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  1. http://microwavegoldkiln.com/home There are two pretty cool videos on this website. One is for a small kiln that uses two simple propane torches, and the other is for a microwave gold smelting. I've never seen this before, so I thought it might be nice to share. Cheers, Hagen
  2. I just wanted to say thanks for telling me that the ATX is supposed to come with a coil cover. Mine didn't and I contacted Garrett and one is on it's way to me now. I had a great time at the outing. It was nice to meet all of you. Hagen
  3. Thanks Garimpo, I will definitely contact the Armenian Consulate/Embassy. Very good post with lots of great info.
  4. Yes, I've been to some of those places. They are quite amazing. I would not do any detecting unless it was very clear to me that I had full permission. That will be pretty much impossible to get, unless you know the right people. Plus I really don't want to end up in jail. My Armenian is terrible. Cheers,
  5. I will be going to Armenia this summer. I've been there once before, 16 years ago, and as I'm sure you all know it's a very old part of the world. I really want to bring my detector with me, but I've never traveled out of country with it, and wondered if I could run into problems going through customs? Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated. I am fully aware that I need permission to detect at most locations. And what happens if someone want's to buy it from me for a pretty penny? Not sure if there are any rules in having to bring it back. Not that I would want to sell it, but for
  6. Car's all packed up! See you guys Saturday morning.
  7. 70%+ That I will be there. Can't wait to see you all again.
  8. Thanks! I was planning to either Zuma or Leo Carillo. Think I'll head to Leo first... It's been awhile since I've been to that beach. If you think about it, lead is about the only metal you can cast at home that is currently plentiful... Cheers,
  9. Hi Martin, The tide was so low, I was far enough out that on a high tide day surfers would be where I was detecting. I was amazed that people could cast a lead weight that far out. I was hoping to find rings or coins for that matter. I didn't find any coins, but I did find a number of aluminum can tops, bottoms and two AA batteries, and a part of a circuit board. I packed out all the junk, the least I could do for disturbing all those crabs...
  10. Since tide was in the negative range, I was out near the water line on the rocks. So no beach cleaning there, no sand either. It was a pain to dig up a signal as the ground was compact and full of crabs and other life, so I tried not to hurt them. It was fun, and I got to use my new ATX, and see how well it would do in those conditions. So far I haven't found any old coins at the beach... probably due to the beach cleaning. Can't wait to go to the beach again. This time I'll try a different area where they are less likely to clean the beach mechanically. Cheers,
  11. Hi Bill, Is this outing open to WSPA also, or can anyone attend? That's the only group I'm a member of. Thanks,
  12. I didn't find any gold rings, but I did find more lead than I've ever found in my total history of metal detecting. A total of 6 lbs. 5 Oz worth. The big piece was an ingot with a stamp that said BUNCKER HILL. The rest were fishing weights. I did a little research and there appears to be a BUNCKER HILL MINING company. And they did product lead. They have a long history 1887 -1984. I wonder how old this ingot is and how it came to be resting a few hundred feet from Malibu beach? When I saw the stamp, I was thinking Oh God I really hope this is silver.... but today was lead day.... I hope
  13. Thanks. She drove real nice. No problems. Didn't even have to put her into 4WD Low. I think next time I go to Dale, I will stay over night. It was an all day affair, coming in from Simi Valley CA. The ATX, worked great. It ground balances out the hot rocks real well; to the point where you won't pick up a stony meteor. A bit heavy, and you have to use the sling for sure. Found some nice blue copper rocks too.
  14. And got skunked. But at least I was able to bring two of my best Xmas presents with me and try them out. Has anyone had luck out there? Cheers.
  15. Hope everyone has a great set of holidays My Pre-Xmas has been the best since I can remember.
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