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  1. Have a good one today bro. Old Tom
  2. Man that sounds like a plan, as long as that stuff is nonconductive. Old Tom
  3. Have a good one today bro. Old Tom
  4. I want to give a big thank you to River Stix. The contribution to the outing that you gave was tremendous. I haven't had so many belly laughs at one time in quite a while. Sort of made my sore back feel a lot better (also the Crown Royal). Well done my friend. Old Tom
  5. You could spot that dandy a mile off in the desert at Quartzsite the past weekend. The folks are as nice as the car too. Old Tom
  6. Got I right this time, Happy Birthday Son. Old Tom
  7. Happy Birthday bro. Have a couple cool one's today and then go out and dig a nuggie. Old Tom
  8. Looks like a packman game. Are we looking at a piece of paper, an aerial view or what. What is the scale of this photo. Are they tire tracks off to the right side? Old Tom
  9. I've already been stung by the 'Gold Bug'. That sure is a beauty to have on one's desk. How much did they go for when he was turning them out? Old Tom
  10. Yeah Doc, right after I talked with you at the last LSD outing he gave out Nugget Shooter patches. Nice one's too. Old Tom
  11. Asbestos grows like that but I see some what looks like quartz in there. Hard to tell unless it is in hand. Old Tom
  12. Man, that's a good looking piece bro. Same hat, wash the undies. Old Tom
  13. Happy birthday Bunkster, See you at the outing. Old Tom
  14. Have a good one today bro. Get out and find a few today. Old Tom
  15. Happy Birthday Gary, it's your day today, get out an get one. Old Tom
  16. Well he is my senior by a couple of years. Besides he did a lot more interesting things in his life than I did in mine. Fishing boat captain in Alaska, I almost went up there at that time and possibly worked for him. Good man. Old Tom
  17. How do you figure that? Old Tom
  18. That's a step in the right direction. Gotta keep praying for that old Bird. Old Tom
  19. Good luck Mitchel, Have a great time bro. Old Tom
  20. What a man. He's been through a lot and doesn't complain. I pray to God that he can beat this last offensive on him and he comes out of it with that winsome smile. May God bless you Johnny Eagle.
  21. I could only get half way through this one. Whew!! Old Tom
  22. Happy Birthday little girl. Things are getting better every day. Live it up Darlin'. Paw Paw
  23. You sure like to roll boulders, Shay. I remember another that got you a big one bro. Good job and keep up the hard work, it pays off. Old Tom
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