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  1. Thanks Jason, I have watched all of your youtube videos and we are facebok friends. Fred McPherson
  2. I am a meteorite hunter and dealer from Canada and have been on numerous hunts. Just haven’t hit Franconia yet.
  3. Going to be in Laughlin Dec. 10-13 and want to hit Franconia. I am from Canada so not very familiar with the strewnfield. Looking for tips ie. where to park, where to start looking, etc. Also if anyone is available to join me on either of these dates, please let me know.
  4. Wow, that's fantastic Frank. Is that the biggest one that you have pulled out of there ? Have you seen or heard of anything bigger from the Basin ?
  5. If you google Dresden Ontario meteorite you will find that it fell in 1939 about 20 minutes from my house. I have the gps coordinates and will be in the fields as soon as the snow is gone
  6. Thanks Frank. These guys were great and did everything to help me find one. Even called me over a couple of times for a simulated search for a meteorite that had been located just to see if I could find it (which I did). I just didn't walk over one of my own that day, that's all. They did let me keep the "throw-down" that they lent me for the day and also gave me one from Franconia. so I didn't come back to Canada empty handed. Even though I didn't find one myself, it's really all about the search and I had plenty of opportunity for that. Since I returned home earlier this week, I have spent
  7. As a Canadian on vacation in Vegas over new years, I had the opportunity to spend a day in Gold Basin detecting for meteorites with 3 local guys who really know their stuff. Although I have been detecting for over 30 years, I was totally out of my element in the Mahove Desert and had no experience with the detector that they lent to me or searching with meteorites.. These guys took the time to go over everything with me, show me the hot spots, set the detector up for me and taught me a lot about meteorites and searching tecniques. The day was filled with good natured joking and quite a few la
  8. Thanks Troy, my timelines are tight and another forum member has offered to take me out for a day. Maybe next time.
  9. I have found my share of gold, silver, 1812 and civil war relics, shipwreck treasures, colonial coins and just about any historical artifact that you could possibly find with a metal detector EXCEPT for a METEORITE !! What better place to have an opportunity to find one. I only need to find one to check it off my list. Thanks to everyone for the tips and offers to take me out.
  10. I will cover all expenses so am in no way looking for a free ride. Like Frank says, just looking for someone who is already planning on going to Gold Basin from Vegas for the day. So actually, that person gets the free-ride. I even provide the claim for the day and if I happen to find a nugget, they can have that too. I understand that people are busy during the holidays so might just end up renting a car and driving there myself. If that's the case, it may not be as much fun hunting alone but I WILL find that meteorite (maybe)
  11. Got in contact with Desert Outfitters and they will set me up with a goldbug. Now if I can just find someone to go with me. Really don't want to have to rent a car if I don't have to.
  12. thanks for the reply. I have used a goldbug in the past so am quite familiar with it however I dont own one at this time. Is there someplace there that I can rent one ? That way I won't have to put mine in luggage. I can only go out for a day or two but have access to a very promising claim that belongs to one of the best Gold Basin hunters around. If I get skunked, that's OK. After all it's all about the search. Finding one is just the icing on the cake.
  13. Thanks for the tips and yes I have already been corresponding with Frank. My problem is that I a trying to avoid renting a car while down there.
  14. I will be in Vegas from Jan. 1'st - 5'th and am looking for someone to go meteorite detecting with. I have permission to walk a claim in Gold Basin but here is the issue. I have been detecting for close to 30 years and am very confdent with my Fisher f75, however, being from Canada, I have not had the experience of detecting in the desert. So, I will be totally out of my element.. I am hoping to find someone willing to pick me up in Vegas and take me out for a day. I will cover all expenses ie gas, meals, drinks, etc and if I happen to find a piece of gold, you can have that too. Only want to
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