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  1. 1 hour ago, DOC said:

    WO!  WAIT!  A patch?  Bill has patches?  I wonder where he got those?


    Yeah Doc, right after I talked with you at the last LSD outing he gave out Nugget Shooter patches.  Nice one's too.

       Old Tom

  2. Well he is my senior by a couple of years.  Besides he did a lot more interesting things in his life than I did in mine.  Fishing boat captain in Alaska, I almost went up there at that time and possibly worked for him.  Good man.  

       Old Tom

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  3. Another year older and wiser Grubby.  Just think of the good times she and you had.  You did right by her and I'm sure that they know it at the time.  I cried when I put my great big American Bull down.  Held her close at the end.  Think good positive things bro.  

       Old Tom 

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