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  1. Any luck with a contact so far?
  2. I think everyone is out looking for gold today due to the cool temp. Call this number. If he answers he will help but he may be out swinging too.
  3. Wish I could help but I can caution you. A lot of the land around there is State Trust land and you can't even get out of your car without a permit. Also most of the known gold producing areas are claimed. I hope someone else will jump in with more info. if not, maybe someone in Wickenburg can help.
  4. Happy Birthday! Thank you for all the knowledge you have shared in the short time I've been a part of the forum!

  5. Beautiful rock. Lots of that north of Cave Creek in Arizona. I saw a vein (Jasp-Agate) 2 feet thick several years ago. Translucence running thru it. Probably all gone now. Listed in Gem Trails of Arizona by James Mitchell.
  7. Don't consider myself a MINER but I sure am one of those infected with GOLD FEVER. Caught it at Lynx Creek about 15 years ago. Two metal detectors, drywasher, dredge and many accessories plus memberships in three clubs later, I consider the cost as treatment of the fever. I know my gold will never cover the cost. Most of the time the cost of gas is more than the gold I recover. If I had taken up golf the cost of clubs, balls, carts and greens fees or memberships would have been as much or more. I've never calculated the monetary value of the gold I have found but the memories are priceless. Due to age, and summer heat in Az it is getting more difficult to get out but as long as I can stick a shovel in the ground and carry a bucket of paydirt, I'll keep making memories. As for the question of this thread, I suspect most of those individuals who make a living at this are those who sell products or charge fees for services. Without them, I would not have been able to pursue my recreational activities. My gratitude goes out to all those who have supported my endeavors over the years. Got Questions? Ask Nuggetshooters !
  8. d_day, this is exactly why I wanted to search for reference material, hoping to find some books I could have available as needed. It appears like the Internet will be my best reference on an as needed basis. I appreciate all on Bills forum who take time to offer help when needed....JRD
  9. Thanks for the info guys. I have a few specimens I didn't want to mess up. It's amazing how many special rocks I find while working ground for Gold. Still looking for that chunk of quartz laced with gold 'tho.
  10. Been here as a Lurker as Bill refers to us for a long time. Really have learned a lot and appreciate those who share their knowledge with others. Been a prospector and RRPC member for years. Guess maybe I've accumulated enough experience and knowledge to share some comments now. Over the years many of my treasured memories are times when I meet newbys in the field and share with them, the joy of seeing gold in the black sand in the bottom of their pan. I'll try to only post positive comments that are beneficial to others....JRD
  11. Searching for information on cleaning various rock and mineral specimens. Anyone have recommendations for good reference books? Need to learn about the does & don'ts .Been signed up here for a long time as a ( lurker ), Bills name for me. Learned much from reading daily posts. TIA
  12. Seem, I was told the state of Arizona is somewhat vague on what constitutes "Public Roads". At any rate, Months or years of expensive legal battles may not result in the outcome you hoped for. In the meantime, if you force your way in, you will likely be arrested, or worse.
  13. As a member of the RoadRunners club I am a claim owner! Tens of thousands of dollars to lawyers and years of litigation in the courts MIGHT regain access ????? I have driven to our claims a number of times and never left my vehicle til crossing onto RR claims yet they gated me out! J R DeMaris
  14. Thanks Jim, 30 bucks at Batteries Plus! 3500 is up and running. Jess
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