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  1. Found a stone circle about 8 foot dia. About ten feet away is a large chunk of palm agate with pieces broken off. Nearest natural palm agate field is about 3 miles away. I never disturbed the site, left it as it was. Hoping someday to return and take pictures. Located in the southern Mojave desert, CA. Mel, maybe someday I could show you where it's at. bob
  2. when a magnet stops sticking to the heated pick its at its optimum temperature for quenching. to temper a pick put it an oven at 500 degrees for 10 minutes for each inch of thickness. or dip it in oil and burn the oil off and drop it back in the oil. or polish it like homefire suggested above. bob
  3. No it hasn't, its as it was when dug-out. Know of some rocks like the nugget north of Yuma, but they have sharp edges and never been tumbled, they assay copper, gold and silver. bob
  4. here is a top and bottom of the 31# copper nugget. bob
  5. Will try to get a picture up tomorrow, thanks for the interest. bob
  6. Hi all, up in Michigan visiting friends, Val Darby's brother in-law Gordy Kreft gave it to her. He lives in the UP. Does he post on the nugget shooters forum? bob
  7. They sell false teeth kits on e-bay. Google in making your own false teeth at home. Save many dollars! Giving my grandkids the experience of making me a set of dentures. bob
  8. Picture of a Red Gum wood rack, shellac-finish, that my daughter and I made for Don's pickup in 1998. Picture taken last Fall, 2013. bob
  9. Shellac is the only finish that is a moister barrier, and protects against finger-prints. bob
  10. Clean it with alcohol using a soft rag then spray it with clear shellac, Had a John Manton, 1825 shotgun that still had shellac on the interior parts, and steel contacting the wood. No rust nor any rotten wood. Can handle it for years. bob
  11. Found this while hiking in a remote area in the lower southeast Chocolate Mountains in eastern Imperial County, May 22nd 2013. TLS could be Thomas L. Smith, also known as Peg Leg. bob
  12. homefire, Agree with you on the NiCad, have two that still work fine after six years. The two lithium packs are lighter and hold a charge much long. They work great for my 1/4" impact-drill with a 1/4" cement drill for digging the packed gravel. It's a half mile by foot to the diggings. Have a 40w solar panel at camp to charge the battery packs. bob
  13. Use lithium battery packs, over 100 degrees you must use a wet towel on them. Live in the southern Mojave with no air-conditioning year round. Keep a wet folded towel above the battery on my lap-top. Last summer took two lithium 18v battery packs that would not charge back to Home=Depot, They asked me if I kept them in the garage or in the house. Told them I kept them in the house, they exchanged them for new ones. bob
  14. Back in the early sixties on the farm in Michigan, we needed another well. My great-uncle used a fork of a peach tree limb, he located the spot to drill. That same limb worked for me but would not worked for uncle, my dad nor for my grandfather. Have not ever thought much of it since, until you posted this article. Maybe I'll try a limb off a Palo Verde tree, and try it on a couple private wells near here. Water is so bad here, not fit to drink, eats cast-iron. bob
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