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  1. I’m not sure which organization like AMVETS but my father got hearing aides from the VA a couple years ago with a disability rating. He must have been out 40 years. He helped another Vietnam era vet get the same thing. I think AMVETS helps on Luke, but in North Carolina was a different organization. Having an advocate like that helps.
  2. Ones we have in AZ are underground for 2 or 3 years depending on the type, so we hear them every year. Its looking like we’ll get some storms soon so the cicada may have been right about the rains, even if it was telling me its the driest time of the year.
  3. I don't see anything that looks like any letters. If you want to trace it out and post, I know a couple dozen of the 4500 kanji.
  4. We'll see if when "the cicadas sing the rains are near" in central AZ. The weatherman says no rain for the next 10 days, but I hear the cicadas for the first time today.
  5. No sign of this shutdown slowing down anytime soon. I do think that all levels of government will be hit hard from getting less taxes, and will be making cutbacks, just not as quick as the private sector. I just wonder if these "Layoffs" or "Furloughs" do happen, if the govt employees will get back pay or some other compensation after their jobs start back up.
  6. I think we've hit the high and gold will start to fall. Each place you look, you see a little different about how gold is used. I'm going to go with 50% jewelry, 30% gold bars, coins, and central bank holdings, and about 20% industrial. Since Jewelry accounts for over half of gold use, the thing that concerns me the most is the number of young couples I see who are getting rings made of something other than gold, and less jewelry being worn that has precious metals in them. I really think its losing its appeal. Of the rest of it, about 30% falls into what I consider speculation, bank holdings and gold bars and coin, and the rest is used by industry. I just don't think the speculative demand for hold will outweigh the reduced demand by consumers, and perhaps if COVID causes industry to scale back on gold need, I see the price trending down. Stock market is doing pretty good also. It's recovered nearly everything from the tumble it did for the first couple months of the year. People who have money to spend in investments will probably keep it in the stock market and not gold speculation. I know people like to say things like gold goes up when the stock market goes down or there's uncertainty, and that certainly does make good radio and TV commercials, but when I look at the charts that says gold prices and compares it to things like the stock market, I see no correlation. I'm no expert here, but I think by looking at charts, I'd say the true price of gold right now may be closer to $1000-$1200, but I don't think we'll see that by the end of the year. THe spike we say in the early 80's lasted around four or five years, the spike we saw around 2012 lasted a year or two longer, and it appears we're over a year into this spike.
  7. For going to the county office, I'd say that I'd need to check the website and call before going there. For the Reduced sized claim I found last week, was 160 acres which was reduced to 40 acres. The only clue I can find is the one who staked the claim sold it in a quit claim deed to two signatories, which means 40 acres. Anyway, that particular quarter section is entirely claimed up, so there's no need. For the missing claim location, I had a friend who knew the county recording number, so that's how I found the location, so nothing is available claim name on this. To find the amended location, that would be a real headache. The original filing was done by someone who has filed thousands of claims, so could be difficult locating that particular record for the amendment. I may be able to search by this person's name and look at his filings over a two month period. I'll be looking at 80 acres this weekend, and that will keep me busy with my metal detector and my 40 X Loupe with the UV light and white light. If it shows promise, I will file with the county. Know someone who was involved in an investment gone bad when she bought a bond that a guy who could not legally sell it to her, and basically lied to her. She won a judgement, never got the money, because he was always broke. She went into the county records to see what he owned and how he hid his money. For two years, she would get on the county record site every day to see what this guy filed for. The guy was living quite well, but not in his name. The county records left a trail, but for the work she was doing, searches were made harder by things like we've talked about in this thread: recordings not indexed with the name for the search, company name was left out, or records just appeared to be missing. You would have thought that the state of Arizona would have investigate something like that, which they did, but never in anything that resulted in a legal prosecutable action. The state helped her get the judgement, which he agreed to pay the state quite the fee for investigation. He never paid either party.
  8. With Maricopa County Records, all the claims I was looking for I ended up finding maps on the county website. If anyone else is looking, about half I found with a records search for the name of one of the filers, all the rest but one turned up with putting the claim name in the business name. There was one claim though that was not in a county records search by claim name or the filers name. I managed to get the filing number from a friend and found the map. That was a bit of searching. How you every did that from the recorders office a couple decades ago, must have been a challenge. I guess the question I have now, is when a claim is reduced in size, how do you get a new map for it? Claim size reduction has happened a couple of times in my searches. I would look up the claim location in the county, get a map, find out through the BLM LR 2000 that in such and such a year the claim was reduced from 160 acres to 40 acres, but I don't know what to look for online. Someone said the new map of the reduced claim size would be filed as a location of notice with the county. One of these was a BLM listed "closed claim" along a riverbend, not something you see much in Arizona.
