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  1. Nice picture. Never noticed the collar looking stripe around the neck. I've only seen them once running from my truck. Now that I'm getting into planting would be worried they'd get to my garden. So much more work than just putting a seed in the ground and coming back months later.
  2. Appears there's a VA clinic (not hospital) in Kingman, but none in Laughlin city. Nearest VA hospital I know is Phoenix. The clinics do not like Emergency care. I was sitting in one and someone came in with a cut bad enough to get stitches, and they sent him away to go to an emergency room. Not sure how much care a clinic can give. Wickenburg in the Phoenix valley is within an hour to hour and a half drive to the VA Hospital. That gets you the remote atmosphere within a reasonable distance of a clinic. I can't speak to the VA health care, all my experiences were when I separated from the service a few years ago. Some people I know who used it for their health care say that when they finally got an appointment, the health care was fine, but there was a huge wait.
  3. For both the cities you mentioned, I would just look at the hospitals to see if they have what you need. Both those towns you mentioned are big, but quite isolated. I am spoiled in the Phoenix Valley with the hundreds of providers available for hundreds of different types of medicines. If you get treatment from the VA, they have a Clinic in Surprise which is not too far from Wickenburg where the campout is held. The actual VA hospital itself in Downton Phoenix is huge and about 30 to 45 minutes past the VA clinic. Going to the VA hospital is "hurry up and wait," and actually brought back good memories, but I can be a glutton for punishment.
  4. That is very interesting how the rocks have weathered but leave those protrusions out. If its on your property, I'm guessing that someone locally may be able to tell you something about it like a college or local rock club. I'm thinking that its something unique to your local area geology.
  5. Looks like some sort of sandstone or natural concretions. Really looks like the homemade cornbread I bring to work for a snack.
  6. Just by looking at it, looks like a small maneuver area built for three platoons or squads to go through at one time and practice small unit tactics and building clearing.
  7. I am becoming suspicious that someone is trying to pass counterfeits to you. Not an expert, but the thing looks like it was struck with a hammer and a mold today. This would make the second counterfeit batch you posted. You really do need to take these to a different forum.
  8. To me they are worth nothing more than a little less than the spot value of the gold.
  9. Is the top one in the middle row a 1865 Washington quarter?
  10. Clay...You and I both know this old timer and went out to his claim. He did occasionally tell tall tales. Gave me something to look for on my explorations.
  11. I am surprised that road would be closed with the amount of houses there and the Walker fire station. Had talked about going up there with a coworker who may be bring his father who couldn't get around so well.
  12. Since we're on the topic of trail markers, what's your thoughts on the old trails being marked by Saguaros cut off? Supposed to be done with line of sight. Since these things can live to a couple hundred years or more, some should still be around with the tops cut off. I've never seen any that line up in a trail, nor could I tell a cut off limb caused by a hundred year old lightning strike from a hundred year old saw mark. Something an old timer told me that I've been looking for, but never found any sign of a trail.
  13. Have you contacted the campground or looked at the Prescott National Forest site? They are the best source about whether its open or not. A few years ago, I went there during the winter, and one was open, but the other campgrounds closed. I look at the forest service website before I go out there ever since I did a big trip and I found a road closed sign where I wanted to go. There's also another no charge site on the southern portion before the houses start, Bannie Mine I think.
  14. I really doubt there's any Spanish Mines left, never mind list Spanish Treasure. They got the easy to get to stuff, and these have been hit for 160 years since Americans have had access to this area. IMO the prospectors of the last 160 years have recovered this lost treasure, mot of which kept these finds to themselves to prevent questions and taxes, and have long since spent it. I do think its odd that there's many a tales of lost gold since AZ became part of America, but prior to that no tales exist. Even though I don't think its there, I think it'd be fun to go looking for something like that. It'd be good campfire talk. I do enjoy the displays of the Lost Dutchman's mine in the different local museums.
  15. Enjoy. You probably have this link, but here you go: https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/
  16. I appreciate it. We've been thinking of going out this weekend to that area. So many different sites to check to see if the roads are closed including national forest sites.
  17. Welcome back! Barstow; I wish I'd known there was there when I went to Ft Irwin. Beautiful desert, especially in the cooler months like now.
  18. I didn't think you could sluice on Lynx Creek? The mineral withdrawal area is panning only, and all the rest is claimed or private property. That is also patrolled by the rangers, of whom I see most times I go out there. Don't know what enforcement authority they have there. I've heard about the campers at Bannie mine road getting the sluices out at night. I went to the fire station past the withdrawal area twice because I heard you could sluice there. First time there was no water flowing, and the second time the fire department put a no parking sign up to keep people out of there. There was also a no camping order put up along Big Bug Creek and I 17 for BLM land. Land was being trashed. Turkey creek can run at times and the GPAA had a claim that looks fairly easy to access. If you are a GPAA member, they had dropped the claims along the Agua Fria you used to be able to sluice when the river was flowing. Just make sure you check the most recent guide against the monthly bulletins.
  19. Thanks Clay. That is the copy of the document you posted a few years ago I could not find.
  20. Gold Genie Sold, Trommel still for sale. Interested in trade for desert vehicle such as quad / Polaris or the likes.
  21. If you're in AZ, I would not even consider what you're finding platinum. I would expect it to be some type of lead or other metal. To put your mind at rest, I would first take it to an XRF analysis at a pawn shop. I know Bob mentions an assay, but in the article below, it talks of how in certain instances an assay can produce a false positive. The XRF followed by a fire assay would give you confidence you found something. Perhaps you've found the deposit that miners have been missing for hundreds of years, which I hope you have, and that would be a very big deal. Arizona Bureau of mines (or whatever it is or was called) has put out a warning that there is no platinum in AZ. If anyone is pushing it, it is likely a scam. Although this does not give the "scam" comment, this says how likely it is to be found. There's supposed to be more platinum group metals than gold out there, but it is so uniformly distributed through the earth and has not been concentrated, it is a rare metal indeed. http://repository.azgs.az.gov/sites/default/files/dlio/files/nid1606/platinum_in_arizona.pdf I have seen articles in papers of people finding platinum nuggets in central AZ, but I'm not positive they found that platinum. Platinum has been recovered as a byproduct of copper production, but very, very little of it.
  22. Where in the Phoenix West Valley would you get pre-sliced meats for Jerky? Don't like slicing it, but the nearest butcher is twice as far as it takes me to cut the meat. So far I've tried Tri-Tip and Pork, and the Pork has come out tastier and a more consistent "jerky Texture"
  23. Are they typical of the rocks found in that area? To me it kind of looks like what someone may have used as an old cobble sidewalk. If there's lots of those spread all over, I doubt it, if they were found in one group, maybe.
  24. Phoenix does put you in the center of the state. The LSD (Little San Domingo) is located in Wickenburg. In Surprise AZ it's at the Northwest edge of the Phoenix valley with a population of 100,000 people, but the outskirts of that town are quite rural and some don't have high speed internet. Cottonwood is nice, but it doesn't have the big city stuff if that's what you want.
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