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  1. hello guys greetings from Serbia. past weekend i am been with my son on prospecting adventure, lot of rains days here in Serbia and we got 2 days of sun and go on river. in 2 days we make 1,3g of gold dust micro micro nugs and few small pickers its not so bad for not whole 2 days of fun sampling and sniping. i sold 1g to make some money but need one more serios run to make enough to have enough money for our highbanker build and pump for it. tomorow will post pics, i hope you guys like to see gold from another side of globe Luka say hello to our dear Garimpo
  2. Hello dear friends, if God and rain alow us, me, my older son Luka and my friend, go on saturday and sunday on our gold creek to do some prospecting, pans only until i find out how to buy some bilge pumps for highbanker that i making. its been 3 years from my last been there to prospect, i know basics, but i am always open to learn some new. any advice a wery wellcomed. all tips and tricks for succes with pan only its wery wellcomed
  3. Hey guys i need advice? My highbanker going to be 25cm x 100cm 10x40 in inch. With ribbed rubber, carpet mating, expanded metal and hungarian tupe riffles. How many liters or galons per hour i need for proper flow? I look on bilge pump 12v becouse here in Serbia law its not alow gas pumps for prospecting, i dont give darn for their law but 10 year old boy need to use that highbanker, gas pump its heavy for him
  4. Hey guys where its Bill, Garimpo, El D, i hope old dogs a in field finding some good gold or chasing some hot womens somewhere in pubs hehe ;-)
  5. Thanks a lot guys. Its not a Pek, Pek have bronze age history of gold prospecting. Even Roman emperor Hadrian have a 50,000 slaves that prospecting gold on Pek for his count. My small creeks its virgine grownd. There i find half gram-gram in few hours of paning. So i hope there its chanse for good score with highbanker or tromel
  6. HEHE yes i have 1 little boy, Vasilije, he its 3 years old, but he its not with Luka,s mom, we separated 4 years i have new wife
  7. Thanks a lot, Luka its now 10 years old. hmm i thinking now, its hard job but maybe better to make some sort of small tromel, becouse my streams have a lot of clay, and i am wory abouth how good highbankler gonna release goldf that maybe traped in clay? what you guys thinks from your expirience?
  8. Helloo dear friends and brothers in gold as some of you know my small boy Luka its grow up enough to join me in prospecting adventures, and i realy want to keep him spend time outdoor in nature, as far as posible from video games, internet, instagram and that things. so i am wery happy that gold fever catch him so i decide to little money that i have on side for bad days invest to make him some eqvipment. this little 12v highbanker from Keene give me idea to try to make some similar to this one. i see this work on 12v and its realy good for us becouse its cheaper to run here in Serbia gas its 1,5bucks for one L. WERY EXPENSIVE! so i got idea to make small highbanker like this, and to buy one solar panel to rechardge our battery while we in field doing highbanking. this baby cost over 500$ + serbian greedy customs and shippment, its go over 1000$ i look to make some similar and to spend max 200$ that its my limit. I would be very grateful for any tips and ideas what materials to use, what tupe of matting, bars, expanded metal. pls have in mind that here in darn Serbia its no shop to sell any of minning eqwipment, all have to be diy
  9. Hello dear friends, its been a while from my last come to forum, i have some troubles that make me unable to have acces to internet, but now its all ok. i hope you guys are well and in good health, and that there its some good gold for you all. here in Serbia its realy bad weather these days, lot of rain and its wery cold out, but there its one good thing, lot of rain means new gold in river to be find hehe. my older son, Luka, its caught by gold fever, and ewery day ask me when we go to river he say hello to our Garimpo, he finaly learn enough of english so he can understands his xmass guift, Fist full of gold book, realy good one Garimpo thanks a lot again
  10. i missed you guys too but i am been in realy big mess. first my moms disease, than my wifes pregnancy was wery risky, my head been in chaos, and dont have net at home, i live in dark age realy :P
  11. Hello dear friends, i hope you all are well healty, happy, and with hands full of nuggs :)) Sloba, Luka and Vasilije greet you. special greetings to Garimpo, Bill, El D, AU Seeker, Wes, Daubster, Patrick in Havasu , Rimshoot if i forgoth someone pls dont been angry on me i pray to Lord for all my american friends i live in another town now, this year i do 0 gold prospecting, my money come from detector renting. i work with my tools forf cash, 50euro per day. finding lost car and home keys, weeding rings, mob phones... from time to time also burried family treasures, becouse here in Serbia a lot of guys have family treasure story... its not bad, i do what i love most, and make some money for my family. i hope you guys a well, dont hear abouth you a long time
  12. They dont even see a day of jail, becouse they sons of local men strong in world of politics, that why i go to jail. darn Serbian laws. thanks guys, Luka say hallo too, and i momment ago change Vasilije's deiapes, that little guy dont says nothing, only make a ounces of some yellow stuff thats not Au :)) and every single time when i change his daipers he pee on me :)) naughty little rascal
  13. They dont even see a day of jail, becouse they sons of local men strong in world of politics, that why i go to jail. darn Serbian laws. thanks guys, Luka say hallo too, and i momment ago change Vasilije's deiapes, that little guy dont says nothing, only make a ounces of some yellow stuff thats not Au :)) and every single time when i change his daipers he pee on me :)) naughty little rascal
  14. I am been just today to see him, he say hello to you Don. some nice for you, he laerning english in school. and guess what he use as practice for reading? your xmass gift, Fist full of gold its realy great book, thanks again Garimpo how are you? i have been thinking abouth you many times. darn jail now its behind me i hope i am soon be back in prospecting. money from old finds its gone, when separate with Lukas mom, i buy them a dicent little house near my parents, that makes me broke but i not regret. i hope i still have some luck for prospecting and treasure hunt
  15. Its been over a year that i am not take mu detector. Luka its big boy, going to school now, i have a lot troubles to make him to take books in hands i am been in serious troubles. maybe year ago i have situation at my parents home. i am been to wisit them with Luka and my ex wife. and maybe 2 hours after midnight my mom enter our room and say there in some people in our backjard with torches. i jump out of bed and run to backjard only in underwear, and find 2 thieves runing out of dads garage. i run on them, firts pounch in face so gently that he drop like dead, and than i get in hand from somewere piece of wooden pole. smash another guy in head also, and both of them fith fists, pole and foot beat realy hard. afther that my dad call cops. and cops come and arest me!! crazy darn serbian laws. i am been on cort and got 1,5 years of jail. i am been in bars 6 months, and lot of people in my hood make hmm petition i hope its good word to let me free, becouse i only protect my family, and thanks to Lord i am see Sun of freedom. its been realy hard days in prison, withouth my family. but i have to say some more. my new wife give me a beautifl baby boy 2th this month, he its 16 days old, and his name its Vasilije. Luka now have baby brother :)) i am still in euphoriia, crazy fealings :))) and i am sad alot, my mom its not wery well. have some bad thing on lungs. fricking cancer. i am realy crazy abouth that. darn serbia not alow kanabis oil for curing cancer, so we buying it on black market. i try to buy seeds from netherland but 2 times customs find package. darn. i see that in California its legal, and have seed shops. i thinks that they dont kontrol that mych mail from Usa. if someone can help me, to buy for me 10 or 20 autoflowering seeds of 100% indica strain, i can send you money via western union. sorry if its against forum rules but i am desperate to save my moms life. big hug from Sloba Luka and Vasilije from Serbia
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