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  1. speaking of mining vehicle ,has anyone ever seen or heard of a mining vehicle that drills into the ground and as it does the drilling the dirty falls onto a conveyor belt then into a sluice box and after it gets sluiced a wet vaccum will suck the concentrates out of the sluice and redeposite them into a shaker table? lol
  2. if that was a meteor heading for earth .....and it didnt break into small enough pieces,youd be better sticking your head abetween your knees and kiss your hind quarters goodbye lol. although thered probably be people still standing there saying "comeon comeon jjust land so i can take a chunk off ya " while laughing to themselves. id probably be one of them people haha
  3. oops correction i bought a magnifing glass lol do'oh
  4. hadnt had time to go to the college of charleston but i bought a magnet for find gold tweezing and took a pic of the stone and found out the second pic of the larger sotne was pyrite but the smaller stone i still dont know hope fully this pic will get it identified
  5. i need these identified one especially i could find it no where on the net nor in bookswhen i find them they are light baghe to dark brown with blue and gold color in it i have 30 smedium ones the rest i just dont know im bad at identifing minerals and gems lol the on im most interested in is this one><<<<<
  6. thnx and your welcome im going back tommorrow to pan hopefully i find much better things. so wish me luck lol
  7. went panning today to see if i could find any nice rocks or minerals and i got somewhat lucky. i ended up finding a 2cmx2cm piece of pyrite i knwo it small but more then i thought id find. then i go to empty the last of my pan,then a small glimps of purple and red. behold amythest and ruby.then as i slipped on a rock becuz they current in the river was picking enough to move my feet alittle becuz it started to rain. i then found a small flake of gold. from one single pan, ill be posting pics lemme know what you think
  8. i just cannot get it clear im sorry guys can anyone from s.c. tell me where i can get it checked to see what it is
  9. id rather nnot do that but is there a photowebsite i can put clarity into the photo?
  10. ok lemme try something else it may be awhile lol
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