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  1. I have a flock myself. The "ranch foreman" is actually this 4 year old RI Red hen who insists that I walk around the barnyard every morning or she goes to the closest neighbor-a quarter mile away and tells the old biddy all about my crime. Then she puts that old biddy's cat in line for giving her some lip-never give a chicken on the edge some lip, I guess. Now I have 2 RI Red roosters and a couple of Plymouth Rock roosters, thats too many for 24 chickens, and I just can't figure out which one I am going to keep and which ones are going to go swimming with the dumplings.
  2. I'm wondering how many people here in the US, looking for a handout, are applying for FEMA benefits?
  3. I have been looking at one of those but how long is it supposed to hold up? Hey does anyone have that Camel Mountain Goat mini trommel? Is it worth a flip or just something else to mine the new miners with?
  4. I wonder if that thing started out as a jello mold?
  5. Dang and I thought yellow jelly beans grew in the water, glad I didn't try and eat one.
  6. Nice setup, yours is shinier than mine, me jealous. I see you like the old-school Garmin and compasses too. People tease me about my old Garmin GPS 12 from back in 1997, yeah it doesn't have a voice or tell me where the next gas station is, but doesn't argue with me either and i am still alive.
  7. Lovely. I wonder if you get smacked in the head by one and by a miracle you live to tell about it if when the doctor separates that rock from the others in your head if you will be allowed to keep it?
  8. That is the first thing Hoser John and I agree on. If you don't have some soap in your water, you will lose everything you were looking for in the first place. Those ones that sit in the stream are not even good targets. I have a prospecting buddy that thinks that Gold Magic POS is the best thing since rubberbands and peanut butter-yeah sure, nothing beats a good old pan and some human hands. Look how well the Chinese miners cleaned up after everyone else in the old days. I am headed to AZ in a couple of weeks with her and her Gold Magic-it makes gold disappear, this is going to be a fun tri
  9. This is my first post here, but I have been around for awhile, I was once like you and jumped in with both feet with a Keene highbanker. It wore me out. I got the stream sluice and all the simple stuff too at the same time and found that I had more fun with the simple things. The simple Royal Manufacturing sluice produced more than the Keene highbanker did and was used more because I didn't have to work so hard to lug all those buckets of samples to it. You can grab that Royal Sluice by the carrying handle and move it with you. Start simple, then you will know what you want to do next. Its ho
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