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  1. Please consider joining a club like the GPAA which maintains claims or leases across the US, or consider a good state club like if your in AZ, Roadrunner, which only has claims in the state. None of those two clubs will get you on ground that will make you rich, but will get you to ground that has gold and will allow you to learn how to look for it in person. After the basics and confidence then its off to making your own claims.
  2. I agree with nugget108. The 705 is near a decade old technology and the Equinox and Vanquish newer. You're not going to find a lot of info about how deep you can find a coin. You'd think there's be a mathematical equation, but too many variables. There's times after a rain, I can't even use the 705 because it picks up soo many hot rocks. When dry the same soil I could a nail four or five inches. You can check the owners manual for depth info, but you'll honestly find pictures that show you a deep gold setting will find gold deeper, but not by how much deeper per gram of weight.
  3. Welcome. I really recommend joining a club and going to their claims first. The GPAA has claims in your area, and Roadrunner has more Arizona claims, but there's may. many others. You can go the the old reliable Lynx Creek, AZ's biggest placer strike, and it has a gold panning area. As far as prospecting, it takes a lot of work to find open ground in a good area and not be prospecting on someone's legally filed claim, or on land you're not supposed to be on like State Trust land or private property. I spend about 40 hours researching before I put boots on the ground. Gett
  4. I won’t recommend a metal detector, I have a Minelab XTerra 705 for coin hunting, but I doubt that thing is even made anymore. I am interested in what happens if you find anything. Don’t you have to give this to the government under some sort of antiquities act? I hope your successful, whether or not you get to keep your findings.
  5. Max, happy birthday. Would be nice to hear more prospecting stories from you.
  6. The mountain is supposed to be pre-cambrian granite, which could be good, but I've mostly been to the waterfall trail there and not seen much interesting for geology of gold. Not a lot of the brown mineralization that's supposed to be good around here. That's one small part of it, and I have not made it to the mines I've found on the maps, and I have not looked for this mythical placer. That 100' shaft you mentioned, I would be surprised if that is not on one of the earlier USGS maps. There latest editions do not include mines. Luckily their maps are available for free download on the
  7. If you’re around the White tank mountains, there’s a little bit of mining history to that area. Not much of it is written down and its hard to locate, but there’s a couple of old copper mines, not sure how big, could have been a one person operation, or a small pit, I’ve never looked but seen it on a map, a few manganese dig sites, and supposedly some old small gold sites around Aguilla. There’s rumors of a gold placer somewhere on the mountain, but not sure I believe that one. THe historical USGS maps available on line give locations of these mines, and a minedat search shows some data
  8. Thanks. I'll keep my eyes open. I don't think I've found but a couple of quartz rocks like that which were hot. One was out by the LSD, but that got tossed back. Got a project I'm working on that will keep me home a couple of weeks, and what you show is motivation to get out once this project is done.
  9. Those look like they came off my front yard. If you could get that rock by the ton, it my be worth as much as $50 per ton delivered to a house. A ton of dirt is 35 five gallon buckets, rocks are probably a few buckets less than that.
  10. I’ve got a gut feeling that the govt is making a lot more than $165 per year per 20 acres off an active mining claim where lots of gold is actually being produced. I also feel that it would be a good idea to get more off a producing claim, but I bet they already do. With this royalty, I doubt any of those other fees would go away. I started to look into what it would take to get large equipment to operate a claim, and I ended up with a spreadsheet that had some of the costs. It included a fee to make roads for the equipment to go down and when I saw that those costs would be clo
  11. Happy to hear you improved. Would you mind sharing with us this spray that gave you some relied, and if you know an American equivalent?
  12. You can also payonline at :https://payp.blm.gov/eppcore/home I think this automatically updates the system. Since less than 1/3 of the claims in my section are showing renewed, I think the BLM may have a backlog of mailed in documents. Would not surprise me if they are working from home and the mail is a piling up! I don't think a claim would be closed for them not checking the mail for the next few months, but if you're the type of person that checks LR2000 to see when the update has been made so you know the USPS did not lose your letter, the website works well. Unfortu
  13. That is a good shot to show the scale. A close up of the rock would be nice. To me it looks like a top shot of something I'd see SCUBA diving.
  14. If you have the plastic still, I’d recommend wrapping something up like a rock and throwing it in a bucket. In a couple days see if it leaks. In my experience with waterproofing when using plastic it has to be a very thick plastic and if it doesn’t come with a zip seal, O-RIng seal, it needs to be sealed shut with a heat gun. I’ve waterproofed stuff for rain and also for SCUBA diving to depths of 130 feet. Also found out a 100 foot waterproof watch will usually leak at about 50’ I think the technical term may be capillary action about how the water traveled between layers of plast
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