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  1. I've never found silver ore, supposed to be green or black.  The black silver is supposed to be heavy like black sands. The black is supposed to be by the Tombstone silver.

    The green ore does look like Chryscolla to me.  A large part of the turquoise for sale is supposed to actually be Chryscolla.  I find a bit of that green ore in the tailing piles in the old, small copper mines from the days before strip mining.  Particularly west of the Hassunyumpa river locally.

  2. Black Magic Miller Table for Sale.  $150 Cash.

    This miller table is good for getting really fine gold.  Take and screen concentrates, and put on a teaspoon at a time adjusting the flow so that lighter brown sands wash away, followed by the black sands, leaving any gold that's left.  The better the material is screened, the better gold is recovered.  The Four legs shown in the picture allows easy adjustment of the table for leveling and angle, and the valve will adjust the flow of the water.  The pump (included) is run off a 12 volt battery (not included).  I usually run this in a concrete mixing tub (not included) available from Home Depot.

    This is the original Black Magic Sluice manufactured by the since closed gold shop in Youngtown, Arizona.

    The black mat may require replacement, or removal and finishing with Chalk Paint.

    Miller Table-2.jpg

    The Yellow tool on the mat is used to move the dirt around.  Below is with the water flowing.

    Miller Table-1.jpg

    Other Pics:

    Miller Table-7.jpg

    Miller Table-3.jpgMiller Table-5.jpg

    Miller Table-6.jpg

  3. Did not mean to dirstract from the thread with a mis-ID of a fulgerite.  I did not know about fulgertites to recently, so perhaps this is a better picture:


    looking at the OPs pics, who was told these were lightning strikes in sand, to me they look less likely to be created by lightning than the stone I posted earlier.  I guess my question is, wouldn't these "Lightning Stones" be branched like the photo above, and not like a piece of man made glass broken off and exposed to the elements a bit? 


    In case I'm confused, the pic above is a bit to transparent to be any Chalcedony that I've seen.  The little I've found is White and opaque with a little bit of rust staining.

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  4. What makes you think those are fossilized?

    With coral, it will bleach in the sun to look a lot like your pics depending on the variety, but will be a very light sample.  For perterification, the original gets replaced with other minerals and will make this heavier.

    I find bone is really light also.  I lived on a tropical island for 14 years, and there was plenty of corral that would look fresh decades later, with the exception of bleaching in the sun.  I don’t have much experience with bone.

    My GUESS, is all those samples are bone with the bubbles being marrow.  If it was petrified, I would expect the minerals would have filled up those holes.

  5. I started looking at MLRS today, the new BLM claim filing system.  I like it a bit more than what was out there before.

    I started to search through the Plats, and I found something called the Malibu placers I'd like to put eyes on.  I thought that was the mythical local placer I found in one of the earlier AZ Mining pubs. If you live in central AZ and you've read what's put out by the AZ dept of mines, I'm sure you've seen the reference about a placer by Wickenburg.

    Turns out this mid 20th century Malibu claim is a patented claim: 


    That looks like this nowadays:


    Turns  out I've driven by this many, many times.  I don't know if this was ever an active mining claim, at least in the way that I'd like to thing of it as a claim.  There were a few patented claims in Arizona that were staked and worked with ill intentions including salting some workings with the intent of "Proving" mineral worth to the BLM, but was salted with enough gold to have the BLM approve the patent, and would later use the land for purposes other than what the survey was created for.

    Not saying this is the story of this Malibu placer, just there's some history in Arizona like that.  For all I know, this could have been the mythical local placer I've been looking for.

  6. Welcome Redsnow.  You got me curious about where you're going.  Not Lat Long, but a state would be nice.

    I don't think its AZ because there's only two Civil War skirmishes, but no rain last night.

    Pics of your finds, even a bunch of junk would be nice.

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  7. Nice rig.

    I wonder for those overbed tents, how they hold up on the trails.  I find most unmaintained trails I go down have been cut to cab height by other off roaders.  I do wonder how the tent tarp would hold up to those branches hitting it that are at roof level.  

    A side by side would definitely help with that.

