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  1. Hey by the way, if you read the wiki article he posted, under the "behavior and reproduction" tab, the first paragraph explains that when chuckwallas feel threatened, they often " wedge itself into a tight rock crevice and inflate its lungs in order to entrench itself.[3][6]" That sounds an awful lot like maybe what happened in the photo, super interesting. Thanks for the article Bill!
  2. I've owned a lot of lizards, and those push ups are a territory thing. They do it when they want to say "this is my territory, back off" Maybe I'll just buy a claim and surround it with monitors and Komodo dragons, that way they can do their push ups and stake my claim lol
  3. Thank you skip, I got bit by the gold bug about a year or 2 ago, the lady is just getting her first symptoms of gold fever I think she hated it until she found a bigger picker than I've ever found. She's so competitive, I think that's what got her goin haha I gotta be blessed though, not a lot of people can find a woman like her
  4. This is my baby Scarlett, when I saw the corpse I thought of her haha
  5. I'll private message you and well see if we can maybe figure something out!
  6. Yeah that's it, pretty cool editing! We came to the conclusion that it was some type of lizard or desert mouse that got stuck in the crack and died. It was very strange in person, just thought it was an interesting discussion piece. It almost got scooped into my 5 gallon bucket while we were looking for gold haha
  7. Somehow the photo got flipped upside down, sorry about that :(
  8. While out prospecting for gold, in the California desert near Calico, my fiancée and I were digging into the side of a mountain face when we came across this almost museum quality preserved carcass. It is complete with skull, tail, teeth, and even skin/flesh in an almost mummitized fashion. Here's a photo, tell me what everyone thinks! I can answer any questions as well.
  9. I'll have to take you up on that, Bill. You guys ever hit San Gabriel east fork together? There or randsburg? By the way, saw the red dawn remake tonight, it isn't quite as good as the original, but still an awesome movie none the less. Highly recommended, but I recommend watching the first one, well, first!
  10. Thanks garimpo, I just wish I could have some more of it haha. Not being greedy, just love the look of the stuff, I'll never sell it, not for any spot price. I think I'm a gold hoarder haha. Thanks for all the welcomes, makes me feel like I picked the right forum! I'm working on recovering super fines from my concentrates, been saving up all my black sands and what few blondes come with it. I have a blue bowl that I borrowed from someone, but I'm not planning on running it until I get some new classifiers. Ive heard that it wont separate right unless its all classified properly. As of n
  11. Thanks bill, great to be here They don't make em like that anymore, do they Kelly? I must've done something right to win her over! I'm debating on which route I want to take for the GPAA. Also, I would love nothing more than to go on an outing with some people. I have that craving to get into a social environment and learn, hands on, with some extremely knowledgeable and wise people, just as yourselves. Here's a photo of what color I have found, it's not much, but it sure is nice to look at and think "I worked for this, and I'm the only one who has seen it in millions of years". Well maybe exc
  12. Hey thanks Jack, I'll have to look into that as soon as I'm off work. Is it the 84.95 buzzard special? They offer that at my local prospecting shop, but I'll have to check out the website
  13. I'm joining GPAA as soon as they open back up Monday, plus the local chapter of the GPAA called Route 66. Hopefully learn a few things, because I have a lot to pick up on! Thanks for the warm welcome el dorado.
  14. Hello everybody! I'm so excited to be here, great to be a part of a forum where everybody shares a common interest! I'm 20 years young, from Southern California, and I love to live the best of every day (I'm here for a good time, not for a long time). My passion is the hunt for color, nothing beats uncovering something that has been hidden for millions of years. I love the growth and learning aspect of the hobby as well. I spend a majority of the time sluicing and panning, cleaning up my concentrates with a mini sluice and a blue bowl. I've found some decent color lately, but have only been on
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