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  1. I agree with you Skip, There are times in the past that things have happened to hamper what I was doing an turned out to be a God send in disguise. Once when the brand new car my family and I were riding in going on a weekend holiday showed the oil was dry I pulled over an began kicking tires and cussing a blue streak. Found nothing wrong and continued on after a half hour of monkeying around. A couple of miles up the road there were cars and pickups all crashed together and bodies laying on the highway in weird positions. We were waived past and continued on but stopped to thank God for a faulty oil pressure gage. The thing decided to work again and as long as I had that station wagon it never did go off again. I do think that BMc's luck was a little more than just luck, he had a helping hand. Always look for something good to come out of a little setback. Old Tom
  2. I got a couple of thimbles in the past but why are they always crushed? Good job Terry. Old Tom
  3. Man Pat, what more would you want? Do you want me to go along with you and show you how? Old Tom
  4. Glad to see that you are getting out an getting some yeller. Things have come to a halt with us, maybe in the fall we will get out some. Good on ya Frank. Old Tom
  5. Matt, don't get sucked in by Bob. He just wants to poke you with a stick to see just how far you will jump. He's bee doing it for years and has been admonished it for many times. You just have to ignore folks like that. Watch me when he reads this and try's to poke me a bit. Old Tom
  6. I agree wholeheartedly with that, but could you name a moderator that has done such and provide any evidence. I think that the moderators here have done a pretty good job of policing the forum. Maybe they have been a little too lenient for my idea of a good show but if it ran my way I'd have to step on a couple of really big feet. Old Tom
  7. I'm all for that, or just let these people that will never learn have the Lounge and create a new section for what the Lounge was intended for. Birthdays, Death notices, Stories about instances, General talk, etc. The politicos should have a place of their own to pontificate their beliefs to other politicos who will never change their beliefs. I swore that I wouldn't visit the Lounge again but there was a lot I was missing. This fighting to try to change each other minds about political views is sickening. It is boring a lot of guys who are sick of it and don't visit the Lounge anymore and miss some important events that are going on. Let's get back to normal and leave the 'Haters' to their own demise. Old Tom
  8. Happy Birthday bro, get out and get some yeller. Old Tom
  9. Hey Doc, another year gone by and you're still makin it. May God bless you on this day bro. Old Tom
  10. Yeah, can't see deer horns or sun bakers either. Old Tom
  11. Yeah, it's a real drag. I never know just where I am when scrolling down. I didn't mind the ads when it first started but when they came as posts I got annoyed. Old Tim
  12. Happy Birthday bro. Wish you well on your special day. Old Tom
  13. Nice job Dave, that acid sure does a good job. So does that little guy with the big eyes. The more rain the more bugs he knows just when to come out. So prehistoric looking, love those guys. Old Tom
  14. Dave, you could have gotten my 1968 Square Back I sold a couple of weeks ago. Would have given you a real deal bro. It did need an awful lot of body work but the engine was just overhauled before I let it set. Old Tom
  15. Have a good one today RD. Stay at home, wash your hands, don't touch your face, and don't fraternize with anyone...…..……... Old Tom
  16. That rocker has a wide seat that fits my fat arse just fine. Thanks again Doc for the thought and gift you know that I'll use it a lot. Right now I have to mow that grass, it's getting away from me. Old Tom
  17. Hey old man, take care of yourself and thanks for thinking of others. We won't make it to Quartzsite either this year due to serious family sickness. I'll save your shot of Crown Royal for next time. Old Tom
  18. I remember back in the 1930's and 40's we kids weren't allowed to go into any stores or public buildings of any kind for fear of the Polio Scourge. If you wanted a popsicle or ice cream cone you waited outside of the store while the soda jerk handed you're cone around the screen door to you and you paid him. Things like county fairs were prohibited along with any public function like swimming pools or holes, school yards, parks, etc. There was actually nothing for a kid to do in those days. The president also caught the disease which finally killed him during WWII. I lost a couple of friends and there were three in my family that were crippled from it. For some reason they were all male. That disease went on for many years and thousand died or were severely cripple from it. Finally the Salk Vaccine came out and I took my kids in for a sugar cube with a drop of vaccine on it to be inoculated with it. Remember the 'March of Dimes' Old Tom
  19. Fred you're right, that was a curse when they started using that. There were still some softer pages but you avoided the glossy pictures. I heard that the catalog was made originally especially for that reason, to put in the out house and read while...…………. But soon after we modernized and went inside. I shed a tear when they blew up the old Sears catalog building on Roosevelt Blvd. outside of Philly. It was the end of an era and now Sears is gone completely. I got the explosion somewhere on film, got to get it out and watch it again. Old Tom
  20. Back in the day we used the Sears Catalog in the out house. There should be enough trash magazines coming to the house to help out till the pandemic is over. Old Tom
  21. Yeah Skip, he's hiding his real age. He is now officially pushing the big six-o and you know what that means. He's been one hell of a great son and I'm so proud of him. But I never thought that he would make it this far doing all the risky and duovirus things that young-un does. Old Tom
  22. Hey bro, your still a handsome devil even with out your hair an beard. I might suggest that you curl your Moustache on the ends and you will start to look like me. Hang in there old boy, every one is praying and supporting you. Like me, enjoy the forum an pictures of the yeller. Bill is there for you also, keep the faith bro. Old Tom
  23. Happy Birthday Son. Remember that you are working on the big '60' and that's when the aches and pains really start. Keep it up and you could become just like me...…………... Old Tom
  24. Good on ya guys. If I can't get out I do Like to see the pic's. old Tom
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