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  1. I think it is brilliant! My kids have a huge advantage over me as they're closer to the ground & have fresh eyes. I'm trying to train them... unfortunately I haven't yet found my first meteorite, so there's that....
  2. Thanks, both of you! Fred, I think crawling is a good idea. Perhaps I will strap some big foam pillows onto my knees when we go there (not today, as it turns out).
  3. Gorgeous!!!! I think i need one of those. Now, to find a meteorite.......
  4. Hey - supposing I were to swing a last-minute daytrip to Holbrook tomorrow. What would I need to know about the strewnfield / hunting there / area / etc? THANK YOU for any tips.
  5. Haha! Yeah, I just wasn't sure if it was really vesicular bc the 'holes' aren't holes -- just tiny textural marks. Probably sounds silly. I figured I'd check though. It doesn't seem 'bubbly' you know? So magnetite can leave a clear streak too? Next time maybe I'll find a real one! peniocereus greggii (night-blooming cereus). THANK YOU! for indulging my request to look at the pics. Appreciate the feedback!
  6. So, other than the pile of probable slag, these are the three best candidates I found at the playa. Would you mind clicking over and checking them out? Don't laugh... Oh - & all are magnetic, heavy & none of these leave a streak of any color. I gave them names to amuse myself.... Also, took these pics before I received scale cubes. Next time! http://s162.photobucket.com/user/myconscience/embed/slideshow/
  7. Mikestang - any chance I could get the bulk density testing info, too? Pretty please? :-)
  8. 'other afflictions with capital letters' ! don't we all.......
  9. Thanks! I somehow thought when I finally got my paws on the BLM maps, I'd have a clearer idea of where I could legally hunt. The maps are awesome, and that's a really good point that the older maps are more specific. Will look into the title plat thing - seriously know nothing about that stuff and it seems like I will never figure out where I can go! Specifically, was thinking of going to Willcox Playa or somewhere in that area of the state this week (though I know there is a bird festival Thurs-Sat).
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