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  1. chrisski


    I didn't think you could sluice on Lynx Creek? The mineral withdrawal area is panning only, and all the rest is claimed or private property. That is also patrolled by the rangers, of whom I see most times I go out there. Don't know what enforcement authority they have there. I've heard about the campers at Bannie mine road getting the sluices out at night. I went to the fire station past the withdrawal area twice because I heard you could sluice there. First time there was no water flowing, and the second time the fire department put a no parking sign up to keep people out of there. There was also a no camping order put up along Big Bug Creek and I 17 for BLM land. Land was being trashed. Turkey creek can run at times and the GPAA had a claim that looks fairly easy to access. If you are a GPAA member, they had dropped the claims along the Agua Fria you used to be able to sluice when the river was flowing. Just make sure you check the most recent guide against the monthly bulletins.
  2. chrisski


    Thanks Clay. That is the copy of the document you posted a few years ago I could not find.
  3. chrisski

    Gold Genie and Reverse Helix Trommel

    Gold Genie Sold, Trommel still for sale. Interested in trade for desert vehicle such as quad / Polaris or the likes.
  4. chrisski


    If you're in AZ, I would not even consider what you're finding platinum. I would expect it to be some type of lead or other metal. To put your mind at rest, I would first take it to an XRF analysis at a pawn shop. I know Bob mentions an assay, but in the article below, it talks of how in certain instances an assay can produce a false positive. The XRF followed by a fire assay would give you confidence you found something. Perhaps you've found the deposit that miners have been missing for hundreds of years, which I hope you have, and that would be a very big deal. Arizona Bureau of mines (or whatever it is or was called) has put out a warning that there is no platinum in AZ. If anyone is pushing it, it is likely a scam. Although this does not give the "scam" comment, this says how likely it is to be found. There's supposed to be more platinum group metals than gold out there, but it is so uniformly distributed through the earth and has not been concentrated, it is a rare metal indeed. http://repository.azgs.az.gov/sites/default/files/dlio/files/nid1606/platinum_in_arizona.pdf I have seen articles in papers of people finding platinum nuggets in central AZ, but I'm not positive they found that platinum. Platinum has been recovered as a byproduct of copper production, but very, very little of it.
  5. chrisski


    Where in the Phoenix West Valley would you get pre-sliced meats for Jerky? Don't like slicing it, but the nearest butcher is twice as far as it takes me to cut the meat. So far I've tried Tri-Tip and Pork, and the Pork has come out tastier and a more consistent "jerky Texture"
  6. chrisski

    Help with ID please.

    Are they typical of the rocks found in that area? To me it kind of looks like what someone may have used as an old cobble sidewalk. If there's lots of those spread all over, I doubt it, if they were found in one group, maybe.
  7. Where was this found?
  8. Phoenix does put you in the center of the state. The LSD (Little San Domingo) is located in Wickenburg. In Surprise AZ it's at the Northwest edge of the Phoenix valley with a population of 100,000 people, but the outskirts of that town are quite rural and some don't have high speed internet. Cottonwood is nice, but it doesn't have the big city stuff if that's what you want.
  9. chrisski

    Snakes and headphones

    I use headphones and keep one ear uncovered. My son went with me when he was younger and one snapped at him when using headphones on both ears and he has never gone out detecting with me since. I know someone that used a self loaded pistol snake shot to get one under his trailer, but other than that, don't think they need to be shot. I've seen one ?asleep? coiled up next to where I'd been cleaning brush for my truck one cold morning on the claim. So happy that it was not a warm day. I did not have my gaiters but wear them all the time now. The gaiters are very effective at preventing cactus needles from penetrating. After seeing where they hide, I avoid stepping in the brushy weeds when moving place to place. When detecting, I take my time and look. I have two sets of the knee length gaiters from Cabela. They do not have foot protection, just ankle to knee, so mine need to be worn with an all leather boot.
  10. chrisski

    Surprise in my trash pouch MAYBE?

    Have you done a specific gravity test? The only thing this would point me to is if its off the charts heavy, then maybe its platinum. Pure platinum is supposed to be soft, but as mixed with another metal it hardens quickly. Silver is slightly less dense than lead, but with any impurities in the metals I don't think that would be conclusive.
  11. chrisski

    Map Grids (Graticules)

    Barry, Not quite sure what graticules are. I thought they might be UTM or MGRS. I learned maps with that system, and I do prefer those two meter coordinates to lat long, a lot because it makes it easier to see how far away something might be because they are gridded so that the grids are always just as wide as they are long even when going way north from the equator to near the poles. I never used these maps to travel long distances, so never brought the curvature of the earth into it, but our guys who went to a more advanced TERPS course used curvature formulas for air routes. The only thing I noticed on that was different on the historic place maps were the PLSS is now slanted, which I think is top is now aligned to magnetic north vs. true North. For historic places, I bet the USGS or other places don't really make a meta data file or whatever makes it easier to digitize the data, but a few of the airfields like the one by gates road at the Hassanyumpa and the Luke auxiliary fields were not shown and the Allah Ghost town across from the monarch wash and the gillete ghost town up by black canyon city were not shown. I don't know if you want to consider putting something on the page where people can enter those coords and a brief description in so it can be put in easier. Google has their trusted map updaters. An old boss at work decided to hop an 8' chain link fence with three strands of barbed wire at top one day to take a shortcut to a restaurant, so now you can go on the google map and he has a part of the fence named after him. So, these trusted agents can abuse the system also.
  12. I see this ad and the other with a guy claiming to be a producer for the travel channel who describes the show but doesn't name it, and wonder if these are legit or bored teenagers.
  13. chrisski

    Clanton Gang Loot/Hideouts/Skeleton Canyon Treasure

    Which show do you produce? Lost gold? Don't know what COTW is.
  14. chrisski

    Teaching Newby

    I don't know what to do on this. I've considered non-disclosure agreement. Depending on the person, can be not worth the paper its written on. Also, about what to do with the claim you have, to me has how much gold you really think is on there. A claim is like a bank account where deposits are not made, only withdrawals. There's only so much money in it. The main claim I have I would not be that upset and give the guy a second chance, but that is because I'm now convinced the paystreak that is in there was mined by the old timers decades ago, so I'm not that worried about losing gold I feel has been withdrawn from the bank.
  15. chrisski

    Gold in black rock?

    To me those black minerals all look the same. Either black sands, manganese oxides, or black silver ores, can't really tell the difference. All those have a specific density of around 5, so would be at the bottom after panning. With a density of 5, they would feel heavy, about twice as dense as quartz. Odds are its some sort of iron ore. I wouldn't even know how to do an economical test to look for something else.