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  1. Yeah, but Skip, what he got was a photo of a painting. Had he got the painting it would have been a lot better. I would have liked her phone number instead. Old Tom
  2. See you won't even take my cheapy walkie talkies when we go out anymore. Do you remember how it saved my ass when we first started to do the beeping thing? We were supposed to turn the radios on at around 4:00 pm if not yet back in camp. I got turned around and couldn't find camp so I climbed the tallest hill around and turned the radio on. We did establish communications but we couldn't see each other and didn't know which direction I was from camp. You told me to fire a shot in the air and you would listen for it. You heard the shot way off and said you would climb a hill at your end. You told me to fire another shot and you pin pointed me. Then you told me to walk directly into the sun which was by that time was going down. We couldn't see each other as I was more than a mile off in hills. We did eventually bump into one another and thank God you brought me some delicious water to boot. Made it back to camp and all was well. Got a new direction finder and water backpack. If you do get a new set of hand helds You have got to remember to bring them with. Also remember what I told you never leave home without? Old Tom
  3. I agree that they are from some ant, bee, spider etc. aluminum or lead pour. They were probably left in the ground after the main pour was pulled out. These underground tunnels that insects dig have off branches all over the place. They got broken off when the main pour was roughly pulled out and left behind. Old Tom
  4. Bill, you say in the same general area. Does that mean LSD because on Adams other thread they are all talking of going to Quartzsite and then you say around March 21. Old Tom
  5. Happy Birthday Mitchel. Have a tall one and get out and get a nuggie. Old Tom
  6. Thanks a lot guys for the b-day wishes. This year has been a real trial for me with the cancer and other stuff. Lost forty pounds and in and out of the hospital, Chemo, Radiation, gall bladder, blood clots, overmedicated and such. I am much better and am over the hump. Got out with Tom and Luke a couple of times and really enjoyed it. They got gold but I'm still a little slow. Old Tom
  7. Another tear shed...…………………. Old Tom
  8. Happy Birthday Gal, and have a very Merry Christmas to go along with it. I'll have one at the table for your remembrance today. Old Tom
  9. I'm glad it all went well for you Doc. I think that they should also give you a shot of brandy for all the apprehension they cause you. Old Tom
  10. Ron, the name of that outfit is Barnet Dulaney Perkins. My daughter is a registered nurse and worked in the OR for many years. Lifting overweight patients off and on the operating table took a toll on her back so she looked for lighter work and wound up at BDP in eye surgery. She explained the whole procedure to me before I had mine done. They make a small slit in the eye and cut the lens all around to detach it. They slip an instrument in the slit and wind the lens around it and pull it out. Then they insert the new lens wound around the same instrument and unwind it in place. It heals there very fast as the eye is one of the fastest mending parts of the body. I was awake for my surgery and talked to the Dr. during the procedure. He said "Hey, your not supposed to be knowing just what's going on". But I again say that it was a very comfortable experience and took the patch off the next day. It's really amazing when you get one eye done and compare the eye that wasn't done with the eye with the new lens. Old Tom
  11. Doc, I've had the regular Cataract Surgery and you are right it's no big deal. It is by far the easiest surgery I have ever been through, right from a five way bypass to a toe nail removal. Don't know anything about the laser end of it but I don't know just how much more comfortable it could be. Getting old does have some perks but I'll trade them all bro. Old Tom
  12. Happy Birthday bro. Have one on me. Old Tom
  13. Sounds like a great diet Ron. Now I know that you had a great day bro. Have one for me too. Old Tom
  14. Happy Birthday bro. Go get a nuggie today. Old Tom
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