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  1. Caliche Chris

    Gold King drywasher

    Thanks John, that's another issue with mine. Doesn't seem to be any elliptical motion. Just violent shaking. I'll have to call and see if the parts will match up.
  2. Caliche Chris

    Gold King drywasher

    Is the Gold King brand now called Gold Buddy?
  3. Caliche Chris

    Gold King drywasher

    Hello, I haven't had time to do much prospecting lately. I sold my pack washer a year or two ago and just haven't been out anymore until the last couple moths. I came across a gold king drywasher a friend had, it looks similar to the 151 in size atleast, So I bought it. The packwasher is the only other machine I've used. It took me a couple weeks to get it dialed in and catching gold really well and I never felt like I was losing much or enough to be concerned about. Never found any thing of note when running my tailings twice so I always assumed it was running great. The gold buddy is no where near as smooth. I feel like it's just blowing gold out. The little packwasher would catch 95% of the gold in the first riffle. With This old gold buddy sometimes I see gold in the very last riffle. It doesn't shake as well and the blower tray doesn't fit properly so there is a bunch of gaps around the riffle and tray area where fine gold just runs right through the machine. Is there any way to order parts for these still? If not does anyone have any tips for making this thing run better? Figured I should ask before I start taking apart and "fixing" things on it. Also it uses a lot more fuel. My old drywasher was about 8 pounds, I could carry it and everything else I needed for a day in one trip, on foot. With this huge machine that requires extra effort in hauling and setting up, and uses more fuel I feel like efficiency is way more important . I was hoping to get better gold production by running more dirt but so far I'm regretting switching machines, so any tips would be great. Thanks
  4. Caliche Chris

    My new project

    Heck yea, thanks Jim!
  5. Caliche Chris

    Epic Short Trip Beepin & Drywashing

    That is so awesome. AZBB, that is a rich placer. 133 buckets for 18 grams is very good gold to dirt ratio. After a couple years of sampling and digging in the same district, the best consistent gravel I have found yields about a half gram to a gram for every 40 buckets of dirt. IMO, epic is a good description of the spot in these pics.
  6. Caliche Chris

    Fun day out, with some yellow too!

    Lol, I bet that was quite a scene trying to drive like that. Still better than pushing it back though, and worth it since you got some gold.
  7. Caliche Chris

    My new project

    Yea, it's pretty neat. I am not gonna sell this one now.
  8. Caliche Chris

    My new project

    Actually I didn't notice that face in the cab at all untill I showed the cross to someone and they pointed it out to me. It is awesome, especially since I randomly picked that one to go on the cross piece before I even saw it.
  9. Caliche Chris

    My new project

    Thanks guys! Man I am really enjoying making the cabs, It's weird how quickly something you've never thought much about or really noticed can all of a sudden become a passion of yours. Steve sent me a couple cabs of wood opal and that sparked a fire in me, I had to get something so I could make some too. I am really enjoying it. When I first moved here a couple years ago I bought a chainsaw and was cutting down salt cedar for fence posts hoping to sell them to local ranchers. I didn't sell many and most of them are still piled up in the desert. That's where I've been getting my seasoned wood from. Salt cedar is an invasive species and most people hate it but it is beautiful wood when you cut it. So far I use mesquite and salt cedar. I'd like to get some iron wood for making rings but I don't know if it grows around here.
  10. Caliche Chris

    My new project

    I have been making stuff so I can do the flea market and farmers market here in town. I am just getting started but I have a lot of good ideas of things to make. Here's some pics of some of the stuff im making. I made some wood cross necklaces, with a gold nugget on it. They are made with all hand tools, I cut and seasoned the wood for it and mined the gold I used. I'm also making some bigger crosses for hanging on the wall. This one has a wood opal cab in it.
  11. Caliche Chris

    Broke Ribs xRay ... OUCH

    Oh man, that's rough. That pic made me squirm a little bit.
  12. Caliche Chris

    This One Hand Cut Next One Laser Cut

    Haha! Yep that's the guy
  13. Caliche Chris

    Gold lifted

    That is just horrible man. So sorry to hear about that. I can't imagine all the work that went into finding that gold and making the jewelry just to have some piece of scum steal it.
  14. Caliche Chris

    This One Hand Cut Next One Laser Cut

    Looks like it's going good. That machine sure looks handy too. Looking forward to seeing more progress. At some point in the video your voice started sounding really familiar. It took me a minute to figure it out, but I think you kind of sound like that guy Shawn Pomrenke off of Bering sea gold.
  15. Caliche Chris

    This One Hand Cut Next One Laser Cut

    Yes, I want to see how well it works