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  1. First off we want to say a HUGE thanks to everyone that we were able to befriend this weekend, Michelle and I couldn't have felt more comfortable and accepted by a group whom we had never even met before! Richard thank you for putting on this event and going above and beyond to educate on meteorites, astronomy, safety, and campfire talk about gun laws (hahaha). John drove us in to the tunnel saturday and stuck with us, showing us the ropes, and making sure we were on the right track. We came back empty handed Saturday but our spirits were high with the excitement of the hunt. Michelle woul
  2. Thanks for the replies, we are really looking forward to making it out for this hunt! Hope to see and meet everyone Friday evening.
  3. Hi all, Had a few questions about your meet up at Franconia. First off, my wife and I will be celebrating our 8th anny around the time of this meet up and would love to celebrate it and make this our first of hopefully many future hunts. Neither of us have ever done anything like this but have always been interested in trying meteor hunting, rock hounding, and anything else adventourous! So for my questions: -is this an open hunt for anyone of any level? -we do not have a metal detector, will we be fine with naked eye and magnets? -if driving up from San Diego is there anywhere else on the
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