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  1. I’m back to the article is wrong. Mormon Point and Willow creek are within a mile of each other. There is a paved road within a half mile of each, bad water road. I think the National Park Service left something out of the press release. What I don’t know. I don’t believe it’s a conspiracy though. I t could have been something like they left the paved road to follow an unauthorized trail and didn’t;t want that released to prevent others from doing that. Could have also been the first news agency to carry the story embellished it, as so often happens.
  2. I had read this earlier. Willow Creek and Mormon Point are about a mile away from each other. This whole story doesn't make sense for experienced hikers. I think they put too much info in the story based off assumptions for those of us who are having a slow Sunday. IMO, they were likely not in either area. First reports in these rescue situations are often way off. With a story like this, we're inlikey to get any follow up information.
  3. I don’t. I really think what you’re referring to as the “real thing” is what this virus could have become were it not for advances in medical science since the last big one hit with the Spanish Flu. 100 years ago, I think we would have seem as many deaths from this as the Spanish Flu brought. I’ve been to work also in a building of about 200 people. No one in my office of 10 tested positive, but another office inn the same building had three people out of ten sick. I think its because we sit farther apart and probably wash our hands more.
  4. I'm interested in the story about the coin behind the rock. Seems like a silver dollar of some kind, but beyond that, I'm not sure.
  5. If I’m to believe the numbers released by our government, we’re at 6% unemployment and ended up yearly GDP at -4.3%, which all things considered, would seem like great news. Appears that due to things like COVID relief bills, we’re nearly completely recovered. Imagine how much this will improve after everyone (at least who wants it) is fully vaccinated later this year as restrictions are lifted and people get out. When I got shot #1, sitting to leave, I thought about all we went through to get to that. I’m chalking this up as a victory and ready to move on.
  6. Regulations are here: https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/prescott/recreation/?cid=stelprdb5359247 “EXCEPT FOR GOLD PANS, METAL DETECTORS AND HAND TOOLS, SUCH AS PICKS AND SHOVELS, IT IS PROHIBITED TO USE ANY MOTORIZED OR MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT OR MINING AIDS USED FOR MINERAL EXTRACTION WITHIN THE BOUNDARIES OF THE WITHDRAWAL AREA, AS DEFINED ON THE ATTACHED MAP. ” There is no way around it. It is patrolled. Most times I’ve been there I’ve seen forest service patrolling. They leave you alone, but I’ve never brought motorized equipment or a sluice, just a pick and shovel. The AM
  7. To go a step further, only shovels, picks, and pans. No other gravity equipment like sluices Forest service does patrol.
  8. You can take some dirt and toss some lead shot or some lead fishing weights in a bucket of dirt and get a percentage. That’s about all you can do until you find gold bearing dirt and run it through the Drywasher, and then pan the tailings to see what is left. Keep doing this until you find the right angle.
  9. You have got to balance recovery rate against amount if material moved. I used to work a claim where we recovered the gold using a trommel where we recirculated the water. The recovery rate was excellent, maybe 95%. We also drywashed the claim, and decided against dry washing because the recovery rate dropped to maybe 80%. Using the recirculating trommel with the better recovery rate was the worst decision we could have made to work the claim. We could have moved so much more material with the drywasher we had than using the recirculating trommel, and ended up with more gold rec
  10. That's the one. There were a couple properties for sale. This is not the detector shop, but the building directly across the street from the Stanton Camp entrance. It had what I call an Igloo shelter garage with 5 RV spots.
  11. Ahh! That group of buildings was for sale with the store shut down when I was there in November/December. It’s got some out buildings and a green house. I’m trying to convince my wife we need to live in a place like that, about a 30 minute drive from the nearest town and an hour or hour and a half to the next nearest shopping, but she’s not convinced we “Need to.”
  12. Welcome back Max. You have some stories to finish. I made it out to the Stanton Camp and overnighted a few nights in November. Just went metal detecting, no gold though. Had a fun time. I did not see the Metal Detector shop, that may be a more recent edition.
