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  1. I use it and have found allot of nuggets with it. I use the 4.5" Super Sniper coil.
  2. I have a new 9x14 Coiltek with about 5 solid swinging days on it and no false signals at all! I am very surprised with it sensativity to small targets. I found a BB 8" deep in mineralized soil and numorous other deep pieces of trash. I can swing it all day without using a bun give too. It also seems easier to pinpoint targets than the commander coil.
  3. Good job! Finding the smal pieces is not easy. They do add up!!
  4. Happy birthday man! I hope your out finding a birthday nugget!
  5. We were there for Bills session on Sunday. If anyone ever has a chance to listen to him speak, make every effort to do so.
  6. I use Topo Maps for the iPhone by Phil Endecott. I'm very happy with it.
  7. I know that dance too!! The skunks were laughing this weekend at us. We had fun meeting a few of the WSPA people. It was good to see Beau too!
  8. One thing I have learned is to accept people the way they are. Some are loners and some enjoy going out with friends. I see more with gold prospectors, they tend to be loners. Sometimes I'm not sure what to think either.
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