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  1. Car's all packed up! See you guys Saturday morning.
  2. 70%+ That I will be there. Can't wait to see you all again.
  3. Hi Bill, Is this outing open to WSPA also, or can anyone attend? That's the only group I'm a member of. Thanks,
  4. Thanks. She drove real nice. No problems. Didn't even have to put her into 4WD Low. I think next time I go to Dale, I will stay over night. It was an all day affair, coming in from Simi Valley CA. The ATX, worked great. It ground balances out the hot rocks real well; to the point where you won't pick up a stony meteor. A bit heavy, and you have to use the sling for sure. Found some nice blue copper rocks too.
  5. And got skunked. But at least I was able to bring two of my best Xmas presents with me and try them out. Has anyone had luck out there? Cheers.
  6. Great Article! I think the ATX just made it to the top of my list to Santa.... or Mrs. Santa. Hagen
  7. Thanks Bill and Trevor, Nice article on the new coil. Bill, which one would you recommend, If I want to use it for beach, and nugget shooting? I have the DD 18.75Khz gold elipticle already, but looking for a little more depth and coverage. Will I still get good results for rings at the beach with the 18.75Khz, or should I switch to the mid frequency?
  8. Hi Trevor, I went to the Coiltek website and could not find any coils for the X-TERRA 705. Are they available? Bill S. I didn't see them on your website either. Thanks, Hagen
  9. I'm not a member of any prospecting organization... yet. I can only afford to be a member of one at this time. Should try and become a member of WSPA or GPAA ? I live in the Los Angeles area, and would prefer to have access to claims close by me. I would love to make it to AZ, but that might only happen a couple of times a year if I'm luky. Thanks for any advice.
  10. OK. I used a dremel tool and buffed it out a bit. Looks real pretty up close.
  11. OK. The density is around 12.4 g/ml This was a crude test. I took a 5 ml syringe type vessal and could only measure .09 ml lots of room for error here. The metal could be mostly silver with some gold, or if it's pure it might be palladium. Any other ideas on how to figure out what it is? Instead of the dark color, it is now more of a grey matt silver color, but very shiny silver where it has been kind of polished by the sand bath.
  12. OK. I've been soaking the dark nugget for a few days in 2ml of Whink Rust Stain Remover. And nothing, does not appear to react - no bubbles etc... Do you think I need more than 2ml of Whink for the test? I think it's time for a density test. Hagen
  13. Hi Bill, Nice color... Couldn't your detector find some of those pieces? They seem big enough. How does the GPX 5000 compare to the X-Terra-705 for small nuggets? Thanks, Hagen
  14. Thanks very much! I'll have to give that a try. So far I have tried the following with little or no results. The Acid Blend as mentioned before, with sand in a test tube to help rub off the oxide layer. battery acid, normal and heated Ammonium Sulfate bleach vinegar Zep Calcuim, Lime and rust remover that has hydrochloric acid and Sulfamic acid. and strong Potassium Hydroxide solution, normal and heated The gold specks I saw the first time are gone. Now it's only bright silver where the edges of the nugget have come in contact with the test tube. I think I will try and figure out the density and see where it lands on the metal charts...
  15. Well you might hear something if ya got some gold fillings! Your right, a young one should hear 18KHz. I remember those old fashion green monitors would drive me nuts with their squeal. If the coils are potted and is not acting up as a speaker then it may not be putting out much of a sound. I think I need to go by some muric acid... I've tried vinegar, then ammonium chloride but it's taking forever to eat away the oxide. Maybe I should try some Coke a Cola Hagen
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