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  1. Ingenious mister, you ought to get with Tom he's a master with making jury rigs to make things. He might be able to give a hint or two on the shaft making. I might have a couple of broadheads laying about around here that you can have. Old Tom
  2. Oh man, I hope all's well with him. We'll be praying for him and hope you guys get to him before too long. I'd come down and join the search but I'm almost bed ridden right now with back problems. Keep us updated please. Old Tom
  3. Way to go Bro. Don't you hate those long skunk periods, they stink. Old Tom
  4. I too remember when it rained so hard the rain filled the washes and couldn't be crossed. Tom and I went back to camp but those same friends stayed out and had to go back the long way. Old Tom
  5. Happy Birthday young'un, don't try to catch up with me Bro. Glad you got some more yesterday, you sure know how to sniff them out. Old Tom
  6. I wonder just what kind of protection those latex gloves will provide the EMT's? Probably keep from getting their blood all over the poor guy. Old Tom
  7. Good to hear Unc, I'll be rooting for ya. Old Tom
  8. Patrick, we sure as heck missed you and your cake. I'm glad that you got out of town ok after being released from the hospital. Get that leg taken care of right away and we will be praying for your quick recovery. Old Tom
  9. Geeze Ron, take it easy Bro. You are scaring the heck out of me. See you on the weekend and I'll give you a big hug from wifey and I. I'm bringing my corn bread that Dodie likes. Old Tom
  10. Someone always has to throw a monkey wrench into the soup. This has been a good clean gathering for many years. Women are all welcome and are respected at our function at all times. We know how to get rid of undesirables. Old Tom
  11. Hey Jack, consider yourself very fortunate to have a mate that wants to share your passion. Remember that Bill and company will be giving lessons on Saturday to us learners. I intend to alleviate myself of the opportunity. I can't see to grasp the hang of that dang thing by myself. I got a lot of preconceptions I have to get rid of and get taught proper. Old Tom
  12. Doc's right on with what he says about Mohs surgery I have had all three kinds of skin cancer and in every instance I waited until the report came back whether or not they got it all in the first round of cutting. I usually fall asleep waiting for the results. That is the only way to go, I wouldn't have surgery any other way. I haven't had any cut out on my head as yet so that idea about Mohs only done on the head is debunked. When I grew up on the Jersey shore they didn't have much of a sun block program then. I spent some time in the Navy on the flying bridge of the ship as a navigator/signalman. Thirty plus years on telephone poles as a lineman then a cable repairman all exposed to the suns rays. I only learned to take care of my skin in later years. The skin is the largest organ of your body. It is to be taken care of the same as your heart, kidneys, liver, etc. Young folks take a lesson from the geezers, You won't regret it. Old Tom
  13. Just what is this, Crystalline Gold, Pyrite, or some new element? Sure is interesting how the earth formed it naturally. Old Tom
  14. We continue to take what life gives us as we go along the road. Don't give up, and I see that you are still hanging on to the lighter detectors like I am. The charging days are over, just walk in and detect slowly like they have been trying to tell us for years. Gold is an added bonus for me, I thoroughly enjoy the outdoors and comradeship of the diggers in our group. Hang in there and do your best brother. Old Tom
  15. Have a great day today Bro. Once a year it's your day. Old Tom
  16. Hope you had a good one the other day Bro. Only 262 more days till your next celebration. Old Tom
  17. I hope that the school bus stayed were he should have. We have been out since the rains but in our areas there was more fill sediment than wash out areas. Haven't been back in the LSD area yet. Anyone know just how that area fared? Old Tom
  18. You would hardly know that anyone was there before you. That is until you got to bed rock and didn't find any gold. You would then know that the 'gold dust' twins had been there. Old Tom
  19. Rick, they are very good at getting it back to you in quick order. You should have no trouble with it. Old Tom
  20. What for, because they can't or don't want to police them? A lot of money spent to no avail in my mind, the bikers and ATV people will just open up new paths to get where they want. More scars across the land scape if you ask me. Old Tom
  21. Fishing, I think that you might change your mind if you see it used properly. It will pick up the small pickers just fine. You do have to get in tune with the detector though, it's not that easy with that machine at least not for me. Old Tom
  22. You could always mail it in, that's what I used to do before they allowed the online app. Maybe try someone else's computer. Old Tom
  23. Now that's what I call a handsome couple. Old Tom
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