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  1. One down two to go. Easy one finished of course. Now its the heads on the van. They seem easy compared to the diesel. I would not even consider working on the diesel. I got my coolant before I read this, otherwise I'd take you up on the offer. Hopefully I'll have it fixed and the action will still be going on in Tucson or Quartzite next weekend.
  2. I wanted to go, but two of three vehicles are broke, and that's a redline I don't cross. Looks like this weekend is replacing heads gaskets on one vehicle, and the second vehicle is finding where all my coolant went, despite having no leaks. Keeps me busy, so I'm happy.
  3. I found a vein of chrysocolla in Maricopa county. It was hosted in a white quartz vein. Thought it was turquoise at first no luck though. I've seen spots of chrsocholla in rocks throughout the county, more like copper staining in basalt rock, some areas this staining is more than others, but only once in a good vein. I have a sample of that sitting in my front yard,
  4. I enjoy reading your posts. The same way I enjoy watching science fiction series such as Ancient Aliens. This site is very entertaining with people such as yourself posting.
  5. As having humped quite a few different radios in the service, none of the civilian ones I tried from Cabelas come close to an older military handheld radio, like the PRC-68. That being said, I have one of the better Midlands, the GXT1000. Also has an alert mode which gives a warbling sound to get someone's attention if they can receive you. It has a built in Wx radio, a little higher power to get you to 36 miles, theoretical range. In actuality, won't transmit from inside the house to outside. Just like the different options for CB's base stations and higher antenna sighting is about all you can do to extend range. There is some over the hill capability. I left a radio on the truck in the wash for someone who drove to meet me, walked 200 meters away up and then down to another wash, and could hear him when he arrived. Walked back to the same point and then we could not establish coms. So just like all coms, seems to be magic. The midlands are really all that's out there. Dolan Dave was selling a radio compatible to mine that had a built in GPS, which is also available for sale in the sporting goods stores. The midlands can be good, but the truth is if you are really separated and not that close, line of sight will likely interfere. If you're on the same 20 acre claim, maybe you can keep good coms, but on a 160 acre claim, not that much of a chance. To get a good safe system, you'd need some sort of radio relay. Either that or one of the new press a button and come rescue me subscription service. There is a scan mode, but it takes perhaps a minute or two to scan through all 50 channels. I can usually hear someone else out there, so I'm not all alone.
  6. Perhaps you could post a link to the video. Also, the same for Columbus's lights. I did not see a google search for the Phoenix incident, except for the debunked phoenix lights. For the Columbus incident, the light that barely broke the horizon and settled down like a candle going up and down was spotted by a guy in the mast and is thought to be the light from a native fire at night from an island that was in the direction and distance of the sighting. Native Americans did have fire back then.
  7. Is it all that unreasonable to ask that some sort of enforcement be attempted before we go straight to closure? An OHV sticker is supposed to be used to pay for officers for enforcement. May not be all that much money, perhaps 5 officers in the entire state. I'd like to see some results from this enforcement. If a reasonable amount of effort is being made, then by all means shut these roads down. There has to be some report made that has the results of the enforcement that can be made public. I'm odd in the way that I expect our tax dollars we give the govt to be spent reasonably.
  8. For me its more of access to claims. Sure we can hoof it in, but when a claim is a mile away from the nearest open road, now I'm limited in how I can run that material, and also limits the amount that I can go in and explore and test a claim. Its kind of personal for me, because an area I was looking at, spent about 40 hours planning my trip there, only to find the road had been closed by a Travel Management Plan. Like has been said, I humped my way to the site anyway, and spent some time there looking at it. These were roads that were on maps prior to 1976, but still closed. Didn't get to spend nearly the time I wanted on that claim, and had the access been easier, I probably would have went back over several days to thoroughly sample the area. About a year later, a corporation came through and claimed the area. So that was possible loss of an income producing claim because of road closures. I'm not asking to develop a new road, I'm only asking to be able to drive on a road that is there and is on historical maps. Don't like the fact that I'm losing access bit by bit to these areas. I have never blazed my own trails or created a road of my own, not do I intend to ever. I only ask that I can take a quad or a rokon or if big enough a pick up along these roads so I can do mineral exploration. If these roads are closed, I will respect it. The farthest I will get off a trail is to pull off the road so I can camp, which is pretty close to a trailer and a half length, and I am only pulling off on spots already developed. I only hope that when the forest service or BLM closes these roads, they have taken into account comments. If any plan is implemented in full after a comment period, IMO, the decision was made to implement in full prior to the comment period. A lot of this is are you as a responsible steward of the land held accountable for others mistakes? Should your source of income or livelihood be threatened? I don't expect it to be honestly keep it open, but I expect the forest service to exercise due diligence in enforcing these laws by being out in the field. If illegal motorcycle trails are being used, I don't think having a trail cam to catch offenders is all that unreasonable. There's a lot of these main trails that branch off, but there's also some common starting points where these bikes are trailered in. I don't think it unreasonable to look for people that way prior to just going straight to shutting the motorized land access down.
  9. I do like to hear a different opinion sometimes. Kind of tempers the course when I wander off a little. I hadn't realized it, but was surrounded with people that thought a lot like me for years. I finally met someone who had a different opinion, in this case he thought the war in Iraq was wrong. I eventually discovered I had libertarian tendencies.
  10. I appreciate the honest opinion.
  11. Not sure what colossal mistake you're talking about, but I'm assuming its the bombing at Baghdad airport of the Iranian general. Assuming that Iran is responsible for 17% of US deaths during the Iraq war https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2020/01/03/trump-says-theres-no-intent-to-start-a-war-with-iran-heres-where-things-stand/, and also helped organize the raid on the US embassy, what should we do in retaliation? Remember getting a lecture from a mid-East professor a few days after the Sep 11 attacks who said it was not a good idea to invade the mid-east, but he had no recommendation about what should be done for the Sep 11 attacks.
  12. Just found through the AMRA facebook page that the USFS is planning on closing up to 1290 miles of off road trails. Comments are due in a few days. Please go to this site to learn more, and to see a link to make a comment page. https://www.azbackcountryexplorers.com/2019/12/1290-mile-proposed-trail-closure-rim-country.html Of particular concern to me is the amount of riparian habitat to be closed. To me that basically means a creek, and every single trail I use has at least some riparian habitat, so closing that one small part, or in other cases the creek is actually many miles of trail, would close many of the areas I travel. The AZ TMPs kind of snuck up on me and closed small trials in West of the Hassnyumpa that I would love to take a quad to prospect, but now have signs saying no motorized vehicles.
  13. I’m not too sure about a price increase being tied to Iran.. Over the last couple of years the reliance on foreign oil has dropped to the point where we are a net exporter of oil. Iran could freeze out the whole gulf, but not have the same effect it did even a couple of years ago. After reading your post, I looked at some gold trends, and no ups and downs seem to be tied to the invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, or Syria. In 2001, looks like the gold price went up from about $400 to what it is now. That kind of looks like the same time as the 9.11, but I think its got more to do with out of control spending, which the War contributes, but there’s a lot more deficit spending starting with Bush for other government programs. My prediction is whatever Iran does, I will be spending close to $3 for diesel at the pumps, and gold will continue going up a little, but not $1800 by year’s end.
  14. I agree with above. For a test, take a needle to it, and if it fractures, it’s mica, if its malleable, points to a metal. Another test is to whack a small piece off with a hammer, crush it to sand, and pan it, Gold will end up at the bottom. I’ve crushed many a rock, and have gotten only a speck or two of gold,
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