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  1. Thanks, I found quite a few more small chunks and pieces of turquoise there, but that was the nicest looking one. I’m hoping it’s pretty stable because it’s been tumbled down the wash for quite a ways and didn’t break up. I think the area is called orogrande, it was about 30 minutes south of Alamogordo in a small cluster of hills just off the highway. The guy who invited us out had several claims there and was doing an outing for some soldiers from the nearby base and we got to tag along with them. It was really cool.
  2. Here’s a few cool things I’ve found. The yellow stuff is some neat petrified wood, they are pretty big chunks with neat textures, and it’s agatized inside. The one square piece has a knot hole in it. Also some pics of some fluorite from a spot Bedrock Bob showed me. I met a guy who has a couple claims in a turquoise area, he took us out and let us hunt around and keep any pieces we found. I found that nugget in the wash a long way from the main source.
  3. I should probably mention I’ve never found one, I’m still an absolute novice even with metal detecting gold. I have, however, really been enjoying the meteorite forum lately!
  4. Absolutely! Some guys just have a knack for turning normal rocks into priceless meteorites. Some form of Alchemy perhaps? He is probably one of the chosen few who uses only a camera and his eyes to hunt and is able to find several every trip, even in the dark!
  5. I went to buy a pallasite, but decided to get the used iPhone and a craftsman lawn mower instead. I was wary at first, but when I saw his profile pic, with the face mask and middle finger, I felt confident I was getting a square deal.
  6. “Everyone was smiling when me left” ...me bets they were
  7. See Edge, There is a glimmer of hope, not everyone gets away with it.
  8. They work well, if this one ever wears out I’ll try the harbor freight one. It’s nice standing next to this machine to sharpen instead of kneeling on the ground trying to tackle it with a file. Speaking of rakers...one thing I noticed when filing them, is that most of them file pretty easy. Every once in a while on a chain I’ll start on a raker and it feels super hard. Some of them take one stroke of the file. Then I’ll hit a “hard” one and have to use a lot of pressure and several passes before the metal even starts to grind away. I don’t know what’s causing that. Another thing I’ve wondered, when using the saw for hours at a time, does anyone wear respiratory protection? I have just been using a bandana and I can sure feel the stress on my lungs after cutting all day. Do any face masks filter out the harmful particles that are in the exhaust?
  9. This thread needs an update. I finally got time to go over this machine a little better. I can see a few spots where the table is not sealing well enough just because some of the stripping on and around the edges is old and rough and needs replaced. Also looks like I need to give the fan apparatus a quick cleaning. I didn’t go over it well enough when I bought it before taking it out to use. I’m getting it all set up and will be running dirt through it soon. It’s a great machine, it looks like the issues I was having with it are just because I didn’t give it a tune up first.
  10. Just wanted to add a little to this thread in case anyone ever comes here looking for similar advice. I need about 4 good chains to get through a day of cutting. It was really inefficient trying to keep up with that with a hand file. Ive tried a couple sharpeners in the past week. First one I tried was the Oregon sure sharp. It’s a small hand held device that uses 12v power to operate. I got the model that can also be plugged into a cigarette lighter. It’s similar to a dremel in that it is just a small bit that spins and you place it inside the cutter. The only guide on it is for the proper 30 degree angle when filing the cutter, keeping it level and stable are entirely up to the user. Works pretty well, I can see it being very handy for quick touch ups in the field. It doesn’t take metal off very fast so if your chain is beat up it’ll take a little while to get it ground back to good metal with this tool. The next sharpener I tried was the timber tuff electric sharpener. It mounts on a table, and uses a grinding disc to sharpen the cutters. For this one you must remove the chain and place it in the guide on the sharpener. It is really simple and quick to set the necessary angles and depth on this machine. The depth gauge isn’t exact on this machine. So even though the depth gauge is hitting its stop point, with a little more force the handle of the machine will give or flex some and you can keep grinding way further than you mean too. So finding the right pressure is important. I really like this machine and think it will be a game changer for me. The first chain I sharpened with it was one of my older beat up chains that hadn’t cut right in forever. I ground a lot of metal off of it to get the cutters sharp and clean again. It took me all of five minutes and that was on a really rough chain and my first attempt with the machine. Once you get used to it you can really go quick and it takes no time to get a chain razor sharp again.
  11. Hey thanks Dave! Yea I guess I did. I was doing some different work too. Didn’t make for very exciting pics! Yea , the snow is much nicer if you only have to see it in the mountains and it’s 45 degrees when you head back home.
  12. Here’s a picture of a chain I had “sharpened” I haven’t been filing enough off to get the tooth edge straight. I spent about 30 minutes on it and got it nice and straight with a good point on it. I did two chains like that after the tips I got from everyone. They were the same two chains that I’d been having trouble cutting with, so I wasn’t sure how it would go. They cut great, they felt like new chains briefly, and It took both of them to cut a cord. I don’t have a pic of the chain after I had sharpened it correctly, this is the before pic when I was not filing enough off.
  13. I think that’s what is going on, sometimes right after sharpening I can’t get the chain to bite. It’ll just run on the wood and barely cut but won’t dig in like it should. I am going to start just taking several blades out with me. That way I don’t have to file in the field and can do it at home with a vice and a caliper and make sure every thing is in order instead of trying to knock out a sharpening in 5 minutes so I can get back to cutting. Do you use the “low kickback” blades?
  14. I’m going to post a pic of my chains that won’t cut. I think I’ve found an issue, I usually just run the file through the tooth a couple times until new metal is exposed and it feels sharp. Looking at the tops of the tooth it does not come to a perfect point. The cutting edge looks and feels sharp but the very top/point of the tooth, looking at it from above, kind of looks rounded or blunted a tiny bit. Almost imperceptible.
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