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  1. That’s a 2400+ page bill which is one of 11,000 bills that are somewhere in the process of becoming the law of the land. Most of those 11,000 bills will never be passed. Can you fill us in on anything? Sometime over the next two months I may find time to read this.
  2. Can you give us more details. To me it looks like a rock I might pull out of a brook or stream in New England where I come from.
  3. The blue staining looks like copper staining, probably chrsyocolla. I wonder what the black squares that appears you dislodged from the quartz. I've seen black tourmaline needles in a similar quarts rock, but this tourmaline erodes along with the quarts. This black square you have seems to be harder than the quartz and not eroding along with it. Quartz is a pretty hard rock, so that square must be harder.
  4. If you have questions, you can private message me. One big thing I didn’t look up is Arizona Bureau of mines put out a document that talks about gold finds throughout the state, and that lets you know whether the district tends to be placer or lode and how some of it was developed. I’m Ute Nevada does the same thing. If you look at Chris Ralph’s”Fist Full of GOld,” that’s a decent book.
  5. I said I'd post something on the research portion I do for prospecting. The 40 hours of research prior to boots on the ground. What I found after 90 minutes of research tells me I would go here if I was local, but the particular section I mention, but since I'm 5 hours away, not worth the trip for me. I'd do a whole lot more looking, but to me, there's enough here to make me do a bit more research if I was going towards searchlight. So to start I go to MyLandmatter.org and look at the number of claims around searchlight. Looking at the maps and claims, I see that to the North west of the Searchlight are some public lands with claims. Section 28 and 29 are fairly close to the highway, and even section 33 south of the highway has some mines. You can zoom in and get a coordinate on any of them and put it in a GPS. I like the hills though, so section 28 has a couple of hills, consists of roughly 640 acres, of which only 42 are claimed for lode claims. Looking closely at the Northeast you can see perhaps 100 acres is not BLM land. That is a no go area, whether private property or patented claim, you can research and find out further, but no prospecting. Clicking on the "i" button brings up this tab on section 28: If you go to "Click for current BLM report, you can see whether the fees have been paid. You can click on the "Click for County Documents," and then in that click the "Search Documents." If in the LAST NAME FIELD, you put the mines name, you'll get the CERTIFICATION OF LOCATION, which will have the map. I'd download that, but Clark County would charge me a dollar for each download. Yavapai and Maricopa COunties I work with, are free unofficial downloads. This is a Google pic of one of the tunnels: And its location next to the highway: This mine is a couple of miles away from section 28, but this tells me its a gold and silver area. So, there's a but more research to do, like locating the two lode claims. Also finding if the gold in the area is lode (which I think it is) or placer. If lode gold, tailings piles could be a good way to detect, but it could have been bleached out by chemicals. I'd also do quite a bit more research in Minedat on mines in the area. Someone in the area can tell you more about the gold. I ran some material from a lode mine through a sluice and had some color, with a recommendation from a local. Finally, I joined the BLM's MLRS and that gives me access to the plats. Plats will tell you a lot of details of the section. You'll probably find info of the patented claim in the North East of the section. This is located in: Nevada Mount Diablo Meridian 28 South; 63 East; Section 21 Either way, its really close to Searchlight. There appears to be a trail going in to the area that will get you off road, and would be no more than a mile hike. There's probably better places and took me about 90 minutes to get the info. Looking at a bunch of different areas is part of the 40 hours of work that goes into me putting boots on the ground.
