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  1. Very interesting. And seams like there priced pretty good. 1,500.00 to 3,000.00 Just add up the material and time. Seams the hardest part is the spiral cut in the tube, all the other stuff is just basic material.
  2. Where can i find info on a reverse Helix trommel.
  3. My friend went with a gold prospector yesterday. They had a dozen high school boys that went with them on some sort of event. He took my Gold Cube And the Prospector took his. They went to a known hole in clear creek where they have been getting fine Gold for a long time now and worked the hole all day. There was a guy there that brought his wheel and ran it. They ran 30 5 gallon buckets of classified material threw the Cube. By the end of the day they realized the wheel worked good but only for a very very small amount of material. Day and night difference. He could not believe it. THey act
  4. I was at the last GPAA meeting in Colorado Springs. You might run across a guy name George where you are working the creek there. He also has Vortex mating he sells for 11.00 a square foot. Same as what is in the gold cube. You can take the gold cube's out in the field and also do the same thing you are by using a 3/16 screen or punch plate over the top. You can run a whole bunch of material threw a gold cube in a day and catch all the gold. I am glad i bought one, it also gets used by all your friends. Works real good. I am sure you know about: Alreco Aluminum Surplus
  5. Very impressive. I take my hat off to you. Looks like material runs threw it fast. I notice the R/C stuff, Nice Deans connector and wheels. Maybe i should take my Mikado Heli apart so i can make money. I am going to start welding all the aluminum i have fabed up over the last month starting tomorrow. I have friend that was up there last week end and seen how cold it was. I live down in Pueblo for 52 years. Cold plus water = BURRRRRR
  6. I agree. Thanks for Info. We are looking at building a field trammel clasifier or using them under our High Banking sluice's. 3/16 is what has been going threw the Gold Cube. 20 mesh is where we had problem with blue bowl, will keep at it thow. I seen the cube on the show tonight Bearing sea up in Nome ak
  7. I am making three sluice's for me and 2 friend's. 4' 6" main sections with 4' extension's. out of 0.65 Aluminum 9"wide. Using Gold Hog Mat. UR Scrubber and the new Razorback. Hard to beat what is working for thousands around the world. Ran across a few old timer's and they are having great success with this mat. They also use Gold Cube and Blue Bowel, we like what's working right now with them. They do not use spiral wheels anymore because the Gold Cube allow's you to run way way more material. Seams i fell into a few guys that are all on the same page. I know there is other stuff that wor
  8. I am glad i did not buy a spiral wheel, and bought Blue Bowl and Gold Cube. Gold Cube and Blue Bowel works so much better. Was up at a GPAA meeting and lot of people watched demo with spiral wheel and it does not even come close to Gold Cube and Blue bowel. You can run WAY WAY WAY more material with a Gold Cube and Blue Bowel. Wheel was like watching grass grow.
  9. I have plenty of time to find a deal. I already bought a bunch of stuff. Blue Bowl Gold Cube Pans Scale eye loop scoops classifiers tools exc. So i am building 3 sluice's now with Gold Hog Mat. I am going to give it a little more time on detector.
  10. I asked question about if they were coming out with any new detecters in the next 3 to 6 months because i am buying one and hate to buy something just to have a new one come out right after. They said the info will be released this month with the detectors coming out for this spring.
  11. I received my Gold Cube today along with Blue Bowl and a bunch of other stuff. I talk with mike and you need to have 800 to 1400 GPH pump. You need to take a 10" long 5/8 round wood dowel rod and use it as a dam. Watch the water and adjust acordingly so that the water come's up to 3/8 of an inch of the top lip. I can go a little higher up to the lip and still be ok. I received my Gold Cube today along with Blue Bowl and a bunch of other stuff.
  12. Could i get a link to the Le Trap. Thankyou
  13. NEW INFO I sent e-mail to whites and asked if they were coming out with a new detector in the next 6 months. They said yes and info on them should be released This month March starting tomarow. I hope it is going to be a MXT Pro Underwater Detector. So the man that is going to sell me the detector also want me to wait. What a great guy. I just received Today my Gold Cube and Blue Bowel along with all the pans spoons vials 8 clasifier's Exc. Been hooking up with an old prospector close to where i live that has all sorts of detectors i can use till mine gets here. OH and i ordered a lot of Gold
  14. Where is nugget shooter outing at. Is it in Colorado.
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