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  1. Pics make it look like wood. Possibly from a hollowed out tree. Even looks like there's an insect hole in it.
  2. Prospecting in the East is not the same. The National Forests are not open to claims, and I doubt there are BLM lands. Its really getting to know the public land rules for the specific area you want, or hoping you can find a land owner in that area willing to let you prospect. Can't speak specifically to South Carolina, but in the Uwharrie National Forest in North Carolina, they allowed panning, but only in the creek, and I can't remember if hand tools were allowed. I do remember in the two years I lived in North Carolina, I never tried prospecting. Didn't take a trip to the gem mines neither. One of my cooworkers in NC was an avid relic hunter, mostly coins and rings. He was able to get permission from property owners to metal detect some old farms. The GPAA website shows no leased areas open to them in South Carolina, but in North Carolina has 9 mostly gem areas available. The GPAA chapter for South Carolina can be found at: https://www.goldprospectors.org/Community/AboutGPAAChapters
  3. There's so many things the metal flakes could be besides metal. The easiest to eliminate is mica. I don't see metal in the pic. Native metals are very rare in rocks, mostly because they react over the years and turn into compounds. Billpeters is a good authority, and he says no characteristics.
  4. I can't see metallic flakes in the pics. To me, I see small white quartz. Perhaps a close up would help. Does the silver flake crumble or flake when pressed with a pin? If so, that points towards Mica, and not metal. Not a meteorite guy, and I've only been to one ASU meteor showing, but what struck me about their confirmed finds was how thin the fusion crust was. The Glendale meteor had a paper thin fusion crust. The photo you have makes your crust look much too thick.
  5. When stationed in Korea, a guy brought the engine kit install kit to put on bicycles. They were supposed to be hill assist kits. Never saw him riding it to work much. He was also not a skinny guy. Just based off how little he used it and I never saw one of these around base, I think it'd be great for driving in a flat paved area, but not hilly like I was at or trails. These have been around a while, but have never really taken off.
  6. What else can I do short of calling the forest ranger up to determine road usage? After driving hours once to be met by a road closed sign, I've been much more cautious. Planning a trip IVO Payson along FR 300 South of Route 87. Forest service website seems like its open, but google maps shows a closed gate. I'm planning a trip to the Coconino Forest in AZ, but saw on Google that a road is closed to motrized traffic with a locked gate, despite being marked as open to all motorized registered vehicles on the Coconino Motorized Vehicle Use Map. When I go to: https://www.fs.usda.gov/alerts/coconino/alerts-notices I find it highlighted in Blue, and when I read the restrictions, it seems open: "The following acts are prohibited on the area, roads, and trails in this area: (1) Possess or use any type of motorized vehicle off forest developed road. (2) Using any type of motorized vehicle on forest developed roads designated restricted." This forest service link lists the road as open: https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/coconino/alerts-notices/?cid=stelprdb5341627 Sorry for the long winded post. I'm finding other cases where the forest service website states roads are closed during the winter, such as the lava cave, but the links I show above, show them designated open year round.
  7. All the silver I've seen as turned out to be mica. If you have a 40 X jewelers loupe, the mica usually looks less like mica and more like shiny saran wrap. There's been a few other minerals I've found that are silverfish which aren't mica. Iron Pyrite, fools gold, can look silverfish. It would make sense iron pyrite being mixed into the iron ore. EDIT: The silver I see in the photos looks like light reflecting off a crystal like in quarts. I also see you are already using some kind of loupe.
  8. The silver should be like the gold. It's got a specific gravity of 10.8, so it's twice as dense as the black sands. With the silver, it's hard to find native silver. The stuff you see would have reacted with the oxygen and changed to a green or a black compound. I haven't tried the pipe cap thing myself, but it sounds like a piston pulverizer. I stopped making my own equipment when I found I was spending less on getting it from a place like Keene, I spent too much on failed experiments in classifiers and trommels for stuff I either never used or fell apart after a couple of uses.
  9. To crush, I have a steel mortar and pestle purchased at a prospecting store. Although I get quite a workout, it is a perfect size for small stone sized samples. I had used a hammer, but bits of stone would go everywhere. Others have talked about a metal pipe with a pipe cap and placing the stone into a bigger pipe cap, and that's supposed to crush quicker. If the gold is malleable, you're on the right track. All the rocks I've ever crushed up ended up with nothing but a speck or two of gold dust. To my enuducated opinion, it looks like an iron ore from Michigan.
  10. You caN take a pin to the gold. If it crumbles, it’s mica. If it dents it could be gold. Also, you an crush it and pan. When crushed to a fine 50 mesh, it pans just like the sand from the river.
  11. Didn't really say, but this is the explanation from the website: Provide a high-priority, access-controlled, north-south transportation corridor Support improved regional mobility for people, goods, and homeland security Connect major metropolitan areas and markets with Mexico and Canada Enhance access to the high-capacity transportation network to support economic vitality I did not think the road was that bad. There was so little between Wickenburg and Vegas, I was wondering how much time that would actually save. Kingman, Wickieup, and Wickenburg slow you a little. The new 303 I-10 to 60 avoids the city.