  6. If you give me an area you want to start in, I’d be happy to go through the process. I know you’re in Northern Arizona, so the there’s the Bahde Claims in that area the GPAA has, but I’m sure there’s still open land out by Dolan Springs. If I prospect the right way to make sure the land is open, and gold bearing, takes me about 40 hours of research before I put boots on the ground with a metal detector. A lot of that is starts and stops at dead ends and restarting. BLM will records will tell you what’s claimed, and that’s the database MyLand matters accesses. What I like about that is the maps layers. Any mines or prospects, I like to look them up in mined at.org. One particular area I looked at had a lot of mines and workings and I was excited about until I saw these were copper and manganese from pre-WWII diggings and no gold was indicated. Since that stuff is for open pit mining, which is beyond me, I decided not to spend a couple days out there and went somewhere else. I find what mineral maps I can, but I’m no geologist and I use those to steer away from valley fill areas or recently deposited sands. THere’s also searching through records to make sure there’s no special land which you can find on the plats. This can be withdrawn from minerals, wilderness areas where you can’t use motorized vehicles, or better ones like land given to state trusts that the federal govt held on to mineral rights. In Arizona its much easier to file with the federal govt than the state for a claim. I’d bet there’s at least 100 times the claims on federal land than State Land. The BLM data base and mylandmatters.org can be a couple of weeks to 100 days behind, so I search the county records before going out to make sure nothing has been taken. Takes a couple of weeks to mail and process a claim at a county office, and the person can sit on sending the paperwork in for 90 days after staking the claim and prior to filing.
  7. As a claim owner, I’d rather you ask for permission than forgiveness. Bob may have not riled Clay into answering, but he riled me. If you have questions, I’d be happy to answer them. Claim owner contact info is very easy to find off the notice of location for the claim. Might involve mailing which is not a quick answer like email. All claims are marked, but the moment I go away, I can’t guarantee those markers are still there. Anything from someone being malicious to a cow knocking it over. Also, only the four corners need marked. Since the smallest claim is 20 acres, finding those corners may not be easy. If its 160 acres, its even harder. Also, all 4 corners do not need a copy of the paperwork. That is left at the monument. The 4 corners on my claims I’ve had are never easy to place. Always involve a bit of walking and some have no trails or roads on the claim itself. Top of the tall hill, Hidden in a grove of bushes. Never at a road intersection. It’s pretty heartbreaking when someone spends $165 per 20 acres in filing fees annually or going through the small miners waiver and finding a bunch of holes across the claim when someone has went through with a metal detector. I’d rather the two or three grams of gold that came out of the ground go to the claim fees. Using things like land matters.org, you can easily find areas that are 1 Mile that have no claims. If there are claims, the maps just need to be downloaded from the county. Except for places like Rich hill, there wil be areas with unclaimed land.
  8. I don't know if this is the right word, but the iridescence (rainbow like colors) of the top phot on the bottom middle when zoomed in remind me of bizimuth. No idea what it is.
  9. I’d be interested in comments. As I look at the pics, to me it looks like a conglomerate rock, perhaps metamorphic, which to me means from earth, but I’m anxious to hear comments: I have got to be wrong about the conglomerate though. THe person put much to much effort into the website so there has to be something else for him to choose pics like this.
  10. Saw working sand on a Gold Fever show, and got some from Home Depot for a run. I was hoping the dirt I got was from the local San Domingo Wash Gravel pit, which I doubt, and didn’t find anything. THe dirt I got could have been from any pit anywhere that went in the bag. Silly as it sounds, I think that would be a Funtime. At work, I offer up “Anyone with a strong back is welcome to come out and dig holes with me and can keep any golf they find. Anyone without a strong back is still welcome.” I’ve never had a taker.
  11. That is a really nice rock. Did you know you can just copy the picture and then paste into where you type? Some are reluctant to click on links.
  12. I've never found silver ore, supposed to be green or black. The black silver is supposed to be heavy like black sands. The black is supposed to be by the Tombstone silver. The green ore does look like Chryscolla to me. A large part of the turquoise for sale is supposed to actually be Chryscolla. I find a bit of that green ore in the tailing piles in the old, small copper mines from the days before strip mining. Particularly west of the Hassunyumpa river locally.
  13. Black Magic Miller Table for Sale. $150 Cash. This miller table is good for getting really fine gold. Take and screen concentrates, and put on a teaspoon at a time adjusting the flow so that lighter brown sands wash away, followed by the black sands, leaving any gold that's left. The better the material is screened, the better gold is recovered. The Four legs shown in the picture allows easy adjustment of the table for leveling and angle, and the valve will adjust the flow of the water. The pump (included) is run off a 12 volt battery (not included). I usually run this in a concrete mixing tub (not included) available from Home Depot. This is the original Black Magic Sluice manufactured by the since closed gold shop in Youngtown, Arizona. The black mat may require replacement, or removal and finishing with Chalk Paint. The Yellow tool on the mat is used to move the dirt around. Below is with the water flowing. Other Pics:
  14. Keene 10" Sluice for Sale with Header stand and extra Ribbed Mat. The Header can be attached to a pump for a recirculating system. The Sluice fits perfectly on the stand, but square metal tubing will need to be added $150 Cash. No trades.
