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  1. Doc, I came home after brunch with my wife and lo and behold there was a strange looking package leaning on my front door.  I took it in and opened it up and out popped a large camp rocking chair.  That is one prosthetic that will gratefully use not only camping but out in the back at home.  Love to sit and rock while falling asleep.  You're a good dubey Doc and I will remember you every time I doze in it.  We won't make it to Quartzsite this year as things are getting pretty rough with Tom's wife Sherri in the hospital.  We can't seem to be able to get her home as things keep getting complicated.  She is going to need very delicate an close care at home also.  Tom has hit the wall with this and had to rest for a couple of days to recuperate and go on.  She has now developed an infection in the wound from her lip to her throat.  I think that they fed her food orally too soon.  She had to go back on the feeding tube.  They have to wait three more days for the culture to see if the right anti-biotics are being used.     

    I am starting to almost feel myself again after three bouts in the hospital. A couple of operations, blood clots in lungs, heart meds driving me to see things, five weeks of radiation and chemo.  lost forty pounds but boy do I look good in my clothes now.  Still weak and can't keep up with the young'uns anymore, but I do go out and watch the Toyota so that it doesn't wander off.  

    Our hearts will be with you in Quartzsite, so have a great time and think of me once in a while in my back pasture rocking and sipping some cool ones.  Thanks again bro, It's a beautiful and expensive rocker.    :thumbsupanim    

       Old Tom


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  2. 11 hours ago, TomH said:

    My fault. The spot we were suppose to meet at was on the other side of the big hill!

    See you won't even take my cheapy walkie talkies when we go out anymore.  Do you remember how it saved my ass when we first started to do the beeping thing?  We were supposed to turn the radios on at around 4:00 pm if not yet back in camp.  I got turned around and couldn't find camp so I climbed the tallest hill around and turned the radio on.  We did establish communications but we couldn't see each other and didn't know which direction I was from camp.  You told me to fire a shot in the air and you would listen for it.  You heard the shot way off and said you would climb a hill at your end.  You told me to fire another shot and you pin pointed me.  Then you told me to walk directly into the sun which was by that time was going down.  We couldn't see each other as I was more than a mile off in hills.  We did eventually bump into one another and thank God you brought me some delicious water to boot.  Made it back to camp and all was well.  Got a new direction finder and water backpack.  :Just_Cuz_06: 

    If you do get a new set of hand helds You have got to remember to bring them with.  Also remember what I told you never leave home without?  :cowboypistol:

        Old Tom    

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  3. I agree that they are from some ant, bee, spider etc. aluminum or lead pour.  They were probably left in the ground after the main pour was pulled out.  These underground tunnels that insects dig have off branches all over the place.  They got broken off when the main pour was roughly pulled out and left behind.  

       Old Tom

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  4. 5 hours ago, Nugget Shooter said:

    Looks like the weekend of the 21st of March will be the dates as I try to do this outing around or close to the 23rd when we lost my wife Barb in 2013 may she RIP. Likely in the same general area....

    Bill, you say in the same general area.  Does that mean LSD because on Adams other thread they are all talking of going to Quartzsite and then you say around March 21.  

       Old Tom 

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  5. Thanks a lot guys for the b-day wishes.  This year has been a real trial for me with the cancer and other stuff.  Lost forty pounds and in and out of the hospital, Chemo, Radiation, gall bladder, blood clots, overmedicated and such.  I am much better and am over the hump. Got out with Tom and Luke a couple of times and really enjoyed it.  They got gold but I'm still a little slow.  :olddude:

       Old Tom

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