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    Makin' things. Makin' things i made work. GOLD. Metal work/welding. Smoking cows and pigs.
  1. Its a blue pan with stuff in it from the looks of it. Did the stuff in the pan turn to sand in the shadows? Or did it retain its shiny lustre?
  2. Tom H we are keepin at it. <-- Marines. My buddy Leroy44 got him a whites gmt and we are prospecting two washes down here in yuma. Thanks for the vacuum usage, getting ours put together, ill put a pic on here if we get anything cool from our spots. P.S. where is that guy from yuma!? I forgot his name. Him and his wife were huntin quail ithink
  3. We went to that one up at quartzsite, its was a great time. P.S. thanks everyone that was there. And for having that campfire going ;).
  4. Or i should listen to older music. Golden oldies?
  5. What!!? I guess that wierd stuff I found in quartzsite is lead then.. dangit, the search continues
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