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  1. Recently bought a Hermit Pick from Bill. Wow, what a tool. The pick, not Bill, lol. I have used several different brands and styles and nothing compares. Buy one, you'll wonder how you ever got a long without it.
  2. You guys are killing me with the lost gold. Maybe we should start another topic... Best/Lost find, lol. My best non gold find was a lead package stamp (kinda like people use wax on a letter) with the wires still in it. Had a personal stamp from NY and was dated 1856. Found it in The Dale. Lost it an hour later
  3. Howdy Gents, Been a while, busy with the new dealership. Anyway, bought a house up here in Carson City area. It backs up to BLM land. The whole week we were moving in I thought I could see signs of mining on the hill behind me. Couldn't stand it anymore and headed out on new years day. Turns out the area is littered with old diggin's. Had a great time beepin for the first time since May. Even the boot tacks and square nails were exciting since it had been so long. Didn't find any nuggets, but got to thinking about it after... Not sure this area has nugget gold. Might have all been smaller. Anyone know if there has been any successful nugget shooting in the Carson area? Anyone up in this area that wants to take the "new guy" in town out for some detecting, give me a shout. Thanks, Beau
  4. Thanks all. Sorry for the delay, Grabbed a motorhome from the dealership and decided to take my kids to Yellowstone before the summer was over. Now if the smoke would go away here, I could get out for some beepin'
  5. Can I submit my wife in the smallest TIT contest... Sorry couldn't resist
  6. I have read about those arrastra's, but never seen one in person. Thanks for the pic. It never ceases to amaze me some of the stuff old miners built. No wonder the life expectantcy was 34.
  7. I think he was fairly reserved... I would be absolutely losing my mind if I brought that nug up.
  8. That is AWESOME! I'm jealous. The only gold I can get my daughter to go hunting for is in the mall.
  9. Yes, buy boots it you want the waders to last. And if you want to stay on your feet. They are slippery little suckers without boots on. I use the canvas boots made for fly fishing. They are cheap, don't get heavy when they are wet and have a sole like a brillo pad that will grip on mossy rocks.
  10. I've seen obsidian that kinda looks like that or maybe olivine. Just a wild guess.
  11. Wife wasn't feeling well today, so we didn't get out. But, she did promiss I would get lucky one way or the other the next time we go... what a woman
  12. I used to hunt in that area. Your pic's make me a little home sick. Any day out with a GB2 is a good day
  13. Headed to The Dale tomorrow. Decided to take my wife with me for the first time. She is the luckiest person I have ever met. I have a good feeling she will lead me to the gold. I have always called her my rock, so maybe tomorrow she will be the shiney gold type. I let you guys know how it goes,
  14. Bet that truck wouldn't have got stuck where I did couple weeks ago. Half million, means no nights sleeping in your truck, stuck in a hole.
  15. Wow, it's like there is a whole new world out there. I thought I could pull some small targets with my 9.5 coil. My first target with the 6.5 was about a 3/16" long single strand from a window screen. Seriously, I'm going to need a magnifing glass to start finding my targets in the scoop. Plus, it's amazing the crevices and bushes I can get into now. LOVE IT!
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