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  1. Love this story! My favorite memories are times when I helped beginners find their first gold.
  2. My clock said 7:17 and I was several miles south of Anthem. Driving in the city and it appeared as about 3 seconds and I would call it a flash in the sky. My estimate at the time was some distance away and very fast. At the time I guessed it landed before the Colorado river and in the Northwest part of /az. Everything I have read confirms what I thought at the time and more. An experience I will never forget. If any forum members are able to recover anything I would love to see pictures to complete my experience.
  3. i was driving north on 43rd ave and it appeared directly in front of me at about 30 to 40 degree angle and was falling at about 30 degree angle westward and lasted maybe 3 seconds. Just appeared as a white streak. I was driving and heard no sound and saw no explosion.Lots of sightings with details reported. Surprised it took so long for it to show up on this forum. Hope it is located soon. I"m not a meteorite hunter but enjoy this forum. Good luck to any of you who go out searching.
  4. We live in a democracy. We vote for someone whom we do not know, to represent us for the next two or four years. They make decisions for us without asking our opinions and we suffer the consequences. We can complain among ourselves but to no avail. When you have two people there will be differences of opinions. Some will settle peacefully and some .......BOOM! Do not ask me who I will vote for next. I am not qualified to pick from people I don't know.........and don't believe.
  5. Also, as some mentioned, check out the clubs as they have already done the work for you !
  6. There are many knowledgeable people on this forum, however I recommend you get your answers from the governing authority. Many streams are closed to dredging for certain times during the year in specific areas. In some areas dredging is not allowed at all. Then you must verify whether the area is claimed or private property. As others mentioned, most any area where gold has been discovered has been claimed or on private property. Good luck and if you find an open area that has good gold, don't tell anyone 'til you file your own claim!!!
  7. Haven't been up there for some time but we could drive up and park under the trees just up from your red box back then. Road down to the creek probably washed out pretty bad now. If you are at the RRPC Nov meeting look me up.
  8. Put a little nail polish remover on a spot and let it soak then rub it with a Q-tip.
  9. Gold in the big curve starting at the patch of trees in the lower right of picture.Been there. Good luck!
  10. I plead self defense.....Actually, when we would meet later he called me the socker!
  11. Back in the late 40's early 50's , a sock with sand in it would put an end to a big bully in no time. Not an admission on my part !
  12. That area has been hit very hard. If you only found the two shots, that tells a story. You walked over a lot of fine gold too small to hear. Lots of drywashing been done there too. Even Bill gets skunked in LSD sometimes. Also remember the three B's, BEDROCK, BANKS AND BENCHES.
  13. It's obvious why many thousands of us never speak of what we have seen. Some were forbidden to and others are simply afraid of the effect it would have on their lives. Former Air Traffic Controller. Lets just say, I Don't believe ( all ) the reports and leave it at that.
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