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  1. I dont think you can actually own mineral rights in Nevada, per my wife "real estate agent". You have to have either a claim or patent. Buying the land gives you no rights to the minerals. You should ask a second real estate agent that specializes in land deal...it sounds like the one you have does not no the score.
  2. I dont think Frank makes the 12v version anymore...at least that is what he told me a few months ago. I think he only makes the smaller sampling version.
  3. Based on your explanation in the post linked, Isnt the ozone treatment similar to chemo? Doesnt seem very holistic either... Dave
  4. Dont want to keep this off topic, but have you looked into the Gersen Diet James? It seems to be a very popular treatment in places like Japan, or other areas where holistic is not frowned upon. Dave
  5. Good thing I like mud :wee:
  6. I have heard the foot and hanging wall terms before and like you have a hard time finding the difference with little reference other than smooth verses coarse walls on a pitch or what have you. You sandstone comment was actually something I was going to state earlier, except it was going to be dolomite. I thought the AU part would have been assumed. Sorry about that. Dave
  7. Thanks Steel Pan, I would also imagine that if the contact zone was not bedrock prior to the folding and contact zone creation, the likely hood of gold would diminish. The injection aspect is a good conversation as well.
  8. My guess would be between the vertical and horizontal folds on the right, and the color of the soil looks pretty good as well.
  9. Very good, Steel Pan! That would be my second guess All right Gillaoro! Would you say the gold would be between the vertical folds, between the vertical folds and horizontal folds on the right, in the horizontal folds in the middle, or after the horizontal folds to the left. I have read that it is more likely that gold will be on either either side of the zone of horizontal folds, but likely on one side or the other. Dave
  10. That is a good verbal definition, but I was looking more for an experienced graphical representation, like what is a good graphical representation of a hot blonde? From my experience she is Caramel skinned, 5' 6" tall, 32 C, Green eyes and often occurs amongst or alongside not so hot short chubby girls, as to make her look hotter. Thanks Max Dave
  11. What you guys say would be the best way to graphically describe a contact zone?
  12. So, a lode claim nullifies any ability to prospect placers on said claim, therefore making the placer prospector an intruder or a claim jumper.
  13. Sorry for reopening this can of worms, but after reading all of your post I still have my burning question. I have been doing research in an area and this group of prospectors has been shot gunning areas with 20 acre lode claims around any vein it appears. I really want to placer prospect in these areas, and am wondering if that is illegal? Forgive me if I have missed the answer to this in the forum. BTW, I have really learned a lot from your post elder-miner, thanks! Dave
  14. Southern Nevada is a tricky place, so make sure you do your research...too many DOD/ Military areas to contend with, along with large amounts of "wildlife" and "forestry" areas protected. I am still looking for a good place that is not a club claim in Clark County.
  15. Really enjoyed your post Lanny and have learned and relearned a few things that hopefully I wont have to relearn again. Man, you guys make me want a 5000! Now where to find the $'s? Your stories remind me of a guy that tells stories from the BC area on youtube, Darcy Cooper, with his Gold Prospector Miner or Bust series. You guys in Canada can tell a good story, and BC is surely a beautiful area. Here is Darcy's channel...I wouldn't doubt if someone here knows him. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBBF1PAuX5OatmeJyzg2sTA
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