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  1. I might be a little slow in getting these posted but you have to give me time to recover from this outing. We really did have a ball this year and the food was outstanding. A lot of times side dishes are forgotten and they are an important part of the meal so thanks to all those that contributed to that extravaganza. Potato salid, corn bread, flour wraps, onions and celentro, mac and cheese, etc. It all helped bring it together. If the pics are a little fuzzy around the camp fire its because everyone was a little drunk and the lies and tall stories were flying around abundently, of course that was after the little ones went off to bed. Sarge was in rare form and I almost peed myself (or maybe I did) a couple of times. The kids had a ball too with their flying marshmellow missles, and the dogs also got so many snacks they thought they were in dog heaven. Barb came in Saturday night and was delighted with the crowd, they made her feel good and she smiled and laughed a little with us before she left for home. Patrick made a special cake for her but I didnt get a chance to get a picture before it was devored. May God bless her and you guys keep praying and think positive for Bill and family. Old Tom
  2. Where did he buy that book? This looks worth looking into............ Old Tom
  3. Great haul Wade, they don't make em' small enough that you can't sniff them out. See you at the rendezvous. Old Tom
  4. Don't feel too bad Adam, he blindfolds me when we go in there. He only takes me along to dig for him......... Old Tom
  5. Dizz, I think that you are right on in your analysis of the GB2 and Pro. I use the GBP and follow up behind my son who uses the Mine Lab 5000. He locates and I dig, but you don't want to get too close as they both interfere with one another. Many of the digs I will have to scrape a bit off the target before I will get a good signal. Once in the hole the pro is a real pro but I wonder just how many good targets I have passed up. Another thing about the GBP is the drainage on the one 9v battery. It goes real fast and I find that only the top half of the battery is really good for signals. The bottom half gets fuzzy and acts like before you balance it. The display screen draws a lot of juice but it helps in mineralized areas. I also have the GB2 but mostly use the Pro, its easier for me. Good luck on your choice. Old Tom
  6. I bet you worked pretty carefully around those cactus and catclaw. Good on you Ron, but don't get all the gold before we get there for the outing. That is a nice peice of gold. :-) Old Tom
  7. Oh he'll figure it out, he always does. I don't know if you fellas know that his hobby is repairing F-16s at Luke Air Base. He is a first class mechanic, I tought him all he knows. (Ha ha ha.) I offered to use my Ford PU this weekend but he just has to get that mule fixed. He just can't rest with a broken machine. I'll go over and help him by washing parts for him, that makes it go a little faster. Used to be the other way around some years ago. Old Tom
  8. How good of a shot are you? You had better be off quite a ways when you attempt to do that. The shrapnel from that bugger flys a good distance and tears the body up pretty badly. Looks like a tank round to me and it's better to let a sleeping dog lie, but it should be reported and the military will despose of it properly least someone else runs accross it. Old Tom
  9. You opened yourself up for a few good ones but I'll try and be nice and respond tactfully. LSD stands for 'Little Santa Dimingo' wash. It emptys out not far from where Bill lives in Morristown. It's pretty hard to score there as it has been pounded very hard in the past. The old pros still manage to get a few now and then with some good equipment. If we ever get another hundred year flood Bill might passing us by floating down the Hasayampa river he lives so close. Old Tom
  10. Boy Bill, nice clean and yellar, that's some good looking stuff. Keep at it man. Old Tom
  11. You and your dad have this houses support and prayers. That is a fine facility, good things happen there. Old Tom
  12. Beer and turkey, you can't beat that with a stick. Only thing better would be eating it around a campfire with a bunch of greatful beepers. Old Tom
  13. Man i want you on my side in a bar fight. How far could you throw that thing? Old Tom
  14. Ron, us older guys don't have much time left so we have to get out there sooner. Seriously though I didn't have any damage to my heart and that's a good thing. This thing took me completely by suprise as I was feeling just fine when they told me I had two blocked at 90%, one at 80%, and two at 60%. Doc says I have another 10,000 miles left in me. Adam, The gold bug went right over one of those dinks and Tom came along with the mine lab and scooped it up. He is really getting to play that thing like a fiddle. That machine take a little time to fine tune, makes one wonder just how many you did miss while putting it all togeather. Really was a great day out. You guys here in the desert have no excuse now to get out there and start beepen. A little chilly at the start but by nine the jacket came off and the brow was moist. Looking forward to many more. Old Tom
  15. A while back my son and I along with a neighborhood lad came accross a dump I guess was situated in back of the mess hall of a mining camp. The area was so overgrown it was really difficult to get to. The brush would just rip your clothes apart. The dump was so deep in tin cans it was up past your waist in parts. Bottles were not very common but the cans were all the soldered kind. We did come out with a few somewhat more modern ones of the Log Cabin veriety. They were in the shape of a log cabin with the logs printed on them. The youngster got the better one of the day and was thrilled to this day with his find. I remember them at the table in the thirties. We also found a three oz. nugget below in the creek soon after. Old Tom
  16. Rabbit, I look at your picture and I swear that I'm looking in a mirror. The one next to the dog I mean. I think that 50 years form now the guys aren't going to have a place to hunt anymore. Better take advantage of it now things are a changin. Old Tom
  17. I think most of us that use the outdoors do suscribe to the idea of 'pack it in and pack it out'. We usually bring out more then what we brought in because we were tought respect for the land by our elders. The one's that are the offenders are usually the occaiosnal users that didn't have any direction in use of our wilderness. I first started in the boonies in the 1930's and my father was very adamant in not leaving an imprint on the land. Picking up fired shell casings to bringing out extra junk. People in those days wern't as disrespectful as what we have in the field today. There are more toys and contraptions to be used and tested in the field today and brings out a remanint that doesn't belong there. It is not going to change until peoples attitude changes towards each other and nature. Yesterdays shenanagins is a good example of where we are heading in that direction. Old Tom
  18. Yeah but do you know just who told him there was gold under that tree in the first place? We passed that tree many times and I wanted to lasso it and drag it away and detect where it was. But no, was I ever listened to? Nature or some ailens took the tree away and he finds the gold when I'm all laid up, it aint fair. Old Tom
  19. Yeah, he looks funny when he dances like that. His long legs and fappin his wings, what a sight to behold. Too much spirits in the bottle I think. Old Tom
  20. This is the first year in twenty five years that I will miss working as inspector at the polls, But i did manage to get my two cents in early as I can't stand in that line too long since surgery. Give e'm hell guys......... Old Tom
  21. Mike, is this you that sat between Bill and me at the fire when we swapped all those stories? Can't remember having a better time around a fire with a bunch of diggers. Beer and lots of blarney, can't beat it. Old Tom
  22. My dogs liked to eat horse poo, seems that they need to renew the bactera in their stomach. For it to really take effect one has to roll in it first. Might help keep away fleas also, I know it has an effect on me. Old Tom
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