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  1. Really enjoyed your post Lanny and have learned and relearned a few things that hopefully I wont have to relearn again. Man, you guys make me want a 5000! Now where to find the $'s? Your stories remind me of a guy that tells stories from the BC area on youtube, Darcy Cooper, with his Gold Prospector Miner or Bust series. You guys in Canada can tell a good story, and BC is surely a beautiful area. Here is Darcy's channel...I wouldn't doubt if someone here knows him. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBBF1PAuX5OatmeJyzg2sTA
  2. Feldspar vs. Quartz, Andesite vs. Ryolite vs. Dacite, Felsic vs, Mafic, Cambrian vs. Archean vs. Devonian...

  3. I need to find some gold!

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