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  1. chrisski

    High garde silver!

    If you bring it to a pawn shop, they may do XRF analysis. Even if it is silver, for me I would need it assayed at pounds per ton with a pretty long vein to make it profitable. The ore looks like a sample I took from an old, abandoned manganese test pit from the 1940s I took locally in central AZ. In my case, the report done back then said the manganese was not available in commercial quantities. This also looks like ore I'm told has gold locally, but have never found any when I crushed it, but I got a workout.
  2. All these years Science said things like the Ozone Layer in the Stratosphere many miles up in the air absorbs 99% of UV rays, but we go a mere 2 miles up from sea level and we burn pretty quickly. I wonder if the Ozone layer absorbs much less than that. Could it be that the Ozone layer absorbing 99% from many miles up is convenient talking point to get rid of CFCs?
  3. chrisski


    Good point, sitting at the training range, first thing I'd hear is the bullets going overhead with the supersonic crack, then impacting the target, and then coming out of the airplane.
  4. chrisski


    To give reference to how loud something has to be to be heard and in my mind how powerful these meteor explosions are: Thunder can be heard about one mile. Count the number of seconds, very rarely do you hear thunder from a flash of lightening more than 5 seconds (5 X 1100 feet away). Gunshots can be heard about as far as lightening. Further than a mile from the range, I don't really here the shots except for sometime in the early morning. At some point, you can no longer hear a jet flying, I don't know exactly how high, but I can't hear jets that are flying at 45k. I know I can hear jets faintly at 10 k. Can't hear a C-130 at ground level flying at 25k. Under normal circumstances, I could not here a mortar explosion a mile, but if the view was unobstructed, I could here from about 3 miles. Artillery was about 5 miles, perhaps more, I just never saw it form that far. A 500 LBS bomb I've hear from 10 miles away, others have reported 2000 LBS bombs at 35 miles away. Meteors tend to burn up in the Mesosphere (35 miles to 64 miles). I was watching a meteor storm from about 10,000 feet above sea level, and heard one hiss. If that did burn up in the mesosphere, I wonder how loud it really was, especially with no breathable air up there.
  5. chrisski

    Rock sample from Albania

    There was a number of times in Okinawa and once in Korea I found ordinance left over from the war, mostly washed on shore after a storm. Once was a grenade encrusted in coral, artillery shells, I can only imagine what would have happened if I had a metal detector there. That whole island was shelled from sea and from land by both sides. That battle on Oki lasted about six months, even after the surrender there were skirmishes. Albania must have seen not only Word War I but World War 2, perhaps even the Napoleon invasions. IMO, merits an assay in oz per ton.
  6. chrisski


    How come meteorites have such a low to the horizon trajectory? Those are the ones I see leaving long trails. Very rarely see one with a short trail. One at an angled trajectory would go through thousands of miles of atmosphere before hitting the earth, those coming straight at us would have a couple hundred miles tops. I really feel wet/dry washer lives in a different reality then the rest of us. When someone is like that, makes it hard to prove malicious intent on the sale of meteorites. I truly feel he believes 100% in the Patton Meteorites, so he is not lying, but in our reality bound by factual evidence and rules of physics, the event never happened.
  7. chrisski

    Rock sample from Albania

    Getting an assay on the rock would be nice, even if he takes it to a pawn shop for XRF analysis. If the gold is significant, he could be on to something. I wonder about hunting Europe with metal detectors. I was on Okinawa for a number of years, and that whole island 75 miles by five miles was subject to the biggest invasion of World War II. Unexploded Ordnance was constantly being washed up. I saw a cross section of one, and the outside looked like it would not work, but the innards were uncorroded and perfect. I wonder who actually did the cross section. I wonder if Albania would be the same way. My ancestors are from Poland, and we never had to go far for culture, culture always came to my ancestors. Being the only flat piece of land to go from Asia to Europe, first the Mongols Going to Europe, then the French going to Russia, then the Germans going to Russia, and finally the Russians going to Europe. I'd just be very careful. Battle histories are interesting, but there were just too many in that area to be sure.
  8. chrisski

    Sluice slick-plate?

