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  1. darn, I'm on call that weekend... the following weekend is my vacation weekend. Sucks to be me!
  2. Rim, I'm heading there next week... Aug 24-25
  3. Lions and Tigers and Bears... Oh My!!! I tote my Judge just for them... or maybe a piggie Havent had too much trouble with the uprights, but hell it's there for them too Number 1 is 410 #6 bird shot for the snakes... It only takes 1 Second is .45 220 gr. JHP for the kittys, pigs, bears, and uprights 3 and 4 are 410 3" PDX1s for what ever 2 don't stop 5 is a 410 rifeled slug for insurance If that don't do it... there wouldn't be no use anyway! (tho I do carry extra if I have time to reload) It's big, fairly heavy, and kicks like a mule... but hell, that why I got it. Gettin too old for those "
  4. we'll try to be there Saturday... maybe Friday as well... be driving down from Stanton.
  5. Is this still happening? If so, we are up in Stanton right now... will likely drive down Saturday... maybe even Friday. Never done the LSD... err.. been TO the LSD. Probably explains a lot. Anyway I hope my short legged horse gets us in there... BTW. we have had a State Trust permit each year for many years... just a formality of the times. -- Keith
  6. I thought: You could stake a lode over an existing placer... but you only own the lode, not the placer. If you stake a lode and there is no existing placer claim, then you own the lode and the placer. You cannot stake a placer over an existing lode (for the above reason). I also thought you could not patent any claims these days. Am I wrong????
  7. We'll be headed to Stanton for Christmas break. Dec 21 (yea, I know... the end of the world!) thru Jan1. Anyone want to go out detectorin' around Rich Hill or LSD... Let me know. I only have my short-legged horse... so we may need to take your long-legged one... if ya got one. I am with RR and Weaver now... so lots of places to go 'splore PM me and I'll send cell number.
  8. PS... I have been detecting with Fergus... I'm sure he would like to tag along as well....
  9. Jack, I will be at Stanton Dec 21 thru Jan1. I would like to check out the LSD area as well. I am kinda new to detecting but will help you with what little I know. I only have a car so we would likely have to use your ride. PM me if you are interested in meeting and exploring the LSD.
  10. Bill, Sent PM. Will get in touch this weekend when we get there...
  11. We will be in Stanton Nov 16 thru Nov 26. Anyone want to get together and help a detector noob? Rich hill area? LSD area? I'm game for anything! Bill, Will call you Friday Nov 16 when we get there... Maybe do something that weekend if you want...
  12. Planning my next beepin trip

  13. Fergus, I PM'd you. We Will be in Stanton Nov 16 thru 26.
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