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    Hunting, fishing, prospecting-for 4 and 2-legged animals, anything that swims or shines or might be something hiding from me. Making peach wine and brandy, and farming.
  1. I have a flock myself. The "ranch foreman" is actually this 4 year old RI Red hen who insists that I walk around the barnyard every morning or she goes to the closest neighbor-a quarter mile away and tells the old biddy all about my crime. Then she puts that old biddy's cat in line for giving her some lip-never give a chicken on the edge some lip, I guess. Now I have 2 RI Red roosters and a couple of Plymouth Rock roosters, thats too many for 24 chickens, and I just can't figure out which one I am going to keep and which ones are going to go swimming with the dumplings.
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