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  1. I haven't heard from you for a while Adam, are you alright bro???? Old Tom
  2. Wow wouldn't that be something. I'm all for it but my three wheel scooter wouldn't jump the rocks. Maybe young Tom, Dave and another might take you up on that. Tom has got to stay pretty close to home right now as tomorrow Sherri goes under the knife again. (Prayers are needed for her) Tomorrow I get my PCC line out after six weeks and I will feel more mobile, but I can't walk as yet. Good times are coming bro and I'll see you out there again soon. Old Tom
  3. Although I have seen some of those hood ornaments laying around the last couple of years I did not know that you were working on a collection/display. They sure look sleek and shiny. The chrome sure picks up the blue background all right. What if you photographed them outside on a dull day? Old Tom
  4. Could be some sort of sea creature fossilized. How long ago was that portion of the desert under water, if ever? Old Tom
  5. Man they were some good times, lets hope and pray that we can get somewhat back to normal and fellowship like we used to. A great bunch of guys and gals there. Old Tom
  6. Happy Birthday bro. Keep on keeping on, and Lo and Behold you've made it. Old Tom
  7. One thing that my father taught me when I was growing up working in his business. He said "Corporations don't pay taxes, people pay taxes". No matter what tax is rendered on a business or corporation it will eventually be filtered on down to the consumer in one form or another. A business must stay above the bottom line if it wants to stay in business. If a tax is levied on a hamburger joint the cost of your burger goes up. There are many ways that a corporation can redirect that tax where it winds up in the consumers lap. Old Tom
  8. Yeah Dave, cats do help but chickens and guinea fowl are a better deterrent. I never had any around here while the chickens roamed the area. After I got rid of the chickens the inscorpticets came in like cockroaches which they love to eat. Old Tom ]]]]]]better deal to keep those critters down.
  9. Hope all is well on your special day bro. Have a very happy day today and hoist one for me too. Old Tom
  10. Happy Birthday bro. Have one on me. Old Tom
  11. Great pieces, pretty pictures. Shows the gold up nicely. Old Tom
  12. Glad someone is getting out and finding something. Not much activity lately being so hot but that is coming to an end soon. Nice pieces bro. Old Tom
  13. Heat retention might be a factor? Old Tom
  14. Lookin good bro. Old Tom
  15. Good on you Terry. That is one that I'd like to find some day. Perseverance pays bro. Old Tom
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