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  1. Happy Birthday bro. Slow down man or you will be catching up to me. I hope your day goes well and maybe you can get out and pick up a few. (Nuggies that is.) Old Tom
  2. I'm not biting bro. Been seriously ill for the last six months and Doc says to save my breath for when I really need it. This is not a valid subject to expound upon so you and I can just agree to disagree.
  3. Oh no, Don't think that I'm dumb enough to fall for his troll line, Morlock. Old Tom
  4. I gave up Pro Football because of this. I haven't watches a game since that no good commissioner refused to do anything about this atrocity. There are too many 'Americans' who either go along with them or are too apathic to the situation to do anything about it. I for one will not support the NFL in any way as long as they condone this kind of behavior in public. Old Tom
  5. One has to be very careful about selecting a repellent. Many are allergic to 'DEET'. It can raise heck with your breathing and such. Try it before going out in the field. You don't want to have a allergic attack alone out there. Has anyone had any experience with New Jersey mosquitos? I spent a lot of time in the Pine Barrens, and there they argue just where they are going to eat you. They might take you to the lake or into the swamp. Old Tom
  6. Have a happy day today Homie. Celebrate safely bro. Old Tom
  7. Happy Birthday bro. Old Tom
  8. Got it Tommy, be there. Old Tom
  9. Sorry to hear of your family disappointments, I hope in your future you find more compassionate and forgiving folks to abide with. Sometimes it only takes one person or one unkind word to set someone of on a lifetime of uncertainty. May your future be blessed bro. Old Tom
  10. Have a happy one today, Frank. Old Tom
  11. Yeah, but they stink...……………………. Old Tom
  12. Who didn't want to look like 'Charles Atlas? He was just a little skinny kid that the girls all ignored, but when that big brute kicked sand in his face he bought a 'Dynamic Tension' kit and changed his life forever. He kicked hat tough guys butt and lived happily ever after with all those good looking girls.
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