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  1. I'm glad it all went well for you Doc. I think that they should also give you a shot of brandy for all the apprehension they cause you. Old Tom
  2. Ron, the name of that outfit is Barnet Dulaney Perkins. My daughter is a registered nurse and worked in the OR for many years. Lifting overweight patients off and on the operating table took a toll on her back so she looked for lighter work and wound up at BDP in eye surgery. She explained the whole procedure to me before I had mine done. They make a small slit in the eye and cut the lens all around to detach it. They slip an instrument in the slit and wind the lens around it and pull it out. Then they insert the new lens wound around the same instrument and unwind it in place. It heals there very fast as the eye is one of the fastest mending parts of the body. I was awake for my surgery and talked to the Dr. during the procedure. He said "Hey, your not supposed to be knowing just what's going on". But I again say that it was a very comfortable experience and took the patch off the next day. It's really amazing when you get one eye done and compare the eye that wasn't done with the eye with the new lens. Old Tom
  3. Doc, I've had the regular Cataract Surgery and you are right it's no big deal. It is by far the easiest surgery I have ever been through, right from a five way bypass to a toe nail removal. Don't know anything about the laser end of it but I don't know just how much more comfortable it could be. Getting old does have some perks but I'll trade them all bro. Old Tom
  4. Happy Birthday bro. Have one on me. Old Tom
  5. Sounds like a great diet Ron. Now I know that you had a great day bro. Have one for me too. Old Tom
  6. Happy Birthday bro. Go get a nuggie today. Old Tom
  7. Missed you bro, didn't get my semi annual hug from Dodie. Take care of your selves and be there in March. Old Tom
  8. Navy, in the fifty's before ballistic missiles. They came in and there was no defense against them. Completely changed format of defense on both coasts and went in more for diplomacy. Did away with both early warning fleets. Old Tom
  9. I did have one just like that one. I found it in a old barn that the widow of the man that owned it said I could have anything in the barn that I wanted. There was nothing of value there until I checked on top of the rafters and found two very old rifles'. They were all rusty and pitted but I got them working again. I had more fun with the 22 until it was stolen from my little travel trailer I left in Pennsylvania while moving to Arizona, that was in 1966. The other was an old Henry square barrel that I sold to a man that put it over his fire place. It was not fit to be used properly. Old Tom
  10. Hey digger, I had the same thing happen only a little different a couple months ago. Because of a loss of forty pounds due to Chemo and radiation it messed up my heart and blood pressure meds. I was seeing things and dizzy with sickness. After four days in the hospital they came up with what I had told them in the first place when I was admitted. They took the meds away and I straightened right out. Look as long as you have a new regimen and you can drive ok, then come in for the dinner Saturday night and see your friends. You don't have to camp it to enjoy what you can. Old Tom
  11. Happy birthday Aaron, Get out and get one. Old Tom
  12. Mike, do I see a coin or the back end of a shotgun shell at around 7:00 o'clock in the picture? I got stung about three times last year. Suddenly they have appeared on my property after not having a one for over the forty nine years I have lived here. I have kept bees here for thirty years and have never used any insecticides on my property. I guess I'll have to find the nest and use a little poison on them. I expect bees to sting but those scorptsects ambush you in a handful of grass or weeds. Old Tom
  13. Happy Birthday Sir. Have a great day today. Old Tom
  14. I'm no expert on rocks but I have laid miles of spray paint down locating underground cables for 25 years. It sure looks like spray to me with the rough spots peaking through and the pooling in the valleys. See if it scratches off easily. Old Tom
  15. They got a good score today without me but my legs and lungs are getting a lot stronger. Soon I'll be able to go with Tom and pick up what he misses. I'll be at the outing to do some beeping and eating. I miss getting out a lot and it's sure better than that dang hospital. That wash has produced a lot of gold for us in the past and I am anxious to get in there and dig a little. Glad to see that it is still producing. Old Tom
  16. Happy Birthday bro. Slow down man or you will be catching up to me. I hope your day goes well and maybe you can get out and pick up a few. (Nuggies that is.) Old Tom
  17. I'm not biting bro. Been seriously ill for the last six months and Doc says to save my breath for when I really need it. This is not a valid subject to expound upon so you and I can just agree to disagree.
  18. Oh no, Don't think that I'm dumb enough to fall for his troll line, Morlock. Old Tom
  19. I gave up Pro Football because of this. I haven't watches a game since that no good commissioner refused to do anything about this atrocity. There are too many 'Americans' who either go along with them or are too apathic to the situation to do anything about it. I for one will not support the NFL in any way as long as they condone this kind of behavior in public. Old Tom
  20. One has to be very careful about selecting a repellent. Many are allergic to 'DEET'. It can raise heck with your breathing and such. Try it before going out in the field. You don't want to have a allergic attack alone out there. Has anyone had any experience with New Jersey mosquitos? I spent a lot of time in the Pine Barrens, and there they argue just where they are going to eat you. They might take you to the lake or into the swamp. Old Tom
  21. Have a happy day today Homie. Celebrate safely bro. Old Tom
  22. Sorry to hear of your family disappointments, I hope in your future you find more compassionate and forgiving folks to abide with. Sometimes it only takes one person or one unkind word to set someone of on a lifetime of uncertainty. May your future be blessed bro. Old Tom
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