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  1. I guess they must have brought things in by air to build that place and mine it. I wonder just when it was abandoned and why? Old Tom
  2. Well kept. Quite an experience I'll bet. Old Tom
  3. Happy Birthday bro. Drink lots of alcohol to prevent the virus. Old Tom
  4. Egad man, Stop ageing bro or you'll catch up with me. Miss the good times but we'll be out sooner than expected. Have a good day today. Old Tom
  5. Wow, you're getting old Mike. Come on brother it's not really that bad except for the aches and pains. I owe you another shot of Crown Royal when I see you. Old Tom
  6. Yeah, I got it back again after it laid off for a while. It's darn annoying along with all the weird ads and such. I don't check in as often because of all the clutter. Old Tom
  7. Also like 'Voyage to the center of the Earth'. Old Tom
  8. Happy Birthday bro! Many more to you. Old Tom
  9. Happy Birthday bro! More AU to you this year. Old Tom
  10. Gotta be better than the last one. Have a happy one guys. Old Tom
  11. Happy Birthday Gal! I remember you saying that your birthday was on Christmas day. Better get out and make some posts. Old Tom
  12. I have had the same message displayed for a few days but today it didn't appear when I logged in. Might be taken care of by now. Old Tom
  13. By golly another wonderful year goes by Ron. Happy Birthday bro, and many more. Old Tom
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