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  1. Glad to hear that your dad is responding so well to the Stem Cell Therapy. I hope it will help me in my case. I am not a good candidate for knee replacement as my age is 86 now and no one wants to handle my case. Medicare has opted to cover Stem Cell Therapy now within the last couple of months. Previously it was too expensive to consider and the steroid shots were working well. Now they don't work at all so here I go on the other option. One other thing I considered very closely was that stem cells are gathered from umbilical cords of fetuses'. I told the Doc that if they came from aborted fetuses' that I would not participate in a program of that sort. He assured me that it is not the case and he would not be in it either if that were the case. I go in for the shots on Wednesday, 'oh happy day'! Old Tom
  2. Happy Birthday bro................ Old Tom
  3. That's where I get my non metallic boots at also. They do have good buys from time to time on discontinued items. Go back through their inventory again and I'm sure that you'll find something good for yourself. That boot in the picture looks like it is laughing at you. Old Tom
  4. I guess that you haven't been out in a while either Andy. It's so hot down here that all I do is go food shopping and put out out the garbage each week. Come cooler weather watch out man I'm going all in. I'm feeling a lot better and I start my Stem Cell Therapy for my knees next week. Sherri, Young Tom's wife, is making a miraculous recovery from her bout with Cancer. After operations, bone grafts, feeding tubes, Radiation, Chemo etc., etc. She is healed of that dreaded scourge. Tom took great care of her for all that time and coaxed her along all through it. He might be a little crazy at times but he makes a heck of a Soul Mate. I was pretty crazy at his age also. I guess he learned some of it from me. We'll get out now as soon as it gets cooler and he gets some free time for himself. I don't dare go alone as I might just fall in one of those holes that I dig. See you out there Andy........... Old Tom
  5. That surgeon sure is operating on the right guy................ Old Tom
  6. Happy Birthday Sir Thomas. This calls for a Cabo Wabo Bro. When you get to Az. I'll have one ready for you. Old Tom
  7. The dark eyed ones from the planet Russia probably threw you out for talking too much. Glad to hear that everything went well and are on the mend. Just remember to allocate the heavy chores to your young'un like pulling an elk out of the woods this fall. Old Tom
  8. I remember that trip well. Patrick fell backwards in his chair an almost rolled down the hill. We were camped on a slant as there was no flat ground around. Good thing too as the water from the deluge just ran off and left us without mud in camp. Tammy doctored up Patrick's wounds from falling and did a very good job. That was a fun campout for the middle of the summer. Old Tom
  9. As one gets older surgery is for the birds. I've had more than my share and still going. Opted out for knee replacement and going in for Stem Cell Therapy. Let you know in a few months just how it all works out. Good luck on your surgery tomorrow and will remember you in prayer tonight. Getting old sucks too. Old Tom
  10. That cricket has found more gold than the 'Two Toms'. We haven't been out this year as yet due to other than the heat and virus. Young Tom is all tied up taking care of his wife who is very ill. I've been coming back from my own bout with hospitals and cancer. My back and legs don't work very good anymore and tomorrow I go to the doc to find out about Stem Cell Therapy for my knees. I sure would like to get out again. I know there is a big nugget out there just waiting to be picked up and i want to be the one to do it. The rains are coming and cooler weather is not far away. Screw the 'Virus' :-) Old Tom
  11. Happy Birthday bro. I'll hoist a tall one for you to wish you good luck. We'll all get together after this mess is over and get back to the way it used to be. Can't wait. Old Tom
  12. Yeah those 3" 50 cannon can be a bit noisy in a gun tub on a ship. We also fired 5" 38 cannon. The only thing that we had for hearing was cotton. Also it was dirty and exposed to everything foul around the ship. Today the government is being sued by vets for not providing the proper ear protection while firing ordnance. That doesn't go for us guys that didn't have any ear protection at all or very little. My hearing is very bad and the tinnitus is constant but the VA says that I make too much money to qualify for hearing aids. Go figure that. I can still hear those Chichadas though. Old Tom
  13. Well done bro. A fine looking family Doc, may you have many more years to go with them. Got you beat by a little, 64 years with my bride and still going. Old Tom
  14. Those little boogers sure do make enough noise when it gets hot. The kids around here tie cotton thread on them under their wings and fly them around on a long line. After they are done playing and they are exhausted they let them go. The trees are full of their exoskeletons hanging onto the bark. That piece of gold looks a lot like one that my son found a few years ago. We call it the pizza nugget because it is flat and round and on top it looks like a pizza. A really good find for you in this day and age, congrats. Old Tom
  15. Great Avatar bro. Welcome, lotza luck. Old Tom
  16. Thanks for all the good work you do Skip and I wish you a very Happy Birthday bro. Old Tom
  17. The first thing that I would do is to employ some kind of magnet to the area that you intend to search. If you could borrow a shop sweeper magnet on wheels that would be good. Rake the area with a firm garden rake to loosen the metal that is just below the surface. If you lost the ring recently then it shouldn't be covered with dirt so turn your gain way down an go so very slow on the first try. The ring should really jump out being so close to the detector and ignore the faint signals. If you think that it is covered with dirt then dig everything. Old Tom
  18. Do you think that the blade fell out of the Indians' loin cloth when he had to go? Anyway a little Hydrofluoric acid would clean it up a bit. Old Tom
  19. Have a happy one today bro. The big 40 today just think AJ another 46 years and you'll catch me. Old Tom
  20. Happy Birthday bro. Hope it was a good one for you yesterday. Old Tom
  21. Whenever that happens the savages come out at night. The cowards will finally wear face masks and loot an burn what they can or can't get. When I was a kid the law was allowed to shoot looters and arsonists. I wonder just what happened to allow all this to happen. People are still people...…….. Old Tom
  22. Boy that's a beauty. Glad it got preserved and taken car of so that generations in the future can see just how people mined in the old days. Good on you for your efforts. Old Tom
  23. Hey Edge, take it easy on that old guy. I'm almost to his age but he has five years on me. Watch him and don't let him overdo it. Exuberance sometimes gets the best of us an we go beyond our bounds. I know of what I speak and am not afraid to admit it. Take some cans of oxygen with you can get it at the sports stores, I always carry it and some aspirin also. Good luck and God bless you for what you are trying to do. Old Tom
  24. Come on guys, Let's not start that crap over here. If we can't talk about gold here let's be silent, huh? Old Tom
  25. Gotta agree with you bro on all points, keep up keeping up and good luck. Nice nuggets. Old Tom
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