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  1. Yea I put in I figured why not I can always use another detector!
  2. Thanks Lanny! I love it too hopefully I can find it a brother or a little sister this year. Who knows maybe its got some bigger parents right up the hill haha. Wish ya luck too hopefully everybody can have a great year this year!
  3. Nice looking gold Cowbell keep it up. Hopefully the GM will get figured out and your dad can help ya clean the area up too
  4. Will do guys I'm all set on detector supplies for at least for this season. I'll be sure to post some GB2 finds hopefully of the yellow stuff!
  5. FOUND ONE Thanks guys for the help I appreciate it
  6. Thanks! Here is another picture of it to see the size. The weight of gold vs the size will always amaze me lol
  7. Sorry for the bad photo my camera on my phone is a little cracked but heres a couple bits of Wyoming gold hoping to add some more nuggets to the collection this year but we will see. The biggest is 1.67oz....
  8. Oh ok I thought you were just trying to clean them up. Guess I should be a little more thorough when reading the posts lol. Well hope you get it all cleaned up from the rock wish you the best of luck
  9. Thanks for the post GeoJack but that was for a Gold Bug Pro rather than the Gold Bug II. But I appreciate the effort. I might have a deal coming up soonif the guy hopefully gsts back to me like he says we will see soon I suppose!
  10. Yea I'm seeing that lol I hoping to win one on ebay. The prices are still pretty high for a used one so they definitely must be worth owning. Im thinking I probably shouldn't have passed up one for $500 last week an it had 2 coils, headphones plus original box looked barely used I have found a few in the low $400 range but they unfortunately wasnt willing to ship.....Yea didn't think they ran that high used....You live an you learn I suppose guess I'll just keep shopping around maybe I can find a steal before all the snow melts here.
  11. I use a cheap $20 ultrasonic cleaner from Amazon it works wonders on cleaning nuggets especially with a little jewelry cleaner added to the water
  12. Everybody must really like their GB2 it ain't easy shopping for a used one at all lol
  13. Thanks for the offer but Im really trying to find the long scan I have heard good things with it combined with the GMT.
  14. Looking for a used GB2 an a person willing to ship it to Wyoming. If ya have one you want to really get rid of just let me know. Thanks.
  15. Anybody got a gm II long scan coil they want to get rid of?
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