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  1. I never had heard it expressed quite like that before, but it doesn't make it less painful. I have done a few of them in the last couple of years being that I'm 85 now. You really have to train yourself how to fall at my age. First thing I do is throw everything as far as I can away from my body and roll to the side in a fetal position. It's worked for me so far not to mention a few cuts and bruises along the way. You know everyone has to start somewhere so don't get discouraged and take your time. I takes time to learn what's needed to become as successful nugget beeper. Finding something of value is becoming more difficult every day with all the more folks coming into the hobby. I relate to your exuberance of when you were a kid and your father had to drag you away from the 'Old Fishing Hole'. That' exactly how I was and it's not a bad thing. Loose that and I would feel sorry for you. Keep up the interest with wifey and have a good time. Old Tom
  2. Hey Styx, missed you at the outing in November. Are you going to make it in March this year? Plenty of room for that big rig and doggie. Tks. Old Tom
  3. Make sure that your file is absolutely flat on your raker. If you catch an edge sometimes It will dig in for a while until it flattens out. As far as masks, I use the hard formed ones and get good service but then I don't cut as much as you do. Old Tom
  4. Harbor Freight has one similar to the timber Tuff Sharpener. I have been using it for a few years and hav been served well by it. It does have the same WEAKNESS THAT YOU STATED ABOUT HOW MUCH PRESSURE YOU PUT ON THE DOWNWARD STROKE.( sorry) You can get used to that very easy and adapt. You still have to file by hand your rakers though, just a little at a time. Old Tom
  5. Welcome Bro, Lotsa room Here. Old Tom
  6. I didn't know that Bill's chickens had orange and blue feathers. Old Tom
  7. Looks like compressed Leaverite. Old Tom
  8. Dave, really nice going. Gotta be more around there. Bet you can't wait to get back and try again. Old Tom
  9. Way to go Bro. Sounds a little like me when I found my first nugget. Now to get Wifey to find one. Old Tom
  10. Wow, that is a beauty. Now to get yourself acquainted with it. Old Tom
  11. Yeah Dave, that was the first bow that I owned myself. It was ugly and shook you when you shot it, no smooth release. Got my first kill (six pointer) with it at age 17. There were really no one in the woods back then to contend with. Archery hunting was in it infancy in the 40ty's and 50ty's. We would hide in the tall grass along side of the wood line and wait for a white tail to come out to eat breakfast. They were a creature of habit unlike the muley out here. Old Tom
  12. Hey Unc, being of that age it is probably not a glass laminated bow and is straight lemon wood or something. More likely a Howard Hill bow if store bought. Don't draw that thing all the way back because I have seen them shatter and it's not nice. The bow string if not waxed through the years will get dry rot and 'boom'. Be very careful, I have a Bear glass lam recurve that I bought back in 1951 and wouldn't think of stringing it up. Old Tom
  13. Beats the skunk my boy. I thought you liked the snow. I remember when you woke up one morning in the back of your pick-up the only thing you left behind was your outline in the snow and your side arm. Old Tom
  14. My gosh Jim another one, they seem to come around faster and faster don't they. Have a happy day and may God bless all you do today. Old Tom
  15. Truly words to remember Doc. I'll try to incorporate them into my life. Old Tom
  16. Happy Birthday Bro. You're climbing the stairs but you'll never catch me. Old Tom
  17. Happy New Year Brothers! keep it clean and safe as you can out there. Enjoy. Old Tom
  18. Good going Mitchel, I haven't found an Indian Head since 1939. Old Tom
  19. Good on you Bro. Next time take a few snaps of the kids digging in the dirt. I'd love to see just how much they have grown since the last pic's. Nice gold for not paying full attention. Old Tom
  20. Good going Mike, glad to see that you're getting out and beeping up some nuggies. Old Tom
  21. Happy Birthday laddy, I'll hoist one for you today. Old Tom
  22. Mucho Bueno Bro, that 5000 is a great machine. Glad you guys made out. Old Tom
  23. I read it and am sick at heart about it. Being originally a refugee from the East I have seen all this before. I always tell the young folks to enjoy and make use of what we have now because the developers will come in and snatch it all away soon. I have seen my hunting and fishing areas as a youth taken away from us and left nowhere to go to recreate unless you paid a large fee. Sort of like having to pay a fee to go on Tribal land. When we came to Arizona in 1966 you could go into Lake Pleasant whenever you wanted unmolested and without fee. Then they set up entrance booths and charged a fee of .25 cents and said that it's such a little amount why complain. Well things don't stay the same and it escalated like I knew it would. One even has to pay to get to the chain lakes anymore. Some day the backcountry and outdoor sports will be only for the well to do and privileged. (Sort of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forrest.) When some of you are my age you will look back and say the same thing that I have just said. Get out and use what God has give us while we have it. ( Shades of Soilent Green!!) Old Tom
  24. Get some more Tammy. Looks cold there. Old Tom
  25. Happy Birthday Rick, stay active an you'll see many more. I see lot's of nuggies in your future. Old Tom
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