino Post Jan 24 2014. BB Your typing faster than you thinking. Your trying to peg me as something that I aint. I take no offense and none is intended here.
  12. BB. Please review my post . I certainly did not say illegals vote for gun control and increased regulations It's Democrat congress and senate members that do that. There is no proof of citizenship required in Ca. to register to vote. It's a mater of who you believe as a source for statistics. Illegals have unquestionably swayed local elections and state congressional elections. Illegals cost this state about 10 billion per year and pay about 1.2 billion a year in taxes. I personally don't blame any Mexican for coming here to make a better life for his family. Most of the problem for legal en
  13. BB your are correct. It's not the illegals banning guns and over regulating- it's the illegals VOTING for the politicians that ban guns and over regulate. It's real simple the illegals want their FREE STUFF.
  14. Gosh Steel Pan you must have really been lost! Been here in Quincy for 61 years haven't see it like this ever. It's not unusual for dry early winters to dump a lot of snow in Feb. and March. We"ll see. PLEASE VOTE FOR GLOBAL WARMING.
  15. Beware! Every crisis is used to produce more restrictions on liberty. The crisis will pass but the loss of liberty will not.
  16. Canatv; That is excellent news. Every gold dredger in Kalif. needs to immediately start dredging deep holes in the stream beds to preserve the fish populations when the streams and rivers stop flowing.
  17. What I have been told about N.Mex. is true! You can carry your sidearm but you must use smokeless powder.
  18. G'mornin BB.Your list of probable courses of action and your conclusion are disgusting. Only because you are correct.
  19. Great picture! I'm the one in the middle-with the bridle.
  20. I am always amazed ant the skills that show up on this forum.
  21. Well El D what the the heck are you waiting for. I expect something to be presented here in about 300 hours.
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