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  1. I cant believe you all have all the luck.. but that is a great find..merry christmas...
  2. Still reading on the manual and doing adjustments but I think I might be a little clear with this and who knows may just find a little Nugget,, thanks
  3. I thought I would clue you all in my garrett 2500 was very heavy and need a person that knew all about them to run them.. I only paid 450.oo and so with the even swop.. I think i did great,, Yeah the garrett is around 1600.00 but i got it for a song too. so I dont feel I did bad.. and the goldmast 4B is lighter in weight.. so I am impressed happy hunting ,, to me and you.. Happy holidays...
  4. thanks for all the replys ,I am going swing.. that is the idea to have fun and possibly find alittle glimmer..
  5. well had a chance to trade my garrett for a whites gold master what do you think.. It picked up the fine stuff really fast.. hope it is easer to learn any hints..
  6. so do i need a different machine to find gold, or will the 2500 find it with the smaller coil.. I understand what the coil does to some degree. as area are more mineral then others. so the small coil will get me gold or will it just read nuggets? also will the frequency be less or just less depth..
  7. alright now shove the luck to me....way to go..
  8. I have noticed that some of you use smaller coils what does this do for finding gold.. also i know that gold is found with a higher frequency machine.. the garrett 2500 is adjustable.. what is the lowest frequency that will find smaller gold?
  9. wow that is great .. go figure,,I have a toro leaf blower will see what i can do ...
  10. hay how do you reverse the leaf blower ,It blows out not suck in...? can you tell me ..
  11. thanks the only thing I need is some dirt with gold in it. the pyrite is all i seem to find lately . will keep digging thanks again..
  12. I do hope that you all dont mind me droping in,it is about the same subject.. I have a puffer no fan but the bellow is electric.. I ran some smaller dirt with small gravel threw . it seems to be flowing but, it goes to the top of the little slats in there and keeps going.. is it getting to cloged. and there is I think pyrite in there so it keeps shooting most of it on and on even down to the bucket at the bottom.. do i need to raise it a little or when it is full then dump it in a bucket. there is lots of the magnetic stuff, you can see the black ,but no gold only pyrite..when cleaned out..
  13. hay thanks for the info, putting a order in ,, its worth it too.. wonder if they come in different colors...
  14. is that what they are called snake blockers...
  15. Thanks ,, will try that tomorrow..
  16. Last year for xmas ,My husband said Honey what do you want for xmas. I said only one thing,To save a life..He said how would you do that. I said , the animal shelter lets get a cat.. she is sweet loves the dogs , dont chase my birds.. live's in a kennel at night. and would love ever child she saw.. WE named her ARI as arizona.. all white a realy sweet heart
  17. sounds like a plan,, will try that ..this is a wood one ,had to redoo the puffer with material but sounds good..thanks for reply..
  18. Got a used Puffer drywash machine, does run on battery.. got it setup pretty easy,but the question is . is there sapost to be a chain somewhere to make it viberate.. I have not tried it yet. going to run some dirt threw and see if i know what i am doing.. its pretty quiet..ka plunk of the baffles.. dont you hate newbys.. is the puffer the one that makes the rocks jump! ?
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