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  1. My panning tubs are cement mixing tubs from Home Depot. I transport water in 5 gallon buckets. If you guys have a drywasher, that's one way to pan the cons out.
  2. Electrician, I’ve found it very hard to get any reviews of a specific area unless the club you belong to has a website that allows members to post reviews to. The GPAA allows member reviews for the claims. I’ve found water very spotty in Arizona. When the GPAA had claims along the river in Black Canyon city, I only saw the water running once in the dozen times I went out there. The other times there was water, but in puddles every mile or so, and sometimes not on the claims. Even Lynx creek is spotty, although you can usually dig deep enough and the bottom of the hole will fill up
  3. Elon Musk never releases a lot of details about his products. I was reading on this yesterday, and he has petitioned or requested the FCC grant him licenses for mobile station. The license he has now for 1 million users is for stationary only. When you buy your equipment from him, it is tagged with your GPS location, and if you leave this location, the equipment automatically shuts down. There is no mobile transmitter now, and what I read does not make it seem like the price would be what us mere mortals would be able to afford once it is mobile. Right now, in the Phoenix vall
  4. Thanks Clay. I did not look at the link you put in earlier. I knew there had to be a better map than the forest service had posted. That Master Title Plat has good detail. Maybe 10 years ago, I created my own map based off the rather crude map from link I posted. That was all I could find at the time. It was quite the exercise. I used USGS maps to plot the boundaries. Of course the map I was putting together covered the intersection of four of those maps. At least all the datum on the maps were the same. Once I actually got to Lynx creek, The area I decided to go to was well withi
  5. If you look at the official map for lynx creek, there are some areas along the creek that are not part of the withdrawal area for whatever reason. Prescott National Forest - Recreation (usda.gov) Without having been to any of Clay's sites he mentioned, these two yellow areas look like either private property or patented claims. I checked Lynx creek for open areas years ago, and found nothing. I checked for miles to the South. There was some open ground perhaps a mile to the West on some pretty steep hills. Who knows what is open there now. There is an AMRA claim that borders
  6. I got shot #2 and am waiting my 15 minutes till I leave. Taking a minute to savor the victory.
  7. A drop or two of jet dry in water, you pan in will break the surface tension and let the gold sink to the bottom. You can actually see the small stuff float on top of the water. ========== Classifying as small as you can also helps. The smallest classifier I use is 100 mesh, and I’ve got 50 mesh, 20 mesh and all the way to 1/2 “. Pan the like meshes. So start with the largest mesh and pan what gets stuck in the screen. Repeat the process by going to the next lowest mesh. Finally, the flour gold will get in the minus 100 mesh. I’ve also found the muddier the water, the
  8. I’m back to the article is wrong. Mormon Point and Willow creek are within a mile of each other. There is a paved road within a half mile of each, bad water road. I think the National Park Service left something out of the press release. What I don’t know. I don’t believe it’s a conspiracy though. I t could have been something like they left the paved road to follow an unauthorized trail and didn’t;t want that released to prevent others from doing that. Could have also been the first news agency to carry the story embellished it, as so often happens.
  9. I had read this earlier. Willow Creek and Mormon Point are about a mile away from each other. This whole story doesn't make sense for experienced hikers. I think they put too much info in the story based off assumptions for those of us who are having a slow Sunday. IMO, they were likely not in either area. First reports in these rescue situations are often way off. With a story like this, we're inlikey to get any follow up information.
  10. I don’t. I really think what you’re referring to as the “real thing” is what this virus could have become were it not for advances in medical science since the last big one hit with the Spanish Flu. 100 years ago, I think we would have seem as many deaths from this as the Spanish Flu brought. I’ve been to work also in a building of about 200 people. No one in my office of 10 tested positive, but another office inn the same building had three people out of ten sick. I think its because we sit farther apart and probably wash our hands more.
  11. I'm interested in the story about the coin behind the rock. Seems like a silver dollar of some kind, but beyond that, I'm not sure.
  12. If I’m to believe the numbers released by our government, we’re at 6% unemployment and ended up yearly GDP at -4.3%, which all things considered, would seem like great news. Appears that due to things like COVID relief bills, we’re nearly completely recovered. Imagine how much this will improve after everyone (at least who wants it) is fully vaccinated later this year as restrictions are lifted and people get out. When I got shot #1, sitting to leave, I thought about all we went through to get to that. I’m chalking this up as a victory and ready to move on.
  13. Regulations are here: https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/prescott/recreation/?cid=stelprdb5359247 “EXCEPT FOR GOLD PANS, METAL DETECTORS AND HAND TOOLS, SUCH AS PICKS AND SHOVELS, IT IS PROHIBITED TO USE ANY MOTORIZED OR MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT OR MINING AIDS USED FOR MINERAL EXTRACTION WITHIN THE BOUNDARIES OF THE WITHDRAWAL AREA, AS DEFINED ON THE ATTACHED MAP. ” There is no way around it. It is patrolled. Most times I’ve been there I’ve seen forest service patrolling. They leave you alone, but I’ve never brought motorized equipment or a sluice, just a pick and shovel. The AM
  14. To go a step further, only shovels, picks, and pans. No other gravity equipment like sluices Forest service does patrol.
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