  15. Did not mean to dirstract from the thread with a mis-ID of a fulgerite. I did not know about fulgertites to recently, so perhaps this is a better picture: looking at the OPs pics, who was told these were lightning strikes in sand, to me they look less likely to be created by lightning than the stone I posted earlier. I guess my question is, wouldn't these "Lightning Stones" be branched like the photo above, and not like a piece of man made glass broken off and exposed to the elements a bit? In case I'm confused, the pic above is a bit to transparent to be any Chalcedony that I've seen. The little I've found is White and opaque with a little bit of rust staining.
  16. I am by far not an expert, but the lighting strikes I know in sand make fulgerites. I think these things look like either tree roots or hard coral. What you have to me looks more like man made glass that has been in the ocean a little bit, but not yet smoothed out to sea glass.
  17. What makes you think those are fossilized? With coral, it will bleach in the sun to look a lot like your pics depending on the variety, but will be a very light sample. For perterification, the original gets replaced with other minerals and will make this heavier. I find bone is really light also. I lived on a tropical island for 14 years, and there was plenty of corral that would look fresh decades later, with the exception of bleaching in the sun. I don’t have much experience with bone. My GUESS, is all those samples are bone with the bubbles being marrow. If it was petrified, I would expect the minerals would have filled up those holes.
  18. I started looking at MLRS today, the new BLM claim filing system. I like it a bit more than what was out there before. I started to search through the Plats, and I found something called the Malibu placers I'd like to put eyes on. I thought that was the mythical local placer I found in one of the earlier AZ Mining pubs. If you live in central AZ and you've read what's put out by the AZ dept of mines, I'm sure you've seen the reference about a placer by Wickenburg. Turns out this mid 20th century Malibu claim is a patented claim: That looks like this nowadays: Turns out I've driven by this many, many times. I don't know if this was ever an active mining claim, at least in the way that I'd like to thing of it as a claim. There were a few patented claims in Arizona that were staked and worked with ill intentions including salting some workings with the intent of "Proving" mineral worth to the BLM, but was salted with enough gold to have the BLM approve the patent, and would later use the land for purposes other than what the survey was created for. Not saying this is the story of this Malibu placer, just there's some history in Arizona like that. For all I know, this could have been the mythical local placer I've been looking for.
  19. Welcome Redsnow. You got me curious about where you're going. Not Lat Long, but a state would be nice. I don't think its AZ because there's only two Civil War skirmishes, but no rain last night. Pics of your finds, even a bunch of junk would be nice.
  20. I have a mine lab pro find I bought from Bill at a GPAA show years ago.
  21. Nice rig. I wonder for those overbed tents, how they hold up on the trails. I find most unmaintained trails I go down have been cut to cab height by other off roaders. I do wonder how the tent tarp would hold up to those branches hitting it that are at roof level. A side by side would definitely help with that.
  22. Did you do all this work yourself? Interested in the process. I've started to electroplate. Looks like you cleaned the ornament to its base metal, coated in copper, coated again with something, perhaps nickel, filled in the errors with solder, coated with copper and then again nickel, buffed it out and then coated in chrome.
  23. Sometimes I think I’m living in an alternate reality as I read stories like this. All this was known during the confirmation which makes it even odder. I worry about our country’s debt, but I keep hearing about the unfunded which is ten times what our debt is at: $130 trillion. I don’t even know what this unfunded is.
  24. Looks like its one of our rare cloudy AZ nights, and I won’t be going out tonight. I wish I’d made more of an effort to catch some four days ago WhenI was in the grad canyon. The conditions were perfect, I just slept through the night.
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