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    Hey Bud, It's a great group of guys and gals that get together for one purpose. Not all personalities match perfectly so folks pair off and go their separate ways during the day and go out hunting. You can get very good advise from most of the older members of where to go for the best results. This year there are some newer members and I am sure they would like to pair up with someone. Thursday is when the early birds come in and maybe early they go off to hunt all day. Friday a good contingent comes in with some newbies you can acquaint with. Saturday a lot of guys are tuckered out and stay around the camp with lessons in beeping and such. Dinner is around four O'clock with long windedness and a giveaway of different miners articles and such. ( I got dibbs on Terry Solomon's Knife that he is donating.) There is also a few ornery Californians that come over to plunder our gold, great guys. I hope this helps a little. Old Tom
  2. Old Tom

    Who Remembers? Doc does.....

    BMT Old Tom
  3. Old Tom

    Advise please

    After this one not much till December/January. I've seen 100 year floods back in Dec. of 66' an 67'. A couple back to back in the 70's in the summer months. Usually no rain after Jan. for about six months or so. You can't really figure it out though because the rain is pretty local and if it rains one place the other gold field is dry. It's a large area between Black Canyon, Lake Pleasant, Wickenburg, Prescott, and Q. Old Tom
  4. Glad you are sharing this Doc. I am getting over a deep melanoma that was on my neck/back. They took some lymph nodes out from under my arm and said that the cancer hadn't gone that far. I have had many Basil and Squamosas cell cancers cut out, but that is what you put up with when you have fair skin. Back in the 1930's one didn't have the kind of skin protectants that we have today. Was practically raised on the Jersey shore beaches and like you Doc I'm suffering for it now. Young folks better heed some old fart's advice and load up with 50 and above sun screen when going out in the desert and such. Think that you are getting away with it now, well just wait and join the club. Old Tom
  5. Saul hasn't been on for over a month, anyone know anything? Old Tom
  6. That's what I keep sayin...……… Old Tom
  7. Old Tom


    Jerry, Sorry to hear it's not just a simple fix, You got my support and prayers Bro, Hang in there. Old Tom
  8. Old Tom

    Hurricane Coming To AZ

    When you see a garbage dumpster half full of garbage float past your house and kids in a canoe chasing it, it's a good gauge of just how much rain came down. Old Tom
  9. Old Tom

    Happy Birthday Patrick in Havasu

    Happy Birthday old man. Bet you never thought that you would get this far. I just keeps coming, enjoy it any way you can Bro. Old Tom
  10. Old Tom

    Working on the YOTO

    I've been after him to do a paint job on that thing for quite a while. He says that it would ruin the 'mystique' of it. Really we ram that thing in places that a bike or four wheeler wouldn't go. Paint can paint wouldn't last very long with the punishment the finish takes on the Yoto. I'm anxious to see just what he will do when I throw my muddy boots and buckets of dirt that I am going to go through at home. I think that Tom might have an ulterior motive in that he will want to leave me and the big RV at home and go out by himself and sleep in the thing over night. Old Tom
  11. Old Tom

    Some gold on an ugly quarter

    Hey Frank, You're giving away your age if you can remember ALLY OOP. He was a favorite of mine when I was a kid. Pushing eighty five and those hills are starting to be a problem. Knees giving out and I think that I am going to need some spare parts soon. Still a lot of fun getting out with the youngsters. Old Tom
  12. Old Tom

    eye problemssssss

    Praying for you Pondmn. Good things can happen to those who believe. Old Tom
  13. Old Tom

    The Q

    'Badges' bro, 'Badges'! Old Tom
  14. Old Tom

    I can see Fall from my house!

    My calendar says that Fall will hit on Sunday. It'll be a lot cooler then, so that's when I'm going. Old Tom
  15. Old Tom

    Made it in the magazine!!

    Better send your money in Bro, your registration is due this month...…………………. Old Tom
  16. Old Tom

    Happy Birthday Homefire

    Happy Birthday Homey. Do something good today and remember fallen. May God bless you and yours. Old Tom
  17. Old Tom

    Hillside fine gold

    That's a lot of fines for one third bucket unclassified dirt. See somehow if you can use mercury in your process, it will pick up all that tiny stuff. I think that you are on to something Shea. Old Tom
  18. Old Tom

    The Q

    Before, if he's drinking! Old Tom
  19. Old Tom

    The Q

    Like an old commode? Old Tom
  20. Old Tom

    Judge Jeanine

    She hits the nail on the head! Old Tom
  21. Old Tom

    Happy Birthday Frank C

    Happy Birthday Bro. Wishing you more Au out there. Old Tom
  22. Old Tom

    Glove Stealing Fox

    Left hind leg doesn't look all too good. Did you notice if he was lame. In all three pics he doesn't put any weight on it. Great pic's Mc. Old Tom
  23. Old Tom

    Fridays humidity

    Good Goin Bro. I see her peeking in there on the sly. Got to get her out there once in a while Wade. Old Tom
  24. Old Tom


    Gotta love those bug eaten little guys. Great to have them around your place in the summer. They look almost prehistoric. Old Tom
  25. Old Tom


    When young Tom was a tad I Let him shoot anything that he would eat. That was the only stipulation I gave him on targets, If he wanted to shoot a song bird he would have to eat it. When I see a kid in the neighborhood shooting at a song bird I really come unglued and have words with him and sometimes his parents. I don't remember him ever eating a birdie but I seen him eat a rattle snake. Old Tom