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  1. Way to go Gold Dust Twins...... Adam your pics are always great and appreciated by us. How did you get that pronghorn to stand still for a close shot like that? Was that a Fish and Game plant or was he so old he didn't care any more? Usually you can't get up on them in the open like that. Great shot man! I think Wade could come up with a picker at Central and McDowell if he tried. Great adventure guys. Old Tom
  2. They 'Don't need no steenking badges' down there and they sure don't need me. I know guys that lost fishing gear, car parts, etc to Federales who liked it more than they did. I wonder just how much gold ($6,000.00 detector) you could bring back if you were stopped by those 'Banditos'........... Old Tom
  3. Got him out of enough tough spots, I'm going to take the fifth on this one. He was supposed to give me the black sand to work over but I think he can keep it for now. I might suggest that you scoop out the solids and soak the rest in a little bleach for a while son. Happy scratching! Pops, Old T :old:m
  4. Boulder dash, I think that all you need to make your GB 2 complete is a magnifing glass and blower attached to the coil. It would save the dust moustache and getting down on your belly. Adam, I'm working on a back pack vacuum with the hose running down the detector shaft on my GB 2 to suck up all those little ones. Neat haul you guys, keep it up. Old T :old:m
  5. Now that is one heck of an Idea that I would be willing to participate in also. It wouldn't go over very well right now with the weather being so hot but in a few months that area offers some great hunting places. What do you think of the idea Unkle Ron? I know that you are recovering as yet but do you think that it would work in your area? Nugget Bob, what do you think? Old Tom
  6. Yo Ron, we got your back here and have asked our Heavenly Father for mercys on your behalf. Now be a good patient and listen to those who know what is best for you, will ya? Old Tom
  7. Been wating for your vet report on Patch. Glad to hear that he just has a tummy ache from acting like a young pup. They are just like kids, they get into everything even when you think that all around is harmless. I know what you have been through and am happy for you two, Ron. That's a fine dog and give him a pat on the head for me. Old Tom
  8. if he specks me to saddle one of those ass breakers he has another think coming. I'll four bi them in as far as it will go but then I walk from there. He can have all the fun out of it he wants, I guess he didn't learn his lesson the first time around. Maybe another thirty five stiches to the head (Cut from the helmet) will do the trick. That one bike looks like the one that he used to fly on. Not wanting to walk out is a great idea but I do know the temptation of those bike trails. That's how I got to be, OLD Tom
  9. Thanks for the post of the red snake Greg. That is the guy that I bumped noses with Sunday morning. They are quite colorful and mine was a little smaller than yours. We agreed to go our seperate ways and all ended well but I do enjoy seeing them, it's when I don't see them I get a little anxious. Yeah John, we are scouting new areas and are not doing as well for the moment. Got to pay some more dues till it comes in again. Old Tom
  10. Adam, that is a good thought but Mr. no sholders might still be guarding the place. When I ran onto that snake I was on my hands and knees under a Palo Verde branch in a small wash. i came face to face with that booger and froze in place for a few seconds. He dodn't rattle at all and just slithered away. It was about two feet long and the prettiest red you ever did see. I think that you posted one like that a while back, i'd like to see that one again. old Tom
  11. Hey bring them on! The more birthdays I get is more time I have with you guys. Getting old isn't all bad, I sure wouldn't want to do it all over again though. Happy birthday Bill. It's going to be a great year ahead of you. Old Tom
  12. These days out there together are priceless. Many of lifes lessons can be tought if you reconize the opertunity when it shows itself. She is just the right age to be held close to her dad. So many distractions out there this day and age to behold. I'm almost eighty and my son is over fifty and we have the time of out life everytime we go out which is often. Keep up the good work but don't push too hard. Old Tom
  13. Something I need to find my shoes in the morning.
  14. Jean, my cellphone isn't very smart at any time and either am I for getting lost yesterday. As far back in as Tom and I go there is no service at all. Walkie Talkie was the way we finally communicated after I climbed the higest hill around. I fired a couple of shots and he told me the direction to travel and we met. I've been a woodsman since childhood but I can't rely on things I used to in the past to get me out of some situations. Age is a factor and I'll have to start embracing some things that I have been putting off. Glad I wasn't dragging a 200 pound deer out, the detector and related stuff was cumbersom enough to carry along. Old Tom
  15. I agree that he is a bit scarey but with tranquilizer in hand he is rendered harmless. That is if you don't get between him and a gold nugget. Old Tom
  16. Yeah, that was a pretty big cooler on the quad. I went to bed and a little later I hear all this laughing and disturbance pass my RV. I looked out and there is Adam and Eve zig zaging down the path in the moonlight on the quad riding side saddle peering around the huge cooler. I don't think we could have had a better time if we tried any harder. Weather was perfect, and the folks were outstanding. Old Tom
  17. I might be a little slow in getting these posted but you have to give me time to recover from this outing. We really did have a ball this year and the food was outstanding. A lot of times side dishes are forgotten and they are an important part of the meal so thanks to all those that contributed to that extravaganza. Potato salid, corn bread, flour wraps, onions and celentro, mac and cheese, etc. It all helped bring it together. If the pics are a little fuzzy around the camp fire its because everyone was a little drunk and the lies and tall stories were flying around abundently, of course that was after the little ones went off to bed. Sarge was in rare form and I almost peed myself (or maybe I did) a couple of times. The kids had a ball too with their flying marshmellow missles, and the dogs also got so many snacks they thought they were in dog heaven. Barb came in Saturday night and was delighted with the crowd, they made her feel good and she smiled and laughed a little with us before she left for home. Patrick made a special cake for her but I didnt get a chance to get a picture before it was devored. May God bless her and you guys keep praying and think positive for Bill and family. Old Tom
  18. Where did he buy that book? This looks worth looking into............ Old Tom
  19. Great haul Wade, they don't make em' small enough that you can't sniff them out. See you at the rendezvous. Old Tom
  20. Don't feel too bad Adam, he blindfolds me when we go in there. He only takes me along to dig for him......... Old Tom
  21. Dizz, I think that you are right on in your analysis of the GB2 and Pro. I use the GBP and follow up behind my son who uses the Mine Lab 5000. He locates and I dig, but you don't want to get too close as they both interfere with one another. Many of the digs I will have to scrape a bit off the target before I will get a good signal. Once in the hole the pro is a real pro but I wonder just how many good targets I have passed up. Another thing about the GBP is the drainage on the one 9v battery. It goes real fast and I find that only the top half of the battery is really good for signals. The bottom half gets fuzzy and acts like before you balance it. The display screen draws a lot of juice but it helps in mineralized areas. I also have the GB2 but mostly use the Pro, its easier for me. Good luck on your choice. Old Tom
  22. I bet you worked pretty carefully around those cactus and catclaw. Good on you Ron, but don't get all the gold before we get there for the outing. That is a nice peice of gold. :-) Old Tom
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