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  1. Rim, I don't know exactly how many hours I have added on it. A guess would be 50 to 60 hrs I only dig with it a couple of hours at a time to stay out of the heat. Only had problems with one pin the rest are like new. I was digging below water and the grease washed out I cleaned the pin up with emery paper and used marine trailer axel grease when digging wet conditions. Dan
  2. That Gofordigger is a nice looking machine. I have one of the Trencherman 2 diggers Not fancy but better than Harbor freights. I bought my used for $1,400 only had 50 hours and has the 9hp honda. The guy I bought it from paid almost $6,000 for it then sold it to me for what he paid for freight to Groveland Ca. The first time I used it was didapointing it would hardly dig compacted sand in Modesto. I took it home and modified the factory bucket with a reinforcing band down the sides of the bucket and across the digging edge. I then added replaceable auger teeth for rock on it " now it dig
  3. Cal-Trans use to use some exspanding grout called smite Back in the 80's I have read about some others but can't remember there names. Dan
  4. I built mine for my personal use not even the wife can share it with me. After 30 years welding rain or shine in the Piledriving industry never did work indoors, Now I'm retired I have a place to work indoors, its empty right now but I will fill it fast with a two post hoist and welding equipment. I have some of my old dredging and mining equipment to go in it, with misc. off road vehicles. I quit mining eighteen years ago to build for my retirement, three years ago I moved to the Sierra foothills to be closer to the mining then they closed dredging just my lu.ck.Now its time to start nugget
  5. My Man cave is still a work in progress You have to put your toys somewhere!
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