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  1. Old Tom

    John Boyles

    What a man. He's been through a lot and doesn't complain. I pray to God that he can beat this last offensive on him and he comes out of it with that winsome smile. May God bless you Johnny Eagle.
  2. I could only get half way through this one. Whew!! Old Tom
  3. Happy Birthday little girl. Things are getting better every day. Live it up Darlin'. Paw Paw
  4. Old Tom

    Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    You sure like to roll boulders, Shay. I remember another that got you a big one bro. Good job and keep up the hard work, it pays off. Old Tom
  5. Old Tom

    Muonionalusta Meteorite Dial Watch

    And you walk in the New York neighborhoods Terry? Great looking piece. Old Tom
  6. Old Tom

    A few oddities

    Please Fred, Don't get sucked in! Old Tom
  7. Old Tom

    Happy Birthday Grubstake

    Another year older and wiser Grubby. Just think of the good times she and you had. You did right by her and I'm sure that they know it at the time. I cried when I put my great big American Bull down. Held her close at the end. Think good positive things bro. Old Tom
  8. I didn't know that you had birthdays too, Dave. But there you are brother, another one. Hang in there, it gets better with time. I'll hoist a cool one for you today. Old Tom
  9. Old Tom

    Some gold

    Wow, that's great, what did it weigh in at? Old Tom
  10. Hey Doc, it's probably either lead or babbitt material. If it had melted in a camp fire and cooled in the ashes it might have taken some of the junk in the pit. You should be able to distinguish it between the heavy and lighter materials by weight. I have seen both glass and alum. take the ash patina. Brass just turns black. Old Tom
  11. Old Tom

    Second nugget this week!

    Bill, that has happened with Tom and I several times. Target disappears and I come in and pinpoint it. I have also followed after him with the smaller VLF and found targets on edge in shale that the 5000 skipped over. Sometimes it takes two and you still don't get everything. Old Tom
  12. Old Tom

    Happy Birthday Boorx4

    Happy Birthday Boorx4. Live it up man. Old Tom
  13. I promise you some Crown Royal next meeting Bro. Happy birthday. Old Tom
  14. Old Tom

    Happy Birthday LipCa

    You got a ways to go yet Bro. Happy B-day. Old Tom
  15. Old Tom

    Rock, material identification

    I'm with Morlock on this one, Coral. Old Tom