    I don't use the sluice a lot in central AZ, but the last time I brought my sluice to the San Gabriel RIver, that is exactly what happened. The flare focused the material to the center of the sluice. It probably V'd in the first third, but then evened out more towards the bottom. More locally, the recirculating system I have I do not use it and the material is more evenly distributed. A lot of the flare really depends on the flow of the river. The few places I used my sluice required the flare just to get enough water moving to pour material over. Out East, we'd call a lot of the rivers in Arizona brooks. So, if the water flow allows the use of no flare, then I would go without the flare. Sometimes there's no choice.
  9. chrisski

    Sluice slick-plate?

    Copy. Mine is covered with Ribbed Rubber matting. Before that, I do have an attachment to funnel the water into the sluice. In Phoenix, we rarely have water, and our Aqua Fria River, I diverted the entire flow of the river into the sluice and with the funnel, it had enough water. The correct terminology probably isn't funnel.
  10. chrisski

    Sluice slick-plate?

    When you say slick plate, is that a punch plate on top of the sluice to help classify? Didn't think that's work real well on a river sluice. Thought it needed controlled water flow. I wanted to add that to my sluice, but never did.
  11. chrisski

    Sluice slick-plate?

    As far as pre classifying, the smaller you get, the more time it takes. Also, I'd get whatever Keene Sluice you want, and if you don't like it, you can tweak it with different style mattings for whatever works best for you and your area. The mattings are not terribly expensive. I have a Keene sluice with riffles, expanded metal, and carpet. I've changed the carpet that came with the Keene to ribbed rubber matting and even ran that without the Riffles. I also went to the ribbed matting only. The ribbed matting by itself was good for some sands that I had. If the material is glued to the surface of the sluice, it can still come off and your matting of choice be put down.
  12. chrisski

    Took a Hit

    Will they cover Fed Ex?
  13. chrisski

    Hurricane Coming To AZ

    The track has moved very little and will likely be a tropical depression (34-63 knot winds) located over Central Western AZ by Congress around 11 Tuesday. Time to tie stuff down. The storms we usually get probably have winds worst, but only for minutes, these winds will last many hours. A Hurricane wreaks havoc on Rocky point, Puerto Penasco Mexico about every twenty years like clockwork, and this may be it.
  14. chrisski

    Any prospecting supply stores in Tucson?

    Really don't think so. There's a couple in Phoenix where I live, but I've been to none of them: https://www.google.com/search?tbm=lcl&ei=prGvW9yJJY280PEPq_CPWA&q=gold+prospecting+store+near+Phoenix+AZ&oq=gold+prospecting+store+near+Phoenix+AZ&gs_l=psy-ab.3...17900.23620.0.24052.;si:;mv:!3m8!1m3!1d452174.89668973704!2d-112.07121871767577!3d33.66374596447475!3m2!1i1500!2i817!4f13.1&spf=1538240962685 May need to drive to Phoenix to go in a brick and Mortar store. If you go just outside the Phoenix Valley to Moriston, that is where Bill, the site sponsor, is located, but I don't know if its by appointment only or not. If you're serious about a detector purchase, going to a brick and mortar may be a better option because some stores can include training with the purchase of a decent detector. After the new year, the biggest semi - precious and collector stone sale is right there in Tucson, and I would be shocked if there were not vendors there.
  15. chrisski

    Gilaoro ???

    I bought a claim and equipment from him and went prospecting with him quite a few times until 2013. Its about that time he left prospecting. Last I heard, a few months ago (Early 2018?), he is around living in a retirement community in AZ. I do hope this finds him well and Happy Birthday Max.
  16. chrisski

    Prospecting Rig Help

    Thanks for the tip on the Dolly. A motorized rig for me is a few years down the road, but I never suspected clearance for a dolly. Was at an RV show today asking some questions about how much the rig could tow, and he pointed out the 5k hitch, but he was quite vague in answering whether I could tow a car with a reasonably loaded camper up and down the 5% grades going North on 17 out of Phoenix. He did say he had no trouble with his diesel rig, but couldn't give me a good answer on the cheapest gas rig. Nearer term I want something small to pull behind the pickup for remote areas. Now I'm considering getting a 10k car trailer for a frame and building a custom camper. Going through some ideas now. Basically want something durable you can get up the dry creeks and live off better than a pop up for a while. There's some internet stuff on building some small trailers.
  17. chrisski

    Hurricane Coming To AZ

    Thanks. Here is a link to a map for Rosa: https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/graphics_ep5.shtml?cone#contents And the map as of Sep 28th, Friday night:
  18. chrisski

