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  1. Don't have a care of what She says today, It's your day bro. You only get one a year make the best of it. Old Tom
  2. Ya know, I worked outside all my life. First on a ship in the Navy as a navigator/signalman on the flying bridge a lot. The rest of my work time was on the poles as a lineman and cable repairman. The heat bothered me a lot when I came out West from Jersey. I got to live with it as there was no real shade on the poles, you just did your best and bare with the discomfort. I retired in 1985 and have been able to stand the heat much better as I lost 50 lbs. due to Radiation and Chemo. I was out today for three hours in around 112 degrees mowing the lawn. Worked up a real sweat and feel really good. Old Tom
  3. I wish I still had my sister to love. She passed years ago and I miss her dearly. If you do have one or know someone else's give her all the love you can as she is precious even if she calls you a dick. Old Tom
  4. Bob can't you see just what he is doing. He's setting a pot of crap out there for you to stir and you are falling for it lock, stock and barrel just like what you always do. It's just that you didn't start it and you are not interested in the subject that you want to move on. We feel the way you do now when you rant and rave about poli.... oops, Covid, etc. etc. Get a grip man, others have a right to rant about what they are interested in also. Old Tom
  5. Bob it's like the pot calling the kettle black. Don't you see yourself a little in this joust? Where do you think that they learned to play like this? Old Tom
  6. You want more government in Your hobby? I can't understand just why when they muck up every other aspect of regulating our so called wellbeing. Old Tom
  7. Hope you had a good day today Skip. Just think, another year older ain't that great! Old Tom
  8. Have a great day AJ, It's all yours today. Old Tom
  9. Have a great day today whichever way it goes. More Au to you bro. Old Tom
  10. Great day for a birthday, Enjoy! Old Tom
  11. Happy Birthday youngster. You are now exactly half my age. I hope the Lord tarries with your longevity as He has with mine. Many blessings to come bro. Old Tom
  12. Have a great day Bill, It's only once a year. Old Tom
  13. Happy birthday young'un, have one on me bro. Old Tom
  14. Man your getting old Doc. Better sit down an have a tall one. Enjoy the day bro. Old Tom
  15. Again the political stuff. What don't you understand about, "Knock It Off". Old Tom
  16. Have a good one today, Jean. Remember the good times......... Old Tom
  17. Happy Birthday wishes bro. Have a good one. Old Tom
  18. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I hope that you fare well. Old Tom
  19. Happy Birthday bro. Congrats on making it this far. Old Tom
  20. Hey Red_desert, keep taking his temperature to see if he has any fever. If he doesn't like the oral thermometer then tell him that you are going to turn him over and jam one in the other end. I know how older people can be sometimes as I am there myself. I am 87 and my wife is 89. Tough love bro! Old Tom
  21. Don't matter if you have long legs. Old Tom
  22. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones! Old Tom
  23. Have a happy one today Steve. The gatherings will be coming again soon I hope, see ya then. Old Tom
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