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  1. Thanks for the memories Tom! We look forward to these outings all year. I sure hope things get back to normal by spring.
  2. Killer nugget Luke! Way to go!
  3. Yall are brutal hahaha ha! I'm bummed to see there won't be an outting this fall but I definitely respect your decision Bill. Crazy times we live in right now. Hopefully when the smoke clears we can all sit around that fire and tell horror stories from year 2020.
  4. I guess it's been a while since I've been on here, I dont recognize half the people haha. We will be at the outting!
  5. I'll be there with most the brood. I'm planning to get out early this time. Maybe Thursday afternoon or Friday morning.
  6. No clue but it looks cool!
  7. You can buy an air tank for pretty cheap and fill up at home and take it with you . Or just run an at a happy medium, 30 to 35 psi and take it easy on the trails. You'll have a smoother ride home too.
  8. I think you might be underestimating your f250, unless pinstriping is your concern most backroads around the yavapai schist can be done in any 2 wheel drive pickup. Might have to hoof it up the washes but that's part of the fun. I didn't have 4 wheel drive until recently and went all over that area. Now I have a yukon xl, it's 4x4 but I never use it. Just don't go when it's raining. Those roads are bumpy but generally not slick when dry.
  9. I would love to have hit that wash back in the day.
  10. I think you've answered your own question on this one. Here we are a couple years since your original post and you're killing it with more gold than skunks!
  11. Also, sticking to smaller coils will help especially if fatigue is a concern with a longer shaft.
  12. If switching boots isn't an option you can try swinging the detector more to your dominant side rather than straight out in front of you, at least then the distance from your shoes is more constantrather than getting a signal every time you you take a step. I've done this when I forgot to pack my composite toe boots and it helped some, also helps if you carry a pistol or your pick on your belt to keep the coil more to one side.
  13. Azdigger, the gpaaclaims in the area are well marked. They have signs all along the way, you wouldn't have any trouble finding them even without the map book. Most are accessible by passenger car as well.
  14. Keep us posted! I'm definitely curious what it turns out to be.
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