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  1. Southern Nevada is a tricky place, so make sure you do your research...too many DOD/ Military areas to contend with, along with large amounts of "wildlife" and "forestry" areas protected. I am still looking for a good place that is not a club claim in Clark County.
  2. Really enjoyed your post Lanny and have learned and relearned a few things that hopefully I wont have to relearn again. Man, you guys make me want a 5000! Now where to find the $'s? Your stories remind me of a guy that tells stories from the BC area on youtube, Darcy Cooper, with his Gold Prospector Miner or Bust series. You guys in Canada can tell a good story, and BC is surely a beautiful area. Here is Darcy's channel...I wouldn't doubt if someone here knows him. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBBF1PAuX5OatmeJyzg2sTA
  3. In my research most have said that the biggest upside to the pro over the GB2 is a little deeper depth(but less sensitive to small gold) and it is less sensitive to mineralization. This is hearsay and research, not on the ground experience with both. Supposedly if you have a really good PI then the GB2 or GBP could be a great cheap pinpointer, but who am I to tell ya...the profassionals abound here. Dizz Edit, Also the GBP supposedly has a better iron disc.
  4. You aint kiddin. When its all said and done, if I save all my bird shot finds I will be able to create a nuclear shelter...
  5. Did you ever go back and check out that crack? Dizz
  6. I use Mineral Resource Data System: Conterminous US , because I am behind a firewall 80 percent of the time I can look, but I will give a look to minedat.org and as for the Hystware software, I will have to research it. I have looked at M. Johnsons book before, here is the link...http://pubs.usgs.gov/bul/1356/report.pdf, unless there is a newer version. I try not to just Google Earth too much and and done quite a bit of research regarding the different types of deposits in the Great Basin in general, but specifically Nevada. Maybe I am on the wrong track here, and maybe I like to chase rabbits, but who knows. If you are familiar with the topographic short hand the mines and minerals dpt of Nevada uses maybe you can help? Often I search for Andesite, Rhyolite, anything felsic and/or phaneritic as well as quartzite, with faults around them that are thrusting or the like. On the map it is stated normally as Tba, QTa, Ta3, Ta2, Ta1, Tr1-2-3, Tfi, Tjfi, and the quartzite Ocq, OCc, Ocqm, Zqs, ECq, etc. Unfortunately, I do not have the option to be around the greenstone stuff up in northern Nevada associated with Dots, DCs, etc. thanks Chris, I will look at the stuff you suggested
  7. Garimpo, I gotta git me one a dim dair 4x4's...
  8. Chris, So the line is on the geocommunicator for no reason? As in it does not affect claims.
  9. Last question I promise. What is the difference between the pink range and the red range on the lr2000...I know that it is means alternate source for surveying, but how do you find the alternate source...is it even claimable?
  10. Does anyone know what the Von Schmidt line is...I have heard it is a problem when claiming on the border between California and Nevada...but what do I know.
  11. Yeah right Chris, It is a google maps image. I have seen a lot of shallow 4x4 holes around Johnny site and it got me paranoid. You guys are probably right about the sand and foliage.
  12. The reason I ask is that another place I go that has pock marks on a smaller scale is the area around Johnny site north of Puhrump...attached is a the image. There are not as many but none the less the same look. The first picture is from a mountain in the Amaragosa Valley west of Beatty in southern Nevada. It just looks so man made, and I didnt know whether anyone had actually experienced an area that had been what seemed to be systematically grid tested for something, or could compare from past experience.
  13. If you are looking at a map in satellite view on Google Earth or just the regular map view and you zoom in to a location that you want to scout, what do you think of locations in the desert that have what look to be prospecting holes all over the place. I dont know if that is what they are, but I can think of no other explanation. I have uploaded an image of what I am talking about below. The reason I am asking is that I would not want go to a location that is sampled so hard that the landscape looks like an acme ridden school boy. Sorry for the ignorant question, but hey what better a location to ask than here with all the profassionals. Plus when you are on the ground at these locations, those pocs dont stand out so much, so it would be hard to get a grasp on the overall picture. Dizz....
  14. what is the best way to tape your cord? Dizz, Also, can a person sign up on the spot at the PCSC outing in Randsburg?
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