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  1. Boy trying to figure the firing and stroke order in opposite cylinders is like a chess game.  Is no. 2 normally the opposite firing cylinder?  That also has to be compensated for when mating your crank and cam?   What a conundrum.  

      Old Tom 

  2. How much dinging around do you have to do to get that distributer to work on two cylinders?  Just use opposite electrode wires or is there other considerations to deal with.  Could you use all four and make the engine run faster or not?  I guess the position of the stroke would hamper that.  

       Old Tom

  3. Tom didn't tell me anything about this as I have been under the weather for a while and haven't gone out hunting with him for a while.  I think that I might know where it came from and why it is Titanium.  I'll let it go on for a while and let others guess a little.  Is it any wonder just why he would recognize it right off?

       Old Tom

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  4. I want to thank each and every one of you guys for you prayers and good vibes.  They were indeed felt at the time of need.  

    This was a rough one for me as I had no inclination just what was going on.  I put it off too long trying to get the family Easter Celebration going.  Finally called in the paramedics in and they got me to the hospital.  Extreme pain and couldn't breathe.  Lungs full of blood clots and wouldn't let oxygenated blood flow through lungs.  Clots came from an operation that I had two weeks prior.  Had me on a heparin drip for three days and that took most of the pain away and now I have to be on Eliquis the rest of the way, no more blood thinners or aspirin.  Life feels good again and I thank God for my 'Return to Life'.  Old Guys, Don't try to go too far after feeling something go awry.   Get it checked on most times Medicare will take care of it.  That's what you worked an paid for your whole life.  

       A very grateful 'OLD TOM'  

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