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  1. HJ is pretty darned close. I have developed a new branch of science called "Theogeology" The Planet we live on today is certainly not the same as it was 20.000 years ago- BY DESIGN. One of these days we will have an asteroid delivered to our doorstep so we can study it at our leisure.
  2. Thanks for the great pictures. With the help of El D maybe I can return the favor. I Think that huge rock in the last photos might be a big meteorite.
  3. For a guy like me that has only recently mastered the light switch this will be real helpful. Thanks.
  4. Well- now I'm smarter but am I any wiser?
  5. No El D. the rider is on drugs. It is the Tour de France after all.
  6. Great job Bill. I'll come visit the store when I pick up my GPX 6000.
  7. G. You owe me dude. you just wasted a half minute of my life.
  8. I don't believe a word of it. Cowboys don't go to church.
  9. I smash mine and send it to the refiners. I typically get 85% after fees. I have grown tired of wasting a day and having a buyer tell me how little my specimen is worth and then see it on his website marked up 150%. I do have a short list of buyers that I enjoy dealing with so they get a chance to buy if they need what I have.
  10. It's nice to know when I "step in it" I'm going the right direction. We humans think we're so damned smart.
  11. Garimpo; I think that picture is phoney. I've never seen anything that pretty at Wallmart.
  12. We might win yet! If you kept score the good people out numbered the bad.
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