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  1. Sounds like another case of thin skin to me....maybe everything that ruffles your feathers isn’t an insult
  2. What point are you trying to make here? Saying that the insults that you see on here “usually start in New Mexico” is nonsense. There’s a lot of people from New Mexico on this forum.
  3. Sweet! I didn’t know we had the curved horn variety here too. The ibex and audads are pretty wild looking too. Wind mountain, sounds like something from a J.R.R Tolkien story, I want to see that place!
  4. I didn’t realize those suckers were so tough. Very cool animals. I’ve accepted that they can be seen in the empty valleys east of the mountains, even though they look out of place, if I ever start seeing them by the roads in the river valley that will be wild!
  5. That’s wild that are that good at avoiding men with big rifles when those instincts were probably honed by originally avoiding lions with big teeth. Must be insanely hard for a lion to do it with no rifle! There’s a road that runs between the armendaris ranch and wsmr, I stumbled across it one day, it runs all the way up to San Antonio, saw lots of oryx out there, they are so cool and exotic looking. Somewhere on that road , at an intersection was a big bomb next to the road. One of the guys who work on the ranch told me that oryx have a bad habit of trying to get in front of trucks on the roa
  6. Based on where I see them, I assumed they were animals that stuck to wide open spaces and plains. Again just another guess or assumption but I think they do that because they originally come from a place with lots of big predators so they would tend to hang out in the open where they can see things better. Based on where I’ve seen them and how well they get around, it doesn’t seem like it would be any trouble for them to head right down to the river if that’s where they wanted to be. I’ve never seen a single one near the river or near any vegetation bigger than what grows in the typical chapar
  7. darn sneaky oryx, those things are as big as a horse. Some explorer I am. If I’m walking by oryx and elk without seeing them then who knows what else I’ve missed.
  8. I have done a lot of exploring along the rio grande north of elephant butte between there and Albuquerque. I have never once seen an oryx in there. The only place I’ve ever seen oryx, is east of the Fra cristobals, or east the caballos, on the armendaris ranch, or in the jornada del muerto. With that being said, I’ve never seen an elk in there either, but I guess they are there. I do find it hard to believe there’s an oryx infestation in the bosque. But seeing is believing, so I guess the day I see a herd of oryx down in there is the day Ill have no trouble believing it. No hard facts or stat
  9. There’s also hybrid electric cars that use both gas and electric and don’t require a charging station of any kind. I don’t know how they rate as far as being economical or sensible to mass produce them.
  10. I stumbled across this show before bed the other night and within a few minutes I was hooked. Of course I found it the day before going camping to cut wood. Basically this guy investigates disappearances that all have certain similarities that make them fit the criteria for his investigation. These are all experienced hunters and outdoorsman who vanished without a trace, creepy stuff. Not sure if this will interest anyone here but I really enjoyed the show and it is some pretty strange and creepy stuff he discusses. The scene in the California mountains of the hunters audio recording is pret
  11. I’ll be darned! I just assumed it was wood because it looks like stuff I’ve found and called wood. I guess it’s a slippery slope...I believed it was wood for no other reason other than I had called it wood several hundred times since finding it. I know some of what I’ve found is wood, but a lot of it is wildly different looking in shape and color so I might have some bone too. I have to watch it or I’ll end up being one of those people I meet out in the field who are collecting round pieces of gravel and telling me they’ve got dinosaur eggs. When you can see them lying there how they were depo
  12. I’d like to see you say that to a Pygmy camels face
  13. Well you know what they say..... ”the camel doesn’t fall very far from the tree”
  14. Morlock, You clearly aren’t familiar with the legendary New Mexico Pygmy desert camel
  15. Oh that’s definitely camel bone, you can tell how old he was by counting the rings. And that really dark patch tells you he got his fur scorched by a bad forest fire one year.
  16. Those sure look a lot like the rare garnets that have the “star” in them. I forget what it’s called but when you polish them up they have a cool affect and show a asterisk looking star on the face of the stone when seen in the right light. An old lady gave me a big jar of them. They are so purple they are almost black unless you put a light behind them.
  17. Lol, while we’re on the subject, where is your all time best fishing hole where you’ve caught the most fish ever. Please tell me the location sir.
  18. Hi Paul! Wow, been a while since I’ve heard anyone talk about red river gorge. What a beautiful place! Haven’t been there in years. Do you know if Miguel’s Pizza is still there? Cool looking fossil too!
  19. Well I could be wrong too Slim, I don’t read every post on here and I’m just going off the few controversial topics I’ve read lately. In any case, I don’t want it to seem like I’m discouraging reasonable conversation or civil discussion by my reactions. If I gave that impression to anyone I apologize. So thanks for the post and for your view point Slim.
  20. Nothing personal Mac, and keep in mind that I don’t know you at all. This may be first time we’ve ever spoke on the forum unless I’m mistaken. If you had come right out and said “I condemn both because individual behavior requires individual accountability” I wouldn’t have said a word and probably wouldve liked your post. That’s not exactly how you expressed it.
  21. You’d make a great politician Mac! You managed to jump in here and within minutes simultaneously agree and disagree with everyone here. Good solid on the fence answer man!
  22. I do. 1 Caliche Chris reacted to this "I do." Chris, this is your reaction to Bob's response . . . ?? High five as well seems to me, and why not? Not even close Mac, I rarely say anything on here, the person I called out has a history of doing it repeatedly. You found one post where I laughed at a response someone made and you think it’s similar to consistently ignoring or writing off any response that doesn’t agree with me? Apples and or
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