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  1. Au seeker i am still out of sluice box. these days i work in one restaurant as a cook, crazy story how i come here, but i am been in need of money and as i am hunter same as my dad and grandad i know to make meals from wild boar, deer, rabbit, and other wild animals meat so these guya need someone who know to cooking wild meats, so here i am its not best payment on world, 25-30$ a day if i work 12 hours, but its better than nothing.
  2. my dear friends i hope you all well and in good health. i love you so much i am werry thankfull for all your advices and help cheers :)
  3. As i know we have chinesee russian and american vaccine, soon we going to geth 1mil more doses, its hudge succes when 100x more powerful europe big countrys strugle to find vaccine. Its becouse out bastard prezident have black deals with chinesse prezident, they work here 8 highways and chinesse will have right to kolect fee many years. Thats why our prezident will goth votes. I hate politics. Yes its nice to meet another Serb prospector on such odd place i hope i meet you in rl. Any time you are wellcomed to visit me. Bice mi drago da te ugostim, ima dobre rakije uvek ;) a i nadje se i dobre vutre i zgodnih zena. I da idemo u lov na zlato, jedva cekam
  4. Somevere on forum its my finds from past days. I once strike dicent hoard of silver roman denarus and antoninianus coins, and also find one extremly rare gold roman coin, but its has hole for some idiot carry it around neck, and that kills his hudge numismatic value. Here in Serbia its good situation abouth corona, not to beluve but we are second in whole Europe by nummber of people geth anti-corona cure per number of poppulation.
  5. Kucevo area its mostly known for gold prospecting. But its heavy prospected for thousands years. Nuggets are wery rare, becouse every year hundreds of prospecting teams and several big companies doing prospecting. Its not big area as Alaska or Cali gold fields, its Pek river and creeks that go to pek. Pek its deep gravel deposits, to hit bedrock need big mashines, and on creeks every year many teams take every single bit of gold. Only roman emperor Hadrian have 50,000 slaves to prospect for gold on Pek and suround creeks, so every single nugget of any size its taken long ago. I work on wirgine grownd, dont find any single trace in history of prospecting that creek its 150km air line from that area i accidently see white quartz there and try sampling with simple plastic dish and score some flakes. Than find this forum and this good people help me a lot send me lot of prospecting tools to help newbie prospector. I have a52p sluice from Kenee Bill Don El D and guys send to me as a guift, and its been awesome tool, but its stolen when my home its robbed. If you comming serbia i will be very happy to be your host to go in prospecting adventures. And i have nice roman and medieval grownd for metal detecting for coins and relics
  6. Miro, now i see where its valpovo. Its near Drava river. Do you know drava its also gold bearing river, but most of it its flour gold wery small in size
  7. I know to make perfect one if have tools and materials. Need to be as light as can, so aluminium its choice, becouse i go into wilderness, and need to carry all on my back, including tent, pick, shovel, food supply, rubber boots, many things man need when its alone outside in forest. I am not soft man, but wooden sluice going to be wery unplesant baggage on my back
  8. Hello Miro, first i need to ask you to we write on english, becouse most of people here dont understand serbian. I dont have any tools with me for that jos, especialy for bending aluminium sheets. Where you from Miro?
  9. Hello dear friends its been while from my last visit to forum. I hope you guys all in good health, and suround with good gold, cold beer and hot womens Im been in mountains its my second year of runavay from jail sentence for growing weed for my moms cure. 4 more and i am free man again Every winter the same, Bill warning me on this. Gold fever hits me strong as hammer, on day its come from time to time, waching Discovery and get some cure from gold rush series, but nights its completly restless. Every single night in my dreams its gold prospecting, its makes me almoust mad. 2 more cold months before its been warm enough for prospecting. My trouble its that someone robe my home when i been in mountains, and tok avay lot of my propperty luck that my detectors its been at my dads home. I find and buy here in Serbia gold pans, but cant find any stream sluice box. If someone of you guys have used stream sluice i will be wery happy to buy it. I am not good with money now, i can send now money for shippment to serbia, and to pay for sluice at end of first prospecting round. I will be 10 days in round in wildernes prospecting, than go sell find resuply food and things and go new round and than til september. Greetings to my dear uncle Bill, Garimpo, El D, Au seeker, Wess, Hoser John.. and all rest my american friends you all in my mind and heart every time i think abouth gold and prospecting. Sloba
  10. I dont have it dear Garimpo i just use it in war when i was military 99on Kosovo There docunentary on youtube war stories of Pastrik you can wach it i am been in that battle under heavy fire
  11. These days i even survive b 52 stratofortress bombardment its been one expirience that man remmember for a life. From that day i know i am wery lucky man deff on one ear but still wery happy :-) PS for gun lovers riffle i am armed its Serbian M76 7,9mm x4 optics in combat situation under heavy mortar fire on me i have hits on 700 800m! One good riffle
  12. For my Garimpo and all my American friends here few my pics from Kosovo '99 here in Serbia dogs on street have more care from our goverment than we war veterans... Its a shame!
  13. Hello dear friends greetings from Serbia. i am looking to buy some iPhone for my son Luka, but here in Serbia even older ones are status symbol and cost hell lot. if some have some older model 4 5 6 that its in good condition and dont cost like its pure gold maked, i am buyer. i can pay on paypall or via western union.
  14. This its fake video it some big rock painted to looks like gold. Gold its heavy you all know that its wery large in size for 40lbs hehe
  15. hello guys greetings from Serbia. past weekend i am been with my son on prospecting adventure, lot of rains days here in Serbia and we got 2 days of sun and go on river. in 2 days we make 1,3g of gold dust micro micro nugs and few small pickers its not so bad for not whole 2 days of fun sampling and sniping. i sold 1g to make some money but need one more serios run to make enough to have enough money for our highbanker build and pump for it. tomorow will post pics, i hope you guys like to see gold from another side of globe Luka say hello to our dear Garimpo
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