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  1. If you could post a specific description or a picture of the items, maybe they will try and fence it, more than likely it will be melted, but couldn't hurt, hope they catch the rat bast#@ds
  2. I needed a 6.5 so I could run a two stage compressor, the 5.5 just did not quite have enough ummmmmffff. But he had lots of extras, Lots of hose, a fixed, a swivel and suction nozzle. He was a very entertaining guy, and I enjoyed here his stories of Aqua Fria and the Rokon and all its adventures...
  3. Orla, couldn't remember the name. Had his card but lost it and couldn't for the life of me remember his name. Not a bad dredge, but was looking for the 6.25 honda instead of the 5hp.
  4. I have wanted to stop by your shop sometime, but always in a hurry when headed to Groveland. I did meet one of your neighbors over on Aqua Fria when I stopped one day to look at a 4 inch Proline. Very nice guy that invented the Rokon two wheel drive bike. I can't remember his name, but last I spoke to him he was planning on selling his place and moving down south. For your first foray into public speaking I thought you did quite well. Good health and good hunting.....
  5. Sorry Jim, try this http://westernminingalliance.org/newsletter/wma-december-2014-newsletter/
  6. RH, was cruising some you tube and saw your metal detecting video. Very cool stories about the relics found, the metal can and the mason jar.
  7. Congrats and keep it up. http://westernminingalliance.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/WMA-December-2014-Newsletter.pdf
  8. For those of you who would like to join in the celebration of the life of Jerry Hobbs, we will be having a gathering at Keene Engineering this Saturday Jan 3rd at 12 noon. Bring pictures and stories if you have them. Food and drink will be provided by Public Lands for the People. All those who were planning on the San Fernando Valley GPAA outing at Benson gulch, it has been postponed. Hope too see many there! Walt
  9. On December 12th the Western Mining Alliance received the final report on the Department of Interior’s investigation into the activities of Dr. Charles Alpers of the US Geological Survey. In response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) filed by the WMA, and a follow on request for an official investigation the Department of Interior published the results of their investigation. Dr. Charles Alpers, of the US Geological Survey (USGS) was the lead mercury researcher for the water quality section of the 2011 Suction Dredging Environmental Impact Report (EIR). He was responsible for collecting the data, and preparing the analysis for the California Suction Dredging Environmental Impact Report which concluded suction dredges were linked to high methylmercury levels in wildlife. He further stated there was only one year of testing data to rely on. In 2013 the WMA submitted a FOIA requesting all data related to sampling of mercury on the South Yuba River, the same location the suction dredge study took place. The information we received proved over five years of data existed from research funded by the Bureau of Land Management, and conducted by – Dr. Charles Alpers. When we evaluated all of the data we found there was natural variability from year to year in mercury levels in wildlife, and the levels of mercury in insects appeared to be directly linked to the size of the spring flood. When we viewed all of the data there was no linkage between mercury levels and dredging activity which was in direct contradiction to Dr. Alpers’ findings. The WMA submitted a request for an official investigation alleging scientific misconduct over the withholding of the data set. We met with the Department of Interior in June and discussed our concerns. Last week the Department of Interior provided us with their report and it provides some stunning revelations. The lead mercury researcher on the suction dredging EIR was also a donor and member of The Sierra Fund. The Sierra Fund is the organization which claims responsibility for developing the legislation which banned suction dredging. They have publically admitted they are opposed to suction dredging and they claimed credit for writing the legislation which resulted in SB 670, the initial dredging ban.
  10. Posted earlier by Walt Wegner on Facebook. Walt Wegner It is with great sadness that must let everyone know that Jerry Hobbs the President of Public Lands for the People has passed away today in San Bernardino Ca. The small scale mining community has lost a relentless advocate for small scale mining and public land rights! I know from personal experience that Jerry spent every waking hour of the last 14 years that I have served with him fighting for the little guy. I have been blessed to have known this WARRIOR and the board will continue his work as best as he taught us! I am going to miss my friend and mentor. I love you Jerry Hobbs. we will meet again.
  11. 28 this morning when we started swinging at 10:00 am in Greely Hill.
  12. Great story, and as the crow flies less than 10 miles from Millerton. We still have a lot of folks from town that drive these foothill roads on newly bought motorcycles who never make it back to town.
  13. Congrats on the detector. Good health, good hunting, and thank you for your service.
  14. http://www.treasurenet.com/forums/metal-detecting-gold/440409-bit-info-possible-new-minelab-gpz-7000-jupiter.html
  15. Did they upgrade the flux capacitor also
  16. Markets don like unstability, so it is unusual with the problems in Ukraine, and the falling dollar, it is odd that it drop 100 a ounce in the last 10 days.
  17. Nice.... Hope you find a boulder with it
  18. Coulterville, southern motherload, hard rock pieces .105.BMP .170.BMP .285.BMP .330.BMP
  19. WOW, Bad, bad, bad. We need the Kauruks to stop piddling with dredgers, and start rain dancing.
  20. 2 weeks ago could almost walk all the way across at Railroad flats campground in rubber boots.
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