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  1. Guys, thanks for all the input. I'll take it all into account. But whatever one I choose, I'll have ton of fun doing it. Thanks again. Looking forward to posting my finds. Glen
  2. Hello all. I'm new to the forums and I've been looking at four different detectors from two manufactors. I'm interested in mainly gold but also interested in going to locations like school yards, abanonded property and beaches. I know there are not many that can do salt water so I'm limited in what I can get based upon a $1000 budget. Can anyone give me any tips on which one would be the best one to get for what I'm looking for? I had one as a kid 30+ years ago so I know a little of the basics but I"m basically a newbie. Garrett AT Pro Garrett AT Gold FIsher F70 Fisher HGold Bug Pro 2 If anyon
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