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  1. klunker

    What's the #1 key factor in recovery

    Eegads! There are dozens of variables and adjustments regarding recovery. But I suppose the #1 key factor is putting gold into you recovery equipment (or under if your talking about detecting). Keep in mind that sometimes 80% recovery can be more profitable than 100% recovery especially in a commercial type opperation.
  2. klunker


    AZNB Ya caught me. Your absolutely right."I can't be serious". It's just not in my nature.
  3. klunker


    On all of my Plans of Operation I have to include how my operation will not affect wildlife. I always include a brief mention of protection measures for Sasquatch such as "Sasquatch crossing" signs, kind treatment if I capture one, leaving an apple pie (their favorite food) at the end of the operation and other assorted nonsense. So far only one U.S.F.S. minerals officer has noticed.
  4. klunker

    gold screamer.

    Yes. it's a simple in line connection.
  5. klunker

    gold screamer.

    Understood. I was referring to the power supply for the detector. I'm just too darned lazy to pack around the stock batteries. Also be aware the the amp. will put a slight drain on your battery even with the detector off.
  6. klunker

    gold screamer.

    Carefully balancing the threshold volume and the amplifier volume makes a considerable improvement even if you have normal good hearing. good headphones are also VERY important.
  7. klunker

    gold screamer.

    Yes. And an after market battery system but avoid cam-corder batteries.
  8. klunker


    Best of luck to you, sir.
  9. klunker

    GPZ 7000

    Minelab should start thinking about in house financing. I would have to see positive reports from prospectors that have NO association with Minlab before I parted with that much cash. But who would be willing to admit their $9000 detector didn't work as advertized?
  10. klunker

    How cold is it?

    Grubby that aint nothin' !! One time the flame in my fireplace froze and when i took it out to thaw it I dropped it. All it was good for then was candle flames.
  11. klunker

    Corruption: A Montana Story

    HJ; With your knowledge, experience, skills and the ability to keep your opinions to yourself, I would say you are a very wealthy man. Money isn't everything. I am waiting for a USFS Botanist to submit his report so I can finalize a Plan of Operation. He is eight months late and has a known reputation for not getting his work completed when it comes to mining operations. At this point it seems I have no practical recourse. Yet we all know what happens if we are one second late with claim paperwork or fees and taxes. SIC SIC SIC
  12. klunker

    Corruption: A Montana Story

    The cost of litigating a "takings" would financially ruin anyone- even an enormously wealthy individual like HJ. And the government knows it.
  13. klunker

    Why not try a DD Coil for some luck

    the large Commander elliptical DD is an excellent coil though heavy. If you go shopping for one MAKE SURE THE DEALER STANDS BEHIND THE WARRANTY. I've seen a couple of them fail.
  14. klunker

    Why not try a DD Coil for some luck

    My hopes for everyone here is that this is your best year yet but not your best year ever. R H 2- Please stop reveling my closely held secrets I have spent most of my life around chainsaws, heavy equipment and my wife so I have poor hearing. I need a threshold tone to be as smooth as possible so I use a DD a lot of the time. Some times I will start the day with a mono then when I get tired and lazy (I'm always lazy) I will switch to a DD so that my addled brain doesn't have to sort through a bunch of noise. With the GPX 5000 I can fiddle with it and get it to calm down in more places than the previous models so I find myself using a mono coil more often. If I could only have one coil it would be an 11" DD.
  15. klunker

    How cold is it?