  9. I thought I responded already, but I don't feel its gold. To be sure, take a pin and poke the gold. If it cracks, its pyrite not gold. If it dents, it could be gold. Another test you can do is a specific gravity test. You weigh it dry and weigh it wet, do some math, and the closer the specific density is to 2.66 of quartz, the less likely it is to be gold. There is enough of that yellow stuff in there, if it were gold that has a density closer to 18 I think the specific density of your rock would be quite a bit higher. If you want to be sure, you can break a piece off, crush it into sand, and then pan. Any gold will be in the bottom of the pan. Yellow in quartz is fairly common. Usually some mineral staining. I think you have pyrite.
  10. To me it looks like a volcanic pumice, except the rock itself seems to be more of quarts. I wonder if it formed kind of like a geode in a bubble in volcanic rock with minerals leaking in and the softer volcanic rock eroded away and left that.
  11. Thanks Clay. So the real number of claims I couldn't find filed at first was 7, and now I can only not find one; however, the one I can't find I actually know who it is and have talked to the guy before on his claim, so I do know that particular boundaries. Two guys have filed with the county over his claim and both are paying BLM fees for the same claim. I think I will contact that guy and tell him. For all I know he could have sold the claim to those two guys. The guy I know who originally had the claim, bought it from the guy that owns hundreds of claims out by the LSD. When he forgot to renew the claim the first year, the guy he bought it from, put another mining location on top of it, and sold the same claim back to the same guy for, but the second time was a slight discount. I think you probably know the seller I'm talking about. I appreciate the tip on the name search. I tried several different variations of the name in the company and most of them popped up. I did not realize you could order a copy of the location notice and map from the BLM. Is this new?
  12. Clay that was very helpful thanks. I’ll go and search the names now. I actually found where landmatters.org now listing the county filing as helpful also. One of the claims I found, I could not find the owner, but sure enough when I did the search by county record #, it popped up, and had the claim owners listed in the records, even spelled right, so I figure Maricopa has a few dat record entries. I’ve got 120 acres I’ve narrowed my search to where I’ll be prospecting, but of that someone has been paying fees for 13 years for a 40 acre claim, so of that 120 acres I mentioned, 40 is claimed, but I can’t get the map from the county. I remember calling to the recorders office for some reason, I think it may have been in the recording in the kiosk at the surprise library when I filed a claim there, and mentioned searching for claims based off the township range and section, and the guy on the other end of the line got grumpy, like he was sick of explaining this over and over and that’s the way it is.
  13. After having a flagstone sealant go bad in less than a year on my barbecue, I would like to see what you decide on.
  14. If you've searched Maricopa County for to find a location of notice, have you found this accurate? With filing a claim, it must be filed with the county when located to be valid. If someone does not file with the county, which is easy to do in this confusing process, the claim is not valid. The two common reasons I can think people would not file with the county is the more obvious location notice, and only going to the BLM. The second, is purchasing a claim from someone and not filing a quit claim. More specifically the claim location on file with the county is the only map, which is how you narrow down from a square mile section containing 640 acres down to a 20 acre, of which, there's hundreds of ways a standard 20 acre claim can be put in that 640 acre area, so just going out and looking for the claim marker is not possible. I'm starting to look for unclaimed ground, specifically in Maricopa County, to go metal detecting on, and the section I am looking at has about a dozen claims on it, half of them are filed and on record with the county, one quarter have a quit claim deed, and one quarter just do not exist. In Maricopa county, when you have the persons name, you can search for that. If they don't show up, you can search for each additional claimant. If that doesn't work, if you have the county record number you can search for that. Those are the only two practical method. The other way is to take the date from the BLM and go ahead and behind a couple of months, but that will produce dozens or hundreds of new claims filed with the county, and the BLM at times is not speedy at filing claims especially if the BLM has a months long backlog. Unfortunately, Maricopa does not let you search for a section like other county recorder offices do. You can also not search for a claim name.
  15. One of the pics shows the Pod next to a wallet for scale. I’ve split all the pods open to take the seeds out, but I found out later there may be as many as 10 more seeds hidden in one of the compartments. I split it open and two compartments were pretty easy to get to, but I didn’t know about the other two, if those even exist on this kind. To grow the seeds, I soaked them on a paper towel for a few days, just like I had to do the squash seeds. Someone else recommended soaking the deeds overnight and carefully cutting the shell off and then planting what’s on the inside. Out of the four seeds I planted, 1 grew in a few days, and a second sprouted a month later, but this second smaller plant died when I transplanted it. The lady I got these from off E-Bay said she got it from the To’hokam tribe by Tucson. Another pic shows it about 18” tall in my front yard. It is fed by a little drip irrigation sprinkler every day. The lady I got the seeds from said this plant grows to about five feet tall and will make about 40 pods per plant. She said sun or partial sun, and a little bit of water. We haven’t had rain here in probably 120 days, so. I don’t see this doing well on its own. The other picture shows what I think are the flower pods coming out. Has not budded, so I’m not sure the color. Whatever those white flies are in the pic, are eating the leaves, but the plants still growing. I’m treating with Neem oil, and trying to avoid pesticides, but thaw neem oil does not seem to be working to well. I would send some of the pods and seeds out to you if you want to PM me where you want these to go. These pods I have now are basically on the bottom of a hanging plant outside, and I’ve got a couple dozen seeds in the fridge.
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