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  1. Come on guys, Let's not start that crap over here. If we can't talk about gold here let's be silent, huh? Old Tom
  2. Gotta agree with you bro on all points, keep up keeping up and good luck. Nice nuggets. Old Tom
  3. When, where, and how many did Tammy get? Old Tom
  4. Have a good one today Chris. You got safely past the big 50 and going for the achy 60. Good luck bro. Old Tom
  5. I said o-yeah when I played that Little Richard piece. I grew up on those guys back on the east coast. Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bill Haley etc. etc. We used to go to a couple of Black clubs and be the only whites in the place. Never had any trouble as we were there strictly to enjoy the music. Made some great friends there and most of the time got crocked to boot. Rhythm an Blues started it and graduated to Rock and Roll. I never did go for the hard stuff though, stuff that they were trying to push to break some barriers like some of the stuff we are into today. Give Me That Old Rock and Roll. Old Tom
  6. Well I'm not going to squeeze any Blister Beetle but where do you get that Spanish Fly, I do need some? Old Tom
  7. I have raised horses for a number of years and I never heard of giving bad hay to a horse. You just can't do it, you'll wind up vetting them and spending all night walking and babysitting them if they don't colic and die. Ask 'TomH' about walking horses all night, he's very familiar with that. As far as the Blister beetle goes I never heard of them until I went beeping and asked just what the heck they were. By then I gave up horses as the kids were all gone and they were too tough for me at my age. I wonder just how it would feel if you got stung or bitten by one. Is it like a bee or scorpion sting? I hear about the blister part and that would be enough to be wary of them. Has any one of us gotten traumatized by one of them boogers? Old Tom
  8. Yeah Wade, that area is quite steep and it does change a lot every time it floods. I wish that I could get up in there again but I guess that's out with the condition of my legs and back. But what's this 'Flower Gazing' thing? Are you turning into a 'Ferdinand the Bull'? He got into trouble stopping to smell the flowers, always bring your beeper with you. Old Tom
  9. What kind of luck falls out, good or bad? Old Tom
  10. What do I get for guessing right? Old Tom
  11. Special day for you today Wade. Have a happy one. Old Tom
  12. Happy Birthday Billy Boy. Now you will never get a day off, It's all the same work, work, work. Old Tom
  13. Always room for one more, join the insanity. Old Tom
  14. Well either way here was a nice Salute to the front line workers. Enjoy! (Did you see it!!??) No we didn't see I here in Glendale. We heard the noise from the jets but they were a little off track for us. Usually they rendezvous over Lake Pleasant and come right over our house on their way to Phoenix. This time they took a little different track. I enjoyed your vid though. Tks....... Old Tom
  15. I agree with you Skip, There are times in the past that things have happened to hamper what I was doing an turned out to be a God send in disguise. Once when the brand new car my family and I were riding in going on a weekend holiday showed the oil was dry I pulled over an began kicking tires and cussing a blue streak. Found nothing wrong and continued on after a half hour of monkeying around. A couple of miles up the road there were cars and pickups all crashed together and bodies laying on the highway in weird positions. We were waived past and continued on but stopped to thank God for a faulty oil pressure gage. The thing decided to work again and as long as I had that station wagon it never did go off again. I do think that BMc's luck was a little more than just luck, he had a helping hand. Always look for something good to come out of a little setback. Old Tom
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