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  1. I plead self defense.....Actually, when we would meet later he called me the socker!
  2. Back in the late 40's early 50's , a sock with sand in it would put an end to a big bully in no time. Not an admission on my part !
  3. That area has been hit very hard. If you only found the two shots, that tells a story. You walked over a lot of fine gold too small to hear. Lots of drywashing been done there too. Even Bill gets skunked in LSD sometimes. Also remember the three B's, BEDROCK, BANKS AND BENCHES.
  4. It's obvious why many thousands of us never speak of what we have seen. Some were forbidden to and others are simply afraid of the effect it would have on their lives. Former Air Traffic Controller. Lets just say, I Don't believe ( all ) the reports and leave it at that.
  5. Metal detecting on LSD one time and I got into a patch and got some in my legs and shoes. I set my pick down on the ground to deal with the Cholla. When I got to the point to work my way out I forgot the pick. After getting free I saw the pick standing there . I guess it is still there !!!
  6. Teddybear Cholla is my worst fear. I hate to work close to them. The balls of thorns fall off in breezes and roll on the ground winding up in the washes. In time they break apart and leave clusters of thorns that are difficult to see. Digging in the dirt or touching the ground will stab you. I've had them penetrate my shoes just stepping on them. They may look like a teddy bear but actually they are Grizzly Bears.
  7. Many years ago in the days we used the old outhouses when nature called, one of my brothers sat down to do his business, a black widow spider crawled on exposed parts and bit a choice morsel. He nearly tore the outhouse down getting out. He survived but he still won't talk about it today!
  8. Any luck with a contact so far?
  9. I think everyone is out looking for gold today due to the cool temp. Call this number. If he answers he will help but he may be out swinging too.
  10. Wish I could help but I can caution you. A lot of the land around there is State Trust land and you can't even get out of your car without a permit. Also most of the known gold producing areas are claimed. I hope someone else will jump in with more info. if not, maybe someone in Wickenburg can help.
  11. Happy Birthday! Thank you for all the knowledge you have shared in the short time I've been a part of the forum!

  12. Beautiful rock. Lots of that north of Cave Creek in Arizona. I saw a vein (Jasp-Agate) 2 feet thick several years ago. Translucence running thru it. Probably all gone now. Listed in Gem Trails of Arizona by James Mitchell.
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