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  1. Great outting!! Great people!! Great weather!!!
  2. Wow...wtg..great detecting..keep up the good work!!
  3. Beau that's sweet..I need a new pick..mine is towards its last days. Get out there and put it to use show me some nugg. How you like your ML?
  4. Good detecting!! Congrats!! cant wait to see more.
  5. Mitchel..hahahah thats funny! I wouldnt mind filling my bowl up with those sweet flakes!!
  6. Steve!! You would have been laughing your a$$ off if you saw me dig it up..I almost fell down the hillside doing the nugget skunk buster dance!! if your not busy this weekend we should get out and find some more!? Hope you 2 are having fun this weekend Out in dale..good luck I hope you get another lunker!!
  7. Chris coffee..thank you..it was a perfect way to start the day..nugg in the jar..smile ear to ear.
  8. Shep..thanks..it motivates me even more when great detectorist take the time to enjoy my find with me.
  9. Thanks fred...very true..it didnt scream at me untill I got it in my scoop..it was just a faint change in the threshold before..dig everything
  10. Went out to randsburg yesterday for a day of nugget shooting..I get to the location I had been planning on and started swinging a gullie I have had my eye on...within the first 45 minuets I pulled out this lil dink. I found the skunk that has been holding it and buried him for making me chase him around..all in all..great day in the desert..weather was perfect and got some poke in the jar..untill next time..enjoy..you wont find it if your not looking
  11. Beau stay on path..no crossing washes when the sun is going down! LOL....let me know when you find some color and I will make a road trip
  12. Steve.. you are killing it..great job on that beauty. Love hearing the part about packaging the amount of nails and selling at home depot haha..dale district has an abundant amount of trash.. dig through the trash to get the treasures. Your nuggs keep getting bigger every trip!!! Hope we can get together soon and beep. Again. .. great job! !!
  13. Good job Steve!!! glad to hear you got some nugg!! 5 more?! you got it figured out now
  14. great find congrats on the chunk!!...thanks for the motivation pic
  15. haha Beau im just picturing you pacing back and forth in the front yard as your yelling at your phone with your detector in the other hand swingin over your boots!! LOL!! so they are metal free?
  16. Buea...what a deal !!! wish i would have got a deal like that when i bought my GMT haha..you know i love my machine and im sure you will as soon as you get out in the gold fields..lets get out to the dale district and swing the gmt's!!
  17. you wont find if your not looking....keep swingin!

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