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  1. Thanks guys! The storm barely missed us
  2. I’ve never seen that wash plant! I want to check it out sometime. Man you are really making me want to go dig some holes !
  3. I think that spot you found the red glass is near where I saw a couple new white pickups parked and official looking guys with orange vests and hard hats wandering around in there. I thought they were going to start some construction but the logo on there truck said something or other “archeological” I can’t remember what it was exactly but it caught my attention because I knew they were looking for something interesting in there. I bet there are some good spots in there somewhere. There’s a place right after that big bend in the river that tries to smash you into the trees when your kayaking, where you can get color in almost every pan, and that’s in the sloppy mud right on the surface.
  4. That’s really cool, I knew that read glass was rare but I didn’t know it was that scarce! Thats like hunting for gems almost. Very interesting that they got the idea for their glass from the atomic blast results too. I doubt I’ll ever have any red trinitite in my collection but I am definitely going to step up my efforts and try and get some pieces of red glass from some old bottle dumps!
  5. Yes Slim, you are quoting a post from an entirely different thread. One that you started and where you were the person to bring up waste tanks. The conversation seemed to shift to pee bottles from there. If you wanted to post a pic of a pee bottle so bad why not do it there? It’s weird that you just randomly posted a pee bottle on an entirely different thread for no reason. There was no part of this thread topic or the brief discussion about the topic that had anything to do with a pee bottle , that’s the point I’m trying to make. If you want to talk about pee bottles so bad go back to your thread where that discussion started so we can atleast keep your pee mess contained to one area of the forum.
  6. Trinitite is fascinating to me. I’ve always wanted a piece of it. I thought it was all green. That’s really cool the copper made some of it red. That would be a heck of a piece to add to your collection.
  7. Wonderful! you still posted the pic. And now we know for sure it wasn’t from New Mexico.
  8. Slim I think you are loosing your grip. As much complaining as you do about people posting on your threads, it seems you like would have the tact to avoid posting a picture of a bottle of urine on here. If anyone else posts something you don’t like you tend to accuse them of a variety of things like not having class, or to remind them that they are out of line because kids browse this forum. Yet here we are, looking at a bottle of urine that you decided was acceptable to post. You have strict rules when it comes to other people replying to your threads, but none of them seem to apply to you when you post. Reel it in man, Just speaking for myself here, but I don’t want to look at your pee bottle. I would not be at all surprised if you personally filled said bottle for this little photo shoot you thought was so funny. Since you are posting the pic I think we can pretty well determine that bottle is NOT from New Mexico.
  9. Sounds like another case of thin skin to me....maybe everything that ruffles your feathers isn’t an insult
  10. What point are you trying to make here? Saying that the insults that you see on here “usually start in New Mexico” is nonsense. There’s a lot of people from New Mexico on this forum.
  11. Sweet! I didn’t know we had the curved horn variety here too. The ibex and audads are pretty wild looking too. Wind mountain, sounds like something from a J.R.R Tolkien story, I want to see that place!
  12. I didn’t realize those suckers were so tough. Very cool animals. I’ve accepted that they can be seen in the empty valleys east of the mountains, even though they look out of place, if I ever start seeing them by the roads in the river valley that will be wild!
  13. That’s wild that are that good at avoiding men with big rifles when those instincts were probably honed by originally avoiding lions with big teeth. Must be insanely hard for a lion to do it with no rifle! There’s a road that runs between the armendaris ranch and wsmr, I stumbled across it one day, it runs all the way up to San Antonio, saw lots of oryx out there, they are so cool and exotic looking. Somewhere on that road , at an intersection was a big bomb next to the road. One of the guys who work on the ranch told me that oryx have a bad habit of trying to get in front of trucks on the road. Instead of running straight in front of you and just crossing like a deer would, or turning around and jumping back over the fence away from the road, they would run next to you like they were trying to race and then suddenly dart out in front trying to cut you off and get around you. I don’t know if that is a common occurrence or if that guy just had bad luck.
  14. Based on where I see them, I assumed they were animals that stuck to wide open spaces and plains. Again just another guess or assumption but I think they do that because they originally come from a place with lots of big predators so they would tend to hang out in the open where they can see things better. Based on where I’ve seen them and how well they get around, it doesn’t seem like it would be any trouble for them to head right down to the river if that’s where they wanted to be. I’ve never seen a single one near the river or near any vegetation bigger than what grows in the typical chaparral stuff around here.
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