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  1. Lol, while we’re on the subject, where is your all time best fishing hole where you’ve caught the most fish ever. Please tell me the location sir.
  2. Hi Paul! Wow, been a while since I’ve heard anyone talk about red river gorge. What a beautiful place! Haven’t been there in years. Do you know if Miguel’s Pizza is still there? Cool looking fossil too!
  3. Well I could be wrong too Slim, I don’t read every post on here and I’m just going off the few controversial topics I’ve read lately. In any case, I don’t want it to seem like I’m discouraging reasonable conversation or civil discussion by my reactions. If I gave that impression to anyone I apologize. So thanks for the post and for your view point Slim.
  4. Nothing personal Mac, and keep in mind that I don’t know you at all. This may be first time we’ve ever spoke on the forum unless I’m mistaken. If you had come right out and said “I condemn both because individual behavior requires individual accountability” I wouldn’t have said a word and probably wouldve liked your post. That’s not exactly how you expressed it.
  5. You’d make a great politician Mac! You managed to jump in here and within minutes simultaneously agree and disagree with everyone here. Good solid on the fence answer man!
  6. I do. 1 Caliche Chris reacted to this "I do." Chris, this is your reaction to Bob's response . . . ?? High five as well seems to me, and why not? Not even close Mac, I rarely say anything on here, the person I called out has a history of doing it repeatedly. You found one post where I laughed at a response someone made and you think it’s similar to consistently ignoring or writing off any response that doesn’t agree with me? Apples and or
  7. I enjoy those topics too Mac, Did you think I was suggesting that we shouldn’t discuss anything that might be controversial? I was taking issue with the fact that the person who consistently complains the most to admins about topics getting off track or too involved in politics has created another post, that is from the beginning being nudged in that same direction.
  8. If you disagreed with any of my posts, or even vehemently told me how wrong you thought I was about them. I would not feel “personally attacked”
  9. That’s not what I mean. To me calling someone out if you think they’re out of line is not a “personal attack” that makes it sound like calling your buddy out when he’s being a knucklehead is a personal attack too, and it’s not.
  10. I’d like to ad that I have no I’ll will toward you Slim or mean you any disrespect. I feel I owe you a certain amount of respect just because of the amount of time on this planet you’ve had compared to mine. That being said some of your inflammatory posts and the way you reply and speak to people does become very tiresome. What I mean by that is that your posts seem less like discussions and more like places where you post your opinion and high five anyone who agrees with you and ignore the people who don’t. That’s not a discussion
  11. It would be one thing if you had a thick enough skin to see these topics through to the end. But no, you start them and then tattle when you don’t like others responses. That’s the equivalent of the little kid in school who loves playing the game when he’s winning but as soon as he’s behind he starts throwing a tantrum and doesn’t want to play anymore and says everyone else is cheating.
  12. seriously Slim, you complain more than anyone, as far as I know, when topics start to stray into politics or something that you don’t agree with. Then you make a post like this trying to make it seem your looking for an intelligent conversation when you know exactly where it’s headed. you’ll even help nudge a few loose rocks down the hill to help the land slide get started. You need a new hobby man this one is getting old.
  13. Well that’s what your post comes across as. Nothing more than a poorly concealed plot to stir up some $&@* and have someone else step in it so you can point the finger at them and act innocent.
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