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  1. Sounds good I will be there around 6:30 on the 8th and I will be driving my jeep around Vulture bait. Should be coming from the same area so may see you on the road.
  2. Yes Joe Z this is the area that we are talking about. It’s not too far of a drive from New River.
  3. Thanks Bill for the clarification. Can you give me any pointers for hunting that area.
  4. Would you be able to do the 8th in the morning? I can take one person for sure or I can put the back seat in but then it can get tight.
  5. Thank you. I have been reading for the last 3 weeks and now I just need to get me some swing time. There is just so much to learn.
  6. So if I want to find anything I should be trying a different area.
  7. I am up for almost any area I just like to get out and have fun. I live in north phoenix at the 101 and cave creek.
  8. Hello my name is Kyle and I am new to metal detecting. I have been panning in the LSD area but have only found a little here and a little there. I just picked up a super traq and am going out to the GPAA clams on Dec. 8th for a couple hours in the early morning. Would anyone like to meet me out there and show me the ropes on metal detecting should be there at 6:30-11:30. Thank you Kyle. You all have some really good information on this forum looking forward to meeting some of you.
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