  13. In the office of 11 I work in, two have valley fever. They both don’t know how they picked it up. THey are not the outdoors type people, but they do smoke. One was hospitalized and at first the docs thought it was lung cancer until a biopsy was done/ Valley fever may be more common than we think.
  14. I would really like to know how you're going to do the exploration. I don't live out there, but I visit it, and I wanted to do some prospecting, but basically involved getting permission from land owners for each place to go into. Also, the public lands are different and the federal land does not have the same rules as are about out west. There's a couple areas out in Maine, by Swift Creek I think, that had gold found on some of the land by the Power lines. The Power company was accommodating at first about letting prospectors go out there, but as happens in gold rich areas with easy a
  15. How’s the season for it. Will be getting HOT in a few weeks.
  16. Very little public lands in that area, and what little there is would not be open to prospecting through the normal process we have in the west. Got some challenges.
  17. Easiest place to start would be to join a club and use their claims. GPAA has several throughout the USA, and Roadrunners specializes in AZ, and there's probably some clubs local to Havasuu. I had a whole trip planned to do some detecting on the hillls overlooking Havassuu City, but that fell through. Enjoyed the balloon festival there a couple years ago. Its not rocket science finding non-claimed BLM or Forest Service land to detect on, but without knowing the rules could easily be mineral trespassing. From there, you can stake your own claims.
  18. A little over $2000 was way too high. Years at around $1200 and in started its climb in 2019 to it its high of a little over $2000 in 2020, to a decline. I think at $1700 now, we’ll see an inflation adjusted price of around $1500. I guess inflation has been retry low at less than 2%, unless you need to live somewhere, eat, or drive a car, than those items have went up.
  19. What do you think it was? I find it odd that the tic tac stays in the center of the pilots screen the whole time. He definitely caught something on video. I do think think that has a more mundane explanation. I can't even speculate on that. I saw an interview with the pilot who took the video. He definitely claims he saw something. I also don't like the "click bait" stories that are popping up with that video and picture. I've seen a couple of stories about additional sightings with that picture as a leader, and when I click on it, I find the story has nothing t
  20. I would say it was a weather balloon caught in an eastbound jet stream, while the plane was westbound, but that is too mundane and boring.
  21. What I love about our country is you freedom to make choices like this. Of course we don’t know the long term effects of something that’s only been available in the short term, so you weigh the risks and make the choice. If you like where you’re at do nothing different, but if you don’t like where you’re at don’t do everything the same way every time expecting different results. Aint America great?
  22. I am going to get the shot as soon as I can, in my order, without cutting. I also did not read the first 2 pages. Israel has a motto, “Have a shot, Take a shot.” That means Get the COVID Vaccine and go out with your friends and get life back to normal. Who doesn’t want that? I can go on the website now and get an appointment by saying I’m an educator, and when I get there, not one person I know who has received the vaccine has had to verify their status. It’s all on your integrity. I am hired as a sub this year by the school district, bit have not worked a day in the 8 m
  23. Have you considered a gas powered one? I have tried both and decided on using a gas powered one. The battery powered one I tried was homemade and just did not have the energy to run bucket, after bucket, after bucket. The battery died. The Gas powered Drywashers could really move some material, and depending on the size did not need a lot of gas. The huge Keene 151, I think we used a couple of gallons, and I had a smaller one that fit in a duffel bag and I’ sample with that and a quart of gas would be a lot less. I also tried a making a battery powered sluice with a 10” Kee
  24. Had a former Marine come over to us and tell us about the old Flak Vests from the Korean/Vietnam War we had been issued in the late 80's, a couple guys in his detachment had used those to see how many it would take to be bulletproof. These Flak Vests are way less protective than bulletproof vests, and came in plastic plates. One guy put three on and his friend shot him with a 9mm sidearm. It went through two and stopped at the third. He was quite sore. I never knew the soft plated stuff you showed would stop a bullet. The later bulletproof vests we were issued had all that soft armor
  25. Apparently through some administrative glitch, around 15% of the 400,000 active mining claims in the 19 states accepting claims have move from active to filed. For as long as six years, the BLM has not been filing them correctly. I got this off the AMRA Facebook page. I could not copy and paste the post, but put a picture of it here.
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