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  1. My, what a lotta riffles you have.................
  2. Got my Rich Hill Footprints that day Came in very handy out there. As I recall someone around here won the Grand Prize too..... :wee:
  3. Sweet lookin nugz, Chuck. Wow - I forgot all about jacks - how old am I?
  4. I like your spirit - fine lookin lady you got there too and extra credit she enjoys coming along out in the dirt Cali has some of the sweetest yeller rock in the country and you're on the right track. All things being equal, I'd get that buzzard special from your local shop; good to keep some money local and be a favored face. Also great idea joining local club; no need to make the same mistakes many of us have (although there's plenty of fun in doin it) Here's me as a complete newbie trying to pan in Idaho mountains (and having the rushing river knock the material out of the shovel before I
  5. My, what a large Coil you have..........
  6. Camped on border of Mexico last nite and didn't have to plug in the diesel (did 2 previous days). Moonless nite & stars were amazing. Only found traveler trash but had fun with doggy
  7. Patch is a keeper, Ron My doggy don't bark and only forages for food, but she's good company.
  8. Scraped ice and plugged in diesel in Tucson. Was gonna head to border but will wait a day or 2.
  9. Any security is better than no security. But then a layered technique works better still. I have a truck alarm that can be defeated but also have motion detectors that sound off in the house. People don't know about those and so won't try to negate them. Add 24/7 recorded video and a doggy (and this is in a decent part of town ;) ) Neighbors who really want to look out for each other might use the long distance driveway motion detectors like these Chamberlain CWA-2000 Wireless Driveway Alarm Monitor http://compare.ebay....mTypes&var=sbar Neighbor can have receiver in their house and it'll
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