  12. Here's a proposed route for I-11 corridor through AZ: https://i11-viewer.hdrgateway.com/ Does not effect the areas I prospect at all. It will go to the west of the White Tank Mountains, pass about 5 miles south and west of the Vulture Mine, continue North to a couple miles to the west of Wickenburg, and then continue North to where it joins I-93. I'd originally heard it was going by I-60 from Phoenix through Wickenburg. I thought I'd lose access to some grounds along the Hassunyumpa by Wickenburg, but it appears not. More info: http://origin.i11study.com/Arizona/index.asp
  13. Really reminds me of a Japanese hanko, or official stamp seal. The bottom would be dipped in ink and stamped to make important documents official, like a signature. What is different, is the stamp portion I have seen would be square or circular, no more than an inch across. The stamps I’ve seen are a red color that matches what is in the grooves on the bottom. This stamp is rectangular. Korean and Japanese both use kanji. In writing that long, this alphabet would certainly appear, so I’m going towards Chinese origin. From the side, it really looks wooded. Perhaps a hard wood since its so heavy.
  14. A friend helped sell his dad’s lifetime collection of silver and a few golds. They went to a dealer in the Phoenix area. They had considered eBay, but with so many would not have been worth the time and effort for eBay sales. IMO, a dealer sale would get this done so they can move on with their life, versus have this hanging over their head for weeks, months or years. My friends dad kept the most valuable five or six coins.
  15. That's a pretty big discovery. Until now, the only meteoritic diamonds that have been discovered is extremely tiny. The carbon atoms in the form of graphite on the meteor had been realigned at the molecular level on impact into diamonds, but the diamonds were only microscopic. In fact so microscopic, they can't be seen but are suspected because some sames are harder to cut than it should be, I can only imagine the force of that meteor you found when it hit, to produce not just something visible, but a diamond of several carrots. Perhaps this diamond is a remnant from one of the meteors causing the extinction level events. https://slate.com/technology/2016/03/asteroid-impacts-create-tiny-diamonds.html
  16. I've seen aircraft pop flares over the Barry Goldwater range at night which look oddly like the Phoenix lights. I do believe these Phoenix lights were caused by aircraft flares. I thought it was an accidental discharge of a local aircraft, but lots of squadrons come through Luke, so Maryland is likely. Luke has aircraft flying all the time that could have caused this. Aside from the Ajo / Gila Bend area with the Barry Goldwater range, which is as big as Connecticut, there's other local ranges located above Baghdad area. I met a guy who worked in a prospecting shop that claimed to have found one of these flares unexpended on the ground, brought it home and lit it off. Don't know if that's true or not, but I don't doubt that there's plenty of unexpended flares out there.
  17. Went to a tropical climate in the service where we stayed in a roofed but not walled facility in summer. We were sleeping on cots and the mosquitos were terrible. Its the only place I've been at you truly needed a mosquito net on the cot to sleep. Put your arm on the net at night and the whole area that was touching the screen would be red from where they bit through the net. The mosquito net was the single biggest thing to keep bugs away. The next was the tubes of bug repellant they'd issue us. That was 34% DEET and worked well. I usually shy away from bug sprays, but there I would use it. There's some 30% DEET for sale on AMAZON. I never did treat my uniforms with permethrin because of fear of cancer, but probably would if I went back. That area was malaria infested and didn't take the prophylaxis meds, and feel lucky I did not come down with anything severe.
  18. Next you'll be saying that the Phoenix lights in 1997 were not actually UFO but aircraft flares.
  19. I wouldn't mind some pictures of the setup and some of your finds.
  20. Apparently you can get fossilized meteors. All you need to do is get a couple thousand pounds of limestone, dissolve it, and look for chromite grains. https://www.space.com/asteroid-breakup-dust-ice-age-life-on-earth.html
  21. I look at the first picture and I can't stop thinking of fruit cake or olive loaf.
  22. Its amazing how little these guys pay for this white collar crime. 80 guilty pleas and one 36 month sentences. I bet they made quite a bit of money. Not sure the punishment matches the crime.
  23. To test for a diamond, you could burn a piece: To see if its glass, it will melt with the same torch:
  24. Just out of curiosity, in the area this came from are the rocks rounded like the one you have or more jagged? Also, I wonder if the glaciers reached your area. The rocks where I live in the desert tend not to be rounded, and are sharp, jagged, and cracked. That's because they tend to break off bigger pieces of rock in the sun / freezing cycle, fall to the ground, and never get the rolling action from the glaciers and rivers that happened in a place like Massachusetts where I grew up where all the rocks were round because they were put there after being rolled by the glaciers for thousands of years. I just bring that up, because if it looks out of place, it may have been moved there from something like someone dropping their pet rock to an Indian trader hundreds of years ago losing it in that area. I have found a couple of old seashells in my area that I first thought was fossilized, but perhaps they were actually dropped along the Indian trade routes. I really don't understand why but quarts has the same chemical composition as some semi-precious gems like amethyst or agates, but the quarts is usually worthless since its one of the most common minerals on earth.
  25. I get my entertainment everyday from posts like this. I also enjoy listening to "After Dark" on the radio for the same reasons. Perhaps the host George Noory will put him on for a segment. That would spruce his show up since the topics are getting away from crop circles and shifting to more mundane things as alternative medicine. If only life could be found in the venetian rocks you hold then Ancient Aliens would have him on also. Could lead to a successful career touring on the alien circuit. Don't knock it, there's dozens of people nationwide paying there bills and gaining fame and fortune from this.
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