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  1. Well if i have it right this is what i am going to buy. I found a guy that has MXT Pro with both the 6X10 DD and 4X6 DD coils and coil covers. If i understand correctly lot of guys hunting in hot ground use the 6" x 10" DD coil, suppose to be better choice than the stock concentric coil, while the 4" x 6" Shooter DD coil is the way to go to enhance the MXTs small gold capability like you said, it is good for around i think 4 inche's and should be ran HOT. Last choice to make is what to use for FL and the beach 9x5 ??? or should i use something else. I am going to try a pair of these White's pro star Head Phone's. Do i need that accessory strap little piece of metal to set detector down on and what about battery, do i need to upgrade it to there rechargeable. Hopefully this will do itThankyou
  2. Thanks azdigger but with going back to Fl and if not good for salt i would of made a huge mistake so i am kinda forced to go with the MXT Pro. And also really like the idea of using it for other things Getting close to pulling the trigger. Just would like to know about the coil choice's more. Looks like i have to go with both the 6X10 DD and 4X6 DD coils and coil covers. Also looking at Battery acc and the metal strap that goes on it to use when setting it down.
  3. WOW That sound COOL. I am excited. I do have an older version Dragon and would love to get it going.
  4. How do i set up notifications

  5. Well i jump ship and going to order MXT Pro with both the 6X10 DD and 4X6 DD coils and coil covers. Found this deal a guy has on a new never used for $775.00. Going to think on it a little but WOW what a deal. Will work in Colorado Rocky mnt's and FL beach. For my first one i am excited. Thanks Guys
  6. Well i am kinda bouncing a little bit but seams i should order MXT Pro with both the 6X10 DD and 4X6 DD coils and coil covers. Sorry for the above type. I am getting excited but want to make the right choice.
  7. WOW I am just now after a week within an Hour of buying MXT Pro. Was told the 4"x 6" coil will do gold as good as any of the other And the ^"x10" for the bigger one's. Is yours the Pro model or just MXT
  8. What is the main difference between GMT and MXT and MXT pro Why didn't they just make one. I want to hunt gold in colorado rocky mt I like the GMT but would spend the extra cash if i need to. I kinda went from buying a gold bug 2 witch will do the ob to this because i realize i could get more of a multi purpose unit that i would be able to use it in Fl also. I have only been researching detectors for a week, but heavy every day and night so i have learned a lot but still not enough to make a decision. Thanks I am kina jumping ship from buying a Gold Bug 2 for a more versatile unit. Just need to know how to decide between GMT or MXT or MXT Pro is the main question
  9. Yea i am pretty excited and funny thing is i was on it when you sent me the e-mail still trying to decide. Main focus was just gold in the Colorado rocky m but you have narrowed it down for me so i will be able to also use it when i return to FL. Thanks
  10. Thanks That is what i did. I just like to share and sometime's too much.
  11. Ho Problem. How do i do that. I can not see where i can edit it.
  12. Yea Frank you are right on and that is why i am on the fence with this deal GB2 or GMT, i like what i have been told about the GMT, i like it a lot. Edited By Au Seeker: Per Copyright owner's request
  13. Man i read a lot over the last week and here is a good link if anyone is interested. It give's a short description on a lot of detectors all tested by the same guy that has been using them out in the real world for years. I feel he is right on when it come's to what he say's because i have the same feedback information coming from people like you that confirm it. Steve's Guide to Gold Nugget Detectors http://www.detectorprospector.com/gold-prospecting-guides/steve-guide-gold-nugget-detectors.htm#.URnDOY6jLEm Edited By Au Seeker: Per Copyright owner's request
  14. Thats what it is looking like. Thanks for the input.
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