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  1. Another year older and wiser Grubby.  Just think of the good times she and you had.  You did right by her and I'm sure that they know it at the time.  I cried when I put my great big American Bull down.  Held her close at the end.  Think good positive things bro.  

       Old Tom 

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  2. 2 hours ago, DOC said:

    I took a razor and carefully cut a little notch into it, very soft, shiny as silver, or lead?

    Hey Doc, it's probably either lead or babbitt material.  If it had melted in a camp fire and cooled in the ashes it might have taken some of the junk in the pit.  You should be able to distinguish it between the heavy and lighter materials by weight.  I have seen both glass and alum. take the ash patina.  Brass just turns black.   

       Old Tom 

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  3. Bill, that has happened with Tom and I several times.  Target disappears and I come in and pinpoint it.  I have also followed after him with the smaller VLF and found targets on edge in shale that the 5000 skipped over.  Sometimes it takes two and you still don't get everything.  :black_knight_standing:

        Old Tom 

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  4. 3 hours ago, Uncle Ron said:

    All three times I got booted for the same word: "muzzies" .... My offense is to complain that our govt. is being overrun by muslims .

    Don't feel too bad Ron, they are guilty of the same thing as the 'Fake News'.  When they condone not being able to wear a 'MAGA' hat to shut one up it's the same thing.  Who is the head of Facebook anyway...………………   :poostorm:

    Old Tom 

  5. Welcome Rugger, were you ever stranded on a lonely island with a soccer ball named 'Wilson'?  Sorry I couldn't help my self, please forgive me.  

    There is lots of good knowledge to be gleaned here and if you could hook up with someone over there in Kalif it would help a lot.  There are others in your same boat who are asking for a buddy also, stay tuned.  

       Old Tom 

  6. I  personally know just how you feel.  It's like a punch in the gut to have a friend turn on you like that.  It all depends on his physical problems and mental awareness.  Give him a good talking to and see just how it works out.  I had a friend like that an it took some delicate sternness to get things across sometimes.  He would eventually get the point and things would smooth out.  Have patience but remain firm, he'll respect it.  :nono:  

       Old Tom










  7. 4 hours ago, Au Seeker said:

    Nice looking gold Adam!

    The gold you found looks much less worn than the gold BD found, were they found in very different parts of the wash?

    Skip, I think that is just how the light is hitting it.  The ones that look smoother don't have the showing that Adam's have.

       Old Tom

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