    Prospecting Rig Help

    For what I do now, I'd get a two wheel car dolly. I do not have a motorhome, went with an RV, but did see that there were kits to hook most small vehicles up to tow. Don't remember exactly what, but I think it was to pump transmission fluid through to keep the transmission at a reasonable temp. My car is not worth very much in Kelley Blue Book, but at the time I thought it was cheaper to install that kit in my car than to purchase a Samurai that didn't need one. Also, later I found out I could get a tow wheel car dolly and tow just about any vehicle provided I keep it off the drive train, which in my case front wheel drive would be the front. Probably cheaper than the other kit for my car's cooler. I also like the idea of a roadworthy side by side towed on a trailer. I saw a few of those at the campground going around Havasuu City. Nice, But pricey.
  19. chrisski

    Lets hope this holds....

    I was thinking the same thing about the metal detector being too wide. It's the desert, but there's so much overgrowth on the trails, especially the little travelled ones. All I imagine is the sticks hitting the control box on one side and the coil on the other as it clears the way for the quad like a cattle plough on an old fashioned train or like a snow plough.
  20. chrisski

    Help yourself too these claims

    If you shop around and have a good case, a lawyer will take this for commission only if you guys win. Just need to shop around. Advertising like this on an internet forum certainly is not helping your case though. Sounds like you need someone familiar with estate law. I'm certainly not a lawyer and can't help with what you need.
  21. chrisski

    "Natural-formed Riffle"

  22. chrisski

    Help yourself too these claims

    Alright, so you're giving us permission to hunt private property that you say sounds highly contested. Hunting gold and relics on private property sounds like something someone has the right to call the sheriff over, possibly criminal trespass or felony trespass, and in the very least, sounds like I could get caught in the middle of a family feud all for answering a post on the internet. If there's that much property involved, there's nothing wrong with going with an attorney. For a trust and immediate family, you're owed something. Conditions can be levied on that something. Even if you're on the deed, it sounds as if you aren't alone on that deed; again, this road seems to lead nowhere good.
  23. chrisski

    Pyrite?...or gold?

    If it turns out to be pyrite, you can take a bit and crush and pan. That will show any free gold. If there is gold in the pyrite, it can be separated chemically, and won't show crushing. The chemistry is well beyond me of separating gold from pyrite. If it were gold, you could also crush it, but I'd think hard about whether there's a specimen inside. Crushing would ruin a specimen.
  24. chrisski

    New Plans

    I may have time off work and am considering this.
  25. chrisski

    Building a Sluice box?

    If I'm reading this correct, a 12X 3 X 36 sluice is bigger than I tried. and I was not able to get enough flow and depth using 12 VDC battery operated electric pumps. I suspect you're at the point where you need a small 110 VAC waterfall pump (3600 GPH), but really suspect you'll need a gas trash pump that goes in GPM. To me, your setup looks about the same size as a Gold Monster Sluice, and they used the gas water pumps. With the difference between the gas pumps and the 12 VDC pumps, it's a huge step, and had I gone there I would have needed to slow down the flow from the gas pump by quite a bit. Not an expert but my smaller sluice used 3/8 expanded metal with a combination of miners moss, carpeting, and rubber matting underneath. Maybe even some angle iron or something to catch nuggets first. For my failed experiment, I used expanded metal and no riffles because I was after sub gram gold, mostly minus 20 mesh. Again, I had smaller, but I ended up taking 60 gallons to recirculate, and I was at either a 2000 GPH or 5000 GPH pump which was not that much. I only got about a half inch, barely enough to cover the expanded metal on my sluice. I suspect you'll need a 500 gallon tank with some sort of larger holding pond or tub. With me wanting to move from electric to gas recirculating, I could have gotten the 500 gallon tank for my truck and added a stop at the local non-potable water fill station for a reasonable, much less than the water company charges fill up place, but then that was too much work for the $ / yard my claim was producing. My recirculating system moved an honest 5 to 10 buckets per hour, and I think you are trying to move buckets per minute and that's why my numbers are so large. I've seen small operations show up with things like that, but they never stayed long. For where I'm at in central AZ, a Keene 151 dry washer, at 80% recovery, will move more material than a recirculating system that gets 95% recovery and that more than makes up the difference.