  8. Did you do all this work yourself? Interested in the process.

    I've started to electroplate.  Looks like you cleaned the ornament to its base metal, coated in copper, coated again with something, perhaps nickel, filled in the errors with solder, coated with copper and then again nickel, buffed it out and then coated in chrome.

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  9. Sometimes I think I’m living in an alternate reality as I read stories like this.  All this was known during the confirmation which makes it even odder.

    I worry about our country’s debt, but I keep hearing about the unfunded which is ten times what our debt is at: $130 trillion.  I don’t even know what this unfunded is.

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  10. 22 hours ago, billpeters said:

    Unfortunately the Barbeque by Meteorite is cancelled because of the fire danger.

    Let us know how the observing goes,

    Looks like its one of our rare cloudy AZ nights, and I won’t be going out tonight.  I wish I’d made more of an effort to catch some four days ago WhenI was in the grad canyon.  The conditions were perfect, I just slept through the night.

  11. Bill I will most likely be in the opposite side of the valley closer to the white tanks mountains.

    When do you expect this to be visible?  I was out at sunset four days before it peaked but didn’t see any.  I thought they were not supposed to be visible except after midnight until sunrise. Although not a peak day four days before there were supposed to be some.

    Honestly couldn’t find the Perseus constellation in the sky/

  12. I expect Poe and perhaps the AMRA will get a pretty hefty fine from this.

    Over the last few years, the EPA has went after businesses that have sold tunes to vehicles that interfere with pollution control, which is basically any performance tunes.  They did not fine all parties equally, but on their ability to pay.  A small shop may have gotten several thousand dollars of fines ($15k?) but a large online distributor was in excess of a million dollars.  That judgement read that properties bought with the profits from the tunes were liquidated in order to pay the fine.

    I really doubt much gold was taken from these dredges, so I don't expect a fine of millions of dollars, but I would not be surprised to see a fine of $15k.

    Regardless of the fine, I believe more important is the PLPs point.  I paraphrase this as: The dredging Poe did was a worthless protest that will not result in anything good coming for those who would hope to see any realistic future for dredging in the state of Idaho.

  13. I wish you luck and hope you can come up with some investors to help you develop this spectacular platinum deposit.  If a single guy can do so good, imagine what a large company could do.

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  14. 1 minute ago, Indigo Suelo said:

    Natural ore from the ground. 

    So you are recovering platinum ore from the ground, and processing this yourself?

    And you have an open invitation to this platinum mine?

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  15. 4 minutes ago, Indigo Suelo said:

    The Flintstones over here,  doesn't know to separate his delicates or how to recognize the difference in the colors of ores...  But writes a lengthy rubbish. 

    If either of you would like to know how to get cleaner results I'd tell you a way.  But if you are just a fool stuck on stupid because you mixed all your metals into an alloy and got a bad reading and like to vent on strangers well keep it moving. 

    All y'all gotta do is ask. 

    If I can ask, I have not seen you write without leaving yourself an out that any of the Platinum Group metal you are working on right now is not from catalytic scrap, or other type of scrap.

    Platinum tends not to be found in the size nuggets you posted in your original picture.  When I see platinum metal that size, I think its melted down from a converter.


    So, is  this metal you are working come from recycled metals, or does it come from natural ore in the ground?

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  16. Not sure I believe there is platinum in Arizona, at mineable levels.  There is a article from around 2015 where someone found a platinum nugget metal detecting somewhere in the Wickenburg Area.  I doubt the authenticity of his claim.

    THe Arizona Bureau of Mines had issued a warning saying that platinum is not found in Arizona except in processes like copper mining, and even issues a warning that any mention of platinum with investors being able to make money is likely a scam.

    Although I can’t find the exact link for the warning I mentioned above, below is a list of precious metal scams including platinum in AZ.


    Its not that there’s no platinum in AZ, its just in quantities so small, that no one will ever recover platinum as a primary source, only form process like the final stage of copper processing where trace amounts of gold are removed and even tracer amounts of platinum.

    Other states have recovered platinum, not here.

  17. That is an amazing find and seems to be a huge nugget for native platinum group metals.

    The only platinum produced in my state of Arizona is a byproduct of copper.

    I would think a nugget of that size would be worth several times the metal content, much more so than a gold nugget.

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