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  1. What a lucky guess. Thanks. Any chance of getting where you found most of that? Wickenburg area?
  2. I expect Poe and perhaps the AMRA will get a pretty hefty fine from this. Over the last few years, the EPA has went after businesses that have sold tunes to vehicles that interfere with pollution control, which is basically any performance tunes. They did not fine all parties equally, but on their ability to pay. A small shop may have gotten several thousand dollars of fines ($15k?) but a large online distributor was in excess of a million dollars. That judgement read that properties bought with the profits from the tunes were liquidated in order to pay the fine. I really doubt much gold was taken from these dredges, so I don't expect a fine of millions of dollars, but I would not be surprised to see a fine of $15k. Regardless of the fine, I believe more important is the PLPs point. I paraphrase this as: The dredging Poe did was a worthless protest that will not result in anything good coming for those who would hope to see any realistic future for dredging in the state of Idaho.
  3. To me quartz and calcite are hard to tell apart: https://www.qsiquartz.com/what-are-the-differences-between-the-minerals-calcite-and-quartz/ I used to think a;; white crystals like that were automatically quartz, but if its softer could be calcite.
  4. I wish you luck and hope you can come up with some investors to help you develop this spectacular platinum deposit. If a single guy can do so good, imagine what a large company could do.
  5. So you are recovering platinum ore from the ground, and processing this yourself? And you have an open invitation to this platinum mine?
  6. If I can ask, I have not seen you write without leaving yourself an out that any of the Platinum Group metal you are working on right now is not from catalytic scrap, or other type of scrap. Platinum tends not to be found in the size nuggets you posted in your original picture. When I see platinum metal that size, I think its melted down from a converter. So, is this metal you are working come from recycled metals, or does it come from natural ore in the ground?
  7. Not sure I believe there is platinum in Arizona, at mineable levels. There is a article from around 2015 where someone found a platinum nugget metal detecting somewhere in the Wickenburg Area. I doubt the authenticity of his claim. THe Arizona Bureau of Mines had issued a warning saying that platinum is not found in Arizona except in processes like copper mining, and even issues a warning that any mention of platinum with investors being able to make money is likely a scam. Although I can’t find the exact link for the warning I mentioned above, below is a list of precious metal scams including platinum in AZ. http://www.savethesantacruzaquifer.info/az-mining-scams.pdf Its not that there’s no platinum in AZ, its just in quantities so small, that no one will ever recover platinum as a primary source, only form process like the final stage of copper processing where trace amounts of gold are removed and even tracer amounts of platinum. Other states have recovered platinum, not here.
  8. That is an amazing find and seems to be a huge nugget for native platinum group metals. The only platinum produced in my state of Arizona is a byproduct of copper. I would think a nugget of that size would be worth several times the metal content, much more so than a gold nugget.
  9. Can you tell us the state or country it was found?
  10. I like the idea of a Pull Pal. I have not found anything better than that for where I drive. Would like to get one someday. After being stuck without the proper gear, I realized there was nothing to tie a winch to most places I go to get unstuck. The boulders were to small and trees are non-existent. Someone said all I needed to do was bury my spare tire in four feet of dirt and pull myself out. Sounds like a good idea until you start to dig the hole and see what a task that is.
  11. I am not a paying member, so my vote should not count as much, but I would rather come here to find out about metal detecting, mining, and meteorites. If I want to get political, I'll listen to talk radio, or post my views on facebook. These mining forums need to get energized somehow to keep people coming back or the forums will die, like other mining forums have, but politics is not the way to do that. I stopped being a paid member of the AMRA in part because too many of their posts had nothing to do with mining.
  12. There’s some pretty old ranges out there. I’d been to a range which had been opened up in the 1870s, and the guy in charge of the site said it would be a heck of a clean up one day with 125 years of ordnance had been fired into that hill. A Drywasher probably works fine with bullets, but I do wonder what it’d do with a dud tracer round. The artillery rounds that had been fired at the this range, a dry washer would probably be not so good. I know there’d been talk of getting spent bullets out of other ranges I’d been to, and in that case a dry washer would type device would probably work. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s stuff like that on fedbizopps.gov or sba.gov for range clean up.
  13. I’m more likely to just stop coming to this site. THere’s quite a few users not coming by anymore, could have something to do with the off topic banter. I left the AMRA when a lot of what they were putting out on their Facebook page was way off the topic of mining. I can’t be the only person on this site feeling this way. I will let you have the last word.
  14. Once upon a time we used to go out and find gold and tell stories about those adventures on this forum. Now we sit around the house all day telling stories way off topic.
  15. Enjoy the detector and I hope it spends a lot of time out of the closet!!!
  16. My GPX 5000 has an external battery that sits on a harness where the battery is on the back. I think the battery hidden on the back is why you didn't see it. Look for two cords from the machine. One is the headphones and the other will be the battery. If the guy has wireless headphones, there still would be one cable to the battery. I hope the battery is not moved to the machine. The machine is pretty heavy to start with and moving the battery external makes it much easier to swing, especially with a bungee cord attaced to it.
  17. I think Idigo is trolling for responses. I don’t think he could possibly think that another government agency would be a good idea, but you come to a forum like this and post that, its like poking a bear for fun.
  18. I think we’ll need more info on where this lake is and what the name is. Did you take a couple of skipping stones, fill the bed of your truck up with river rocks, or get a huge decorative boulder? The best place to search is on line for that particular park on the official website. It’d be hard to find a place in America without Native AMerican history with 10,000- 40,000 years of history.
  19. I'm actually appalled our government is spending so much time and money on UFOs. Actually investigating for aliens is not appalling, insane perhaps.
  20. To me it just looks like mineralized quartz. Some phots show what I think are vugs, which is just a hole in a rock mass where minerals precipitate and form.. The brown staining on the quartz is fairly common in AZ.
  21. 5 Gallom bucket or not, I’m wondering about all the work that went into getting them so pretty.
  22. I suspected a conglomerate but did it expect the concretions that hold the pebbles together to be black. Where was this ounce? Looked like a photo I saw from the upper peninsula in Michigan.
  23. I really like the spike on the end for loosening gravels. I also like the fact that the pieces screw together instead of folding out. That keeps the force going to the head of the shovel unlike some of the flimsy entrenching tools I